By Joe Klock, Sr.

   As regular readers must have noticed, I have a passion for words, which frequently lasts more than four hours, but has not yet required medical attention.
   Because of this, I am troubled by the misuse of “illegal” in conjunction with immigrants.
   When last I checked, “illegal” meant “prohibited by law,” and crimes were acts committed in violation of laws prohibiting them.
   Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding has always been that unauthorized presence in the United States is a crime.
   ‘Splain me, then, why there are millions of people among us who have no right to be here and who receive benefits which should be reserved for citizens and legitimate guests.
   Mindlessly, politically correct advocates endow these “Illegals” with the euphemistic designation of “undocumented immigrants,” somewhat like calling drug pushers unregistered pharmacists.
   I readily concede that, had I been born elsewhere, I would enthusiastically be among the huddled masses yearning to be free from want, fear, oppression, and any hope of a better life.
   Thus, I fully understand what drives people to the risks and costs of violating laws, and living in shadows, in order to breathe at least some of the air that we take for granted.
   Shame on us if a day goes by during which we don’t thank God (if a few of you will excuse the expression) for the quirk of fate which granted us, at birth, the priceless gift of American citizenship, which most of us did nothing at the time (and very little since then) to deserve.
   That said, though, I personally feel no pang of guilt about my good fortune and no compulsion to throw it away just because I got it for free.
   At the same time, I do recognize that we have a moral obligation to share our blessings with those who have less – and, in some cases, nothing worth mentioning in temporal terms.
   Much is said of the need for filling jobs that Americans are unwilling to do and which “illegals” crave hungrily.
   It makes no sense that Congress does not provide a way for this need to be filled by guest workers who enter, serve and leave in an orderly and equitable manner.
   However, they should be admitted and hired only after our welfare rolls have been cleared of our own citizens who are on the dole by choice and/or “occupational snobbery.”
   Aside: I’m not looking for any medals, but, during earlier years when we were a one-paycheck family with multiple mouths to feed, there wasn’t any side job that would have been beneath my dignity or “not in my field.”
   Second aside: I find it difficult to square major unemployment numbers with my daily irritation while jousting on the telephone with marginally understandable “customer service” (HA!) people named “Tiffany” and “Charley” in Third (maybe even Fourth) World places.
   As to both of the foregoing asides, I recognize that cheaper help contributes to lower cost, but I tend to think that we’d be better off paying the price of using our own people or doing without some of the services involved. (I’m just saying, so don’t jump on me!)
   Back to  the topic at hand, and broadly afoot: As this is written, battle lines have been drawn between those favoring and opposing a law passed in Arizona, which is favored by a thumping majority both within the State and the nation at large.
   As written, it would empower law enforcement officers to demand – ONLY of people who have already broken another law – that they prove their right to be in Arizona – i.e. to prove that they are not “illegals.”
   Those wishing – nay, loudly demanding – that this law be repealed are a coalition composed of militant sympathizers, selfish partisans, undocumented individuals, penny-pinching employers, ultra-leftists and politicians deathly fearful of alienating (no pun intended) the Latino electorate.
   Meanwhile, our Southern border is porous as a cotton canoe, our citizens there are no more safe than virgins in a frat house and our government’s primary obligation to protect our rights is  unconscionably honored in the breach.
   What to do: As often suggested in past columns, require that everyone at all times within the USA be prepared to justify their presence or get the hell out; and make it a felony, with seriously ponderous fines, to employ undocumented workers; and, yes, provide a fair and equitable path toward citizenship for those huddled masses understandably seeking a better life.
   That path should include mandatory registration, continuous employment, learning to speak American and abiding by all of our laws.
   And that path should begin at the very end of the line presently formed by those seeking citizenship in accordance with our existing requirements.
   We are a nation of laws aplenty, including remedial regulations now being ignored, downplayed or skirted; but we’re sadly in need of a lot more order – especially on the border.
  Or maybe just a clarification of the word “illegal.”
      Again, I’m just saying; anybody listening out there?

Freelance wordworker Joe Klock, Sr. (

3 Responses

  1. I just love Joe and all the common sense he makes – don’t you?
    these are the kind of guys we need running the Government!
    I’ll bet he would have asked for proof of …. well I am not going to go there today!

  2. You are always right on target. Thank God we have a woman like you.

  3. Yes, I agree, Mr. Klock makes more sense then the current crop of “pathetic politicians” who are running our Government!

    All politicians should be paying close attention to the American People/Voters, who decides whether or not you get to keep your seats!

    There is a lesson to be learned from Utah and W.Virginia, it’s one of the many examples of the “Power of the People”, (R) Senator Bob Bennett, 17 years and (D) Rep. Alan Mollohan, 14 years were ousted by their constituents for a variety of reasons, including the outright disregard for the concerns of their constituents!

    Any politician, over the course of time, who have told their constituents to “sit down and shut up” or refused to listen and have been responsible for the contrived debaucles against the American People that have or are presently taking place in our Country is soon to discover what happens when the electorates go to the polls!

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