MSM refuses to cover 911 MOSQUE outrage

Breaking: Our Media and The News that’s “not fit to print”!(5-09-10)

May 9, 2010, 4:22 pm
From NMAGZ: According to the author of this post, the following article has been rejected by the NY Daily News and the NY Post; apparently they showed no interest in the credible research that demands a stop to this outrage. Madeline Brooks notes, “Any mosque built at that location after 9/11 would be an insult to us, and this one in particular is terrible because the Imam is a Trojan Horse of peaceful co-existence.”

Thank you to Madeline Brooks for this important perspective regarding the planned Ground Zero Mosque. It remains of great concern that our media is frightened in to silence!

May 9, 2010 – New York City

The Ground Zero Mosque Must Be Stopped!

By Madeline Brooks

Planting a mosque just two blocks from where Muslims murdered Americans on 9/11 is a huge slap in the face. Why shouldn’t Muslims be sensitive enough to realize that a huge mosque planted right near the horrific wound to US created at Ground Zero by Muslims is outrageous to us?  They claim a right to be insulted by cartoons mocking their prophet, even to the point of beheading people.

The Imam of the Ground Zero Insult, Faisal Abdul Rauf, is not the nice guy he likes to hold himself out to be. At his Friday afternoon khutbah services and in his book, “What’s Right With Islam, Rauf states that he wants the mosque to be a place where inter-faith understanding is fostered.   His sonorous voice is smooth and almost hypnotic.  His writing style appears to be rational and unthreatening.

However, this does not jibe with aspects of him that are downright hostile and frightening.

During a recent Friday sermon, this writer did due diligence as a mosque monitor and heard Rauf deny that Muslims perpetrated 9/11. In an interview with CNN shortly after 9/11, Rauf said, “U.S. policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.  We (the U.S.) have been an accessory to a lot of innocent lives dying in the world.  Osama bin Laden was made in the USA.”  Elsewhere, Rauf has stated that terrorism will only end when the West acknowledges the harm it has done to Muslims. And that it was Christians who started mass attacks on civilians.

Rauf has numerous ties to CAIR, an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Department of Justice funding case brought against Hamas, an openly terrorist organization. CAIR is also the initiator of numerous “law fare” cases designed to intimidate non-Muslims from criticizing aggressive Muslim behavior, and to use our own legal and democratic processes to undermine and dominate America, forcing it to become Islamic.

Rauf calls himself a Sufi, evoking among non-Muslims a “peace and love image,” similar to hippies. But that’s not the whole picture.  Sufism has many sides to it, including the Koranic injunction to spread Islam one way or another, and it has a rich history of waging war too. Could it be that one of the frequently used tools of war, lying to the enemy, would explain the contradiction between Rauf’s image as reconciler of religions and his sympathies and associations with terrorists? This is known as “taquiyya” among Muslims.

A previous Rauf project, Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow, clearly shows on its website that it is headed and funded by individuals from Saudi Arabia, the country that spawned fifteen of the nineteen jihad jockeys who rode the 9/11 planes of destruction. The funding for Cordoba House is much murkier, so far.  All that has been publically disclosed is that the support comes from unidentified sources in Saudi Arabia and Muslim ruled Malaysia.  Rauf reportedly says he paid $4.85 million for the property — in cash. Where exactly did this money come from? Was it Wahhabist supporting Saudi sources, which have already funded many other mosques in New York City?

The mosque is called Cordoba House.  Muslims like to refer to Spain and especially the city of Cordoba as a place where Muslim rule reached a glorious peak.  Contrary to the myth of a Golden Age of equality during the Muslim occupation of Spain and in particular in Cordoba, Spain and Cordoba were places where Christians and Jews suffered as social inferiors under Islam oppression.  Equal civil rights never existed for non-Muslims under Sharia, or Islamic law.  Rauf even admits as much when he writes, “Jews and Christians living under Muslim rule simply had to pay a tax to finance their protection by their Muslim overlords.” This is not equality!  Americans do not demand a special tax to protect Muslims from ourselves.  That would be extortion, not ‘protection.’

Through another organization Rauf started called the Cordoba Initiative, he created the “Sharia Index.” This will measure how closely countries follow Sharia, or Islamic law.  While Sharia can cover such relatively innocuous aspects of Muslim life as religious weddings (hopefully not to twelve year old girls) it also demands that all Muslim life be governed by laws derived from the Koran, without the intervention of civic institutions, such as democracy.  And the Koran dictates that everyone, even non-Muslims,
must ultimately live under Sharia.
Do you understand how that is in direct conflict with our Constitution and other aspects of our secular society?

Rauf gets even trickier here.  He states in his book, “What’s Right With Islam,” that a society that follows natural law, such as America, is already practicing Sharia. However, he does not note that his peculiar definition of Sharia acceptance is shared by just about no other Imam.  So what prevents him from adjusting his singular idea of Sharia back to the norm of forced conversions, murdering non-Muslims and apostates who leave Islam, amputations of thieves’ hands, stoning of adulterous women, execution of homosexuals, etc.?  Throughout his writing, Rauf floats an image of a harmonious, pleasant Islam – nice to everybody.  But this is totally disconnected from Islam’s actual history of bloody conquest, enslavement, and humiliation of other people – which he never acknowledges.

Still another unsettling part of Rauf’s problem mosque is why the city has given the building a pass. Records for the Department of Buildings have shown numerous complaints for illegal construction and no access, yet the issues were listed as ‘resolved.’

Community Board One’s financial district committee needs to reconsider its endorsement of this mosque. The prestigious American groups that are reportedly also financing the mosque, The Ford Foundation and The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, need to think again about what they are getting into.  The Department of Buildings needs to reassess its action.  The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, which supports the project (Why?  What has a religious building got to do with Immigration?) needs to re-evaluate its approval.

Mayor Bloomberg himself needs to withdraw his support for this mosque, especially in light of the recent Times Square car bomb attempt.  If not, he will be helping to provide a handy meeting place for future terrorists, those who understand Imam Rauf’s real message:
Speak sweetly, appear to be a well adjusted member of American society, and plan the destruction of America, either with bombs or ‘peaceful’ undermining.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg can be reached by phone: 311. By fax: (212) 788 8123. By email:

Community Board One can be reached by phone: (212) 442 5050.  By fax: (212) 442 5055.  By email: Their street address is:  49-51 Chambers Street Room 715, New York, NY 10007-1209.

Needless to say, your comments should be respectful and fact based.

Below is research than can be found at No Mosque at Ground Zero: The planned location of the Cordoba House.

The Sufis from West Broadway are meeting here already.

To read more on the Ground Zero masjids (with pictures of the area)
go here:

As revealed previously here  at NMAGZ , we agree, this Ground Zero Mosque remains a bad idea
and  Mayor Bloomberg sanctions this insult.
Mayor Michael Rubens Bloomberg buys his way into a third term, changing the laws to suit is ego-needs, and then sells our beloved New York  City to the enemy, to the Cordoba  Initiative’s CORDOBA HOUSE!!


Siegel for News

The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairssupports the project (…What has a religious building got to do with Immigration?) (Bloomberg) needs to re-evaluate its approval.What a shameful legacy and an insult to those of us who will NEVER FORGET:

From NMAGZ regarding the building of  other mosques in the city:

Mosque at E 96th St and 3rd Ave. See article here was built in 1992…. apparently by the Kuwaitis; minaret and all…

(see more pictures of

One Response

  1. Not in the least bit surprised that Bloomberg is on board with this atrocity!

    That’s right, he was responsible for his “ignorant statement” regarding the recent failed attempt by the Times Square bomber!

    “……Someone who is mentally deranged with a political agenda that doesn’t like the healthcare bill………”

    Bloomberg just blurted out his statement without waiting to see who actually committed the act, we all found out later, that it was in fact, not anyone from the Tea Parties or any Conservative advocate, it truly was a “Terrorist”!

    This is the same Bloomberg, who sees nothing wrong with this picture of a Mosque going up on the site of a devastating time in the history of our Country, Sept. 11, 2001 “Another date which will live in infamy”!

    It’s about “payola” and the flat out corruption in the political system!

    When is the “good citizens” of New York going to “cast out” the political reprobates, that gives the city a bad reputation?

    As for Mainstream Media (also known as Lamestream Media) and responsible reporting, we established a longtime ago, that they are “useless”, disreputable and corrupt and a “sorry excuse” for news organizations!

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