Hillary is still standing; tall, strong and proud

Barbara’s Rant

Going to rant…I would think this blog piece re: Hillary raising money would have generated a better response especially from Hillary supporters. Where are you all? I have read some very disappointing comments on another blog and I have seen it ignored altogether on another blog.

Seems to be a lot of anger at Hillary for what is perceived to be her abandonment of you personally.

I have heard she should of done this, done that. Sorry, she did what she had to do. Hillary could not have walked away from the Democratic party, as suggested.

Where would that leave her politically?

She could not refuse to campaign for Obama, he was the nominee, at least in name, can you imagine the name calling if she did tell Obama to go screw after his selection in the fiasco in Denver?

 Racist sore loser party destroyer.

Crap, she was being crucified for not quitting when she was winning…think about what they would have done to her if she refused to play the “Obama is the Democratic nominee game”?

 She did what she had to do.

 Hillary was a sitting US Senator. If she did not play “Obama get elected” she would have been a lame duck Senator who would not be able serve the interests of Nyers. Quit the Senate and be labeled ala Palin… a quitter?

She did what she had to do.

 She accepted the SOS position, which also made many angry. But let’s take a look at that move.

 Removed from the debacle of the Senate, she can’t be labeled voting for any of the crap bills that have been pushed through and now has Senators being voted out of office for having done so. She is removed from the political fallout of the Obama administration. She is doing an excellent job as SOS and is the ONLY Democrat with double digit approval ratings from both parties. She is admired by the international community and draws huge crowds, now larger than the Pretender where ever she goes. She has gained foreign policy experience and she is speaking to her passion “women’s rights”

 She did what she had to do and because she did she is still standing among the ashes of the DNC and I for one am damn proud of her.

So…I would have thought that the small suggestion that Hillary might be thinking of taking what was rightfully hers, the Presidency, the first woman President would generate some favorable interest and at the very least remind us all of where and why we once walked with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

We believed in her..and Hillary is the same woman we once fought so hard for.

 I am with BJ we should at least discuss this and generate some buzz among her supporters..if only to show Obama and the DNC..we are still here.


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  1. You are so right Barbara- and I am with you – If we had done for her – what his minions done for him – we would have had her- but she fought alone for fear we would be called racists – and we were called racists anyway.

    Women – many of them backed down and voted D instead of R just because – and look what we got for it!

    And now we want to blame her?

    Gimme a Break- She won all the way around by coming to the top like cream! I hope we all learned a lesson – but who am i folling- we have a long way to go baby- a long way to go before we are half as smart as SHE is.

    Rise hillary Rise. Was it Tubman that said I freed a thousand slaves and could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves?

    You and i Barbara are free but there are millions who rather be enslaved ! They yell and the cry but they will not open their eye!

    • You’re so right BJ when you say “if we had done for her what his minions did for him”
      Do you think for one minute if the rules committee took even one vote away from Obama there would Not have been a riot in DC ?
      If 2 major vote states that voted for Obama were excluded from voting.
      If it was proven that voter fraud was committed by the Clinton campaign, delegates were being threatened by the Clinton campaign .
      If Obama had won the popular vote and not the nomination. (Are you aware that Hillary received the highest votes ever in a Presidential primary? She had 300,000 more votes than Obama had.
      Her primary votes far exceeded what our Presidents have been elected to office with.)

      If in Denver the DNC manipulated a roll call to favor Clinton. If states that Obama won handed all their delegate votes to Clinton there would have been “scorched earth” for sure.
      Every Democrat, every American that ever uttered the words “fair elections” should have been furious with the Democratic 2008 Fraud primary.
      And every woman should have taken to the voting booths and voted for the woman VP and sent the message to both parties…you need women to win.
      What message was sent to the Democratic party? We will vote for the man, even though he is not qualified, not experienced and you threw women under the bus with his nomination.
      Women were thrown under the bus the minute they saw women would not vote gender and women of color would vote race.
      So why blame Hillary because women couldn’t unite and elect a woman President?
      She was thrown under the bus for a “historic election” that in reality had first woman written on it.

      If she runs and that’s a big IF, I will support her because I still believe she will be this countries best President, she’ll have the chance to finally tell them to all F off.
      More importantly she has earned the right to go down in history as this country first woman President IF that’s what she wants.

      • Absolutely!
        We failed – not Hillary.
        We did . We let 12 % beat the hell out of a mighty 52 % .
        If it were up to me it would noty have happened and would never happen again but Barbara my dear we still have a bunch of pansy pissy pants who aren’t woman enough to stand up and be real women!

        Maybe next time!

        Meanwhile it is up to us to keep going until our very last breath and keep bring in every woman we can as long as we have an ounce of strength!

        Every day we get stronger and gather a few more sould who see more and more what is really going on!

        We can do it! we must!

    • Question I have for women who voted for Obama….what has Obama done
      for you?
      Question I have for my African American sisters who decided this election because they believed that
      a black male politician knew more
      about what women need than a woman,
      So tell me what is he doing?
      So tell me what is the current first lady doing to advance you? Is she speaking to the fact that the pay scale is 1. White men. 2. white women
      3. black women?
      Is she speaking to the violence perpetrator against you and your children in your community?
      Is she speaking to teen age pregnancy, that is the highest in your community?
      The high drop out rate and the importance of educating women around the world?
      No, she speaking to childhood obesity!!
      She has ignored women and women’s rights.
      Sorry, I am disappointed in our first lady and if I wa
      s a black woman I would be furious with Michelle.
      FYI don’t call me racist…over it and I am speaking the truth. A waste of a
      “Historic Election”

  2. Iagree with you. She did what she had to do. I am still a Hillary Clinton supporter for the Presidency. Go Hill!!

  3. Barbara, I just made a contribution because of your article!

    • Hi WLM

      I sure hope you win a day with President Bill Clinton
      That would be sooo much fun. You can deliver
      Messages from us.

      I want people to just keep clicking on that site.
      Show intrest, it is being monitored, and you can enter to win even
      If no donations.


  4. I am still furious with the Democratic party for all their lying, cheating,scheming, and most of all for delivering the empty suit. But, I do support Hillary, and I will work for her campaign again if she runs. Nothing would make me happier than to have her run, and I guarentee you, I will not be intimidated by Obama and his flunkies. He should go hide his face in shame for what he has done to our beloved country, but then, the man has no shame, as we found out in 2008. GO HILLARY!

  5. I am not angry with Hillary Clinton. I just don’t have the cash right now to send.

    I did get an e-mail from “Joe Biden” saying how wonderful it is to have Kagan as a nominee, since she is such a consensus builder with republicans. I responded that maybe the democrats should have a joint convention with the republicans in Tampa Florida. What has happened to this party, I will never know.

  6. I am thrilled at the thought of having a third woman on the bench but then I thought it over and realized there has to be a catch.

    This is a crumb of some kind. First they steal it from the best candidate to come down the pike in 30 years – a woman then they start handing out women like bon bons- nahhhhh!
    If you notice tha women then are handing out – you may notice they are all kinda far left.

    I don’t mean Latino I don’t mean Left in the usual women’s left lean way – I mean socialist left!

    I am happy to have a woman but unlike the blacks wo would take anything black qualified or not- I want a woman who will sit there for 40 years and be a great Judge!

    This Kagen, may be someone who would limit free speech- if that be the case- – she is not right for the job.
    and I will not be patronized with a female body without American values!

    Me thinks we had better find out if this is a partisan argument or fact. As it stands now – I trust no one this Administration nominates — so far hehas brought in a large contingency of borderline socialists who I believe skirt our Constitution if not trounce it completely.

    let’s check this kagen out before we jump on her bandwagon and let’s not have any bullshit about her sexuality which is none of our damned business and a leftist trick just as was the race card!

    Another convenient way to divert us from fact finding why she may not be eligible for the seat! He used racism to gain his job, sexism and racism to get Sotomyer her job and now sexism and homophobia to get Kagen in!


    Let’s have some qualified people in office please– regardless of whatever else is going on!

    This is taking affirmative action, and in this case where non may actually exist to an extreme level. I can understand a partisan pick but we will not have an extremist in there for the next 40 years! We the people simpley can not allow it!

    • I agree with you Betty Jean.

      I would be thrilled to have another woman to the Supreme Court, but I am also leery of Elena Kagen for the very same reasons that you suggest.

      Ever since the “Community Organizer” started choosing some of the people in his Cabinet (excluding Hillary,) the rest are less than stellar pics including his Czars!

      I don’t trust any of them and they have all given us good reasons not to trust anything they are doing!

      Even the Dems in Congress refuses to listen to the People.

      If We the People, do not “turn the tables around” we will all be walking in lockstep and calling one another

  7. We need more “Women Patriots” in Congress!

    I am saying hypothetically, that if Hillary decided to run in 2012 against the “Community Organizer”, she will need help in Congress against the “good ol’e boys network”!

    As long as the “good ol’e boys network” remains at the helm, we can kiss anything involving women’s issues goodbye and placed at the “end of the line”.

    We all know that the present crop of Democratic women have absolutely no say about anything and are continually used and abused!

    Some may think that Pelosi speaks for herself, but we all know that she is being told what to do, like the rest of the Democratic women.

    On the other hand, the Republican women can speak up alright, but they still have to contend with the “good ol’e boys”, who like their Democratic counterparts are in the minority!

    Let’s face it, on both sides, the women are treated like “tokens” right now!

    Change the ratio in Congress and now, we are talking about a whole different “ballgame”!

    Many of us are firm believers in Betty Jean’s “Voter Imposed Term Limits”, this is the answer to leveling out the playing field by removing and replacing!

    Opportunity is knocking on our doors!

    We have approximately six months and Mid Term elections will soon be here.

    Our daughters, granddaughters and women of all ages across the Country, will someday have the opportunity to aspire to the highest office in the Land!

    • You are absolutely right – a woman’s place is in the house and in the Senate. 435 seats are up for grabs and some 20 seats are still open in the Senate – let’s take advantage this anti- incumbent mood and fill those seats with as many wonderful women as possible.

      My friend Steve Maloney Has a whole list of great female candidates- we should be supporting. NC= and in DE= Christine O’Donnell, those are just two wonderful independent strong females . I have had several on the show and we should be out there supporting them and letting the country know we are behind them.

      BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United http://www.TheMajorityUnited.com http://www.FreeMeNow.wordpress BTR. The Majority United Radio Mon 10 pm & Wed 9:30 pm Eastern Call-in Number: ( 347 ) 838-8011 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/FreeMeNow http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#!/group.php?gid=112870418738402 Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill TMU IMAGINE Empowering Women To Unite & Mobilize !

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