The 9/12/2010 Taxpayer March on Washington

BettyJean Kling

Please forward this message to everyone you know. 

Please rsvp for the 9/12/2010 Taxpayer March on Washington.

We are organizing another huge 9/12 Taxpayer March on Washington. In 2009 we rallied hundreds of thousands of people and marched right up to the capitol building in Washington. This year, we are coming back in full force, and we will be focused on one message – TAKE AMERICA BACK in 2010!

Here is a great video that Jeremy Hoop – “Rise Up” from “The Tea Party Movie”.

Please join us on September 12th, 2010 at The Washington Monument for the 9/12 Taxpayer March on Washington!

This event will be organized by the same coalition that organized the original 9/12 March on Washington — including FreedomWorks, Tea Party Patriots, National Taxpayers Union, The Institute for Liberty and a host of other great free market groups from around the country.

Special Note:
Glenn is having a rally in DC “Retoring Honor” 8/28/2010 that is a special fundraiser for Special Operations Warrior Foundation. It has nothing to do with the tea party or 912 rally.

The official website for the 9/12/2010 March is Unfortunately there are several people trying to mislead people into signing up for different dates. This site is being run by people trying to confuse people. Do not be fooled. The march date has not changed nor have the original organizers. If you do not see or the logos then is it is a fake site.

The liberal left’s goal is to create confusion. They want to make our numbers look small. Let’s march on DC on 9.12.2010 and take back America in November!

We recommend using Joanne Griffing (the lady that did travel last time) to help you schedule buses, flights, and hotel rooms. She is a great patriot and secured some of the best deals you can get on hotels . You can call her at (401)-822-7777 or Her website is

We are still seeing some great deals online travel sites for air fairs online with Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, etc. We would highly recommend booking sooner than later.

The official website for the 9/12/2010 March is


10 Responses

  1. I couldn’t go last year, but I’m already making plans for this year. I’ve just been waiting for the official schedule of events because I wasn’t sure how it would work out with 9-12 being on Sunday.

    • Go ahead and make your plans. On Sunday have your bus, plane reservation if you can for 7pm, if you take advantage of Air Trans deal and depart from DCA or Dulles (IAD) you can have a flight at 6pm as your only 10 miles from the airport.
      FW is working on all their sites right now, we had alot of BS to deal with and we can now focus on the real deal-getting people to DC. Fighting for our rights, freedom and well, freedom.
      Last year we had 2.6 MILLION, every hotel was sold out by JUNE we started with just 1000 Patriots and now look where we are. You have to be there, it was amazing, ask anyone who went, “it felt SO GOOD to be an American that ONE day, as we were all in the same boat”.
      TEA=Taxed Enough Already
      You would be amazed at how many people have no idea what that stands for…….we have to stop all this nonsense now before it’s too late.

      Please pass the word around, just go to, the links at the top will show you where to go, just follow them to the HOTELS book whichever hotel you want, the HYATT is the Headquarters again but there are many hotels cheaper in DC, most hotels are 50% off NOW. The cut off date is noted in each hotels link.

      We expect 5 million this year……activities will be happening from Fri-Sun night, plan around that, either way we need you there.

      Joanne Griffing

  2. Hello everybody! It’s time to plan your trip to DC before the hotels take back these discounted rates-some are 50% off, so please we have one more month before these hotel prices are GONE.
    Airfare, call 1-800-799-5401 and ask for the FREEDOM event rate (10% off) and the code is DCA091110. You’ll get 10% off the lowest web fare, AND Air Tran flies right into DC.
    Hurry we are running out of time and we NEED you all!

    Joanne Griffing

  3. Thanks everyone, here’s my site above and I’m also all over or so hurry book your room!

    Air Tran to help you all is offering 10% off the lowest fare, just call 1-800-799-5401. Event name-FREEDOMWORKS, CODE DCA091110 you need this to obtain the 10% off, they fly right into DC.

    Hotels HAVE to be booked using a link on my site of Freedom, otherwise you will not get the 50% off per night!

    Call me if you have any questions,
    Joanne Griffing

  4. I am happy to send this out via Newsletter again! email me your email address and I will send you a copy for your listserv as well.
    email me at BJ@TheMajorityUnited.

    • Thank-YOU! I am ONE woman trying to HELP so I need everybody to go to the sites and book their room.

      Amtrak is giving 10% off too.

      Bus information can be found at be sure to put your bus info up too!

      Let’s go people, it’s already June……we have alot of reasons why we NEED to be in DC for 9.12.

      I’m just one girl in RI, helping FW so help a girl out go to read my blog, how it all started………thanks and SMILES!!!


    That’s my email address but remember to obtain the 50% off hotel rates you have to use either my website links or FW, thanks again!


  6. I am a member on FreedomWorks and support their efforts for the DC march. I am also a member of UIA and support their march and events. UIA is not the left wing trying to confuse. They are a legal orgaization that has 20 to 30 Tea Party, 912 Groups, and others like Oath Keepers on the March advisory board. Their agenda is a 4 day event, not just the march. We are all in this together and I want both to be a success. The more we can get to Washington the better!

    • Yes,All in it together, so let’s go people wake up this “situation” isn’t going away so stop being big babies and go to DC, we NEED you. Last year we had over 2 MILLION Americans in DC, yes we were HEARD, yes it was WONDERFUL because we are all in the same boat, and we are SINKING.
      We had NO arrests, NO liter, No ambulances, firetrucks or fighting, DC Police said, “It was the most organized crowd”, YES WE WERE THERE, yes we held signs along with our heads high, we are SICK OF IT.
      Aren’t you?
      Stop looking the other way, HELP US……HELP US. Understand, IF you are 100% a Legal Middle Class American, Doctor, oh cripes if your American, just go to DC.
      There is tons of activities, everyone is civil, lots of funny accents, just be there.
      You don’t even have to DO anything just go to DC so we can ALL let DC know, STOP, this is the US, Let WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE=FREEDOM.
      Are you ready to lose freedom?
      I’m not.
      Now go, book your room,
      Joanne Griffing

  7. Woo Hoo- yipeee ! welcome welcome welcome – you are my kinda Gal Judy. You fit right in here. welcome aboard! It is so nice to see someone else who understands we the people must unite – it is We the people against big corrupted government !
    Oh I am so glad you found us- please stay and get involved with us – we need you ! I also belong to all the same groups ! We must all stick together and march shoulder to shoulder hand in hand to DC and throw the bums out.
    There is not left ands right – just right and wrong!
    welcome . Please come to the radio show Wed night – we are open MIC and we want to hearfrom you.
    I have a devil of a time trying to convince women that we need to stick together !

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