Angela McGlowan – United States Congress

Angela McGlowan hails from the State of Mississippi and is running for the 1st Congressional District of North Mississippi.

A black conservative woman, Tea Party supporter and Tea Party spokesperson and a Tea Party favorite,  who is a Mississippi native.


Another gutsy woman!  “No deer in the headlights”!

Ms. McGlowan is a passionate speaker and a very remarkable woman who speaks her mind and is not afraid of the “establishment”!

A “breath of fresh air”,  one of the many  “new faces” of women running for political office for the very first time and she fully understands how the bureaucratic system of Washington D.C. works.

“Small business woman, motivational speaker, former political analyst,  who is multifaceted  and a best selling author of “Bamboozled”:  How Americans Are Being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda.”   

She will face off against her two male opponents in the  Primary on June 1, the winner will go on to face the “Blue Dog Democrat” in November!

“In a recent “straw poll” by the Tea movement  held April 3-4, 2010, Angela garnered 70% over her two opponents,  who received a  20% and a 10% .”

We are living during “Historic Times” and if Ms. McGlowan wins her Primary and the election in November, this will be a first for the People of Mississippi and the State of Mississippi at the U.S. level! 

We wish Ms. McGlowan, the best!

For more information about Angela McGlowan and her campaign:

One Response

  1. God bless her spirit, and she is a patriot standing up for our rights. Our future is looking brighter with more of us yearning to be free of socialist shackles.

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