NeW Woman, or A Shaffeley Redux

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

A response to a conservative young college woman’s group NeW Woman.

I am a daily reader, who became interested in your group as you appeal to college women who need and deserve some conservative support during college life.   I consider myself a complete woman, 62 years young, I am moderately conservative. I am founder of The Majority United and am particularly interested in young women and the effect the media, music, and life is having on them in this hyper sexualized climate. I do blog pieces on ads that I feel sexual females from birth to death in which the intent is to normalize young women as prey and young men as predators in order to cultivate a society of the same.

For the most part I agree with many daily posts, however occasionally I feel frustrated by what I perceive to be bending the twig too far in the other direction. In my opinion that is one of the excuses used for bending the twig so extreme in the current bearing.  The piece today, prompted me to reply. I have replied before but my comment did not appear which leads me to question if the site censors the comments. If this is the case then I will address this in another venue.

As to my comment regarding today’s piece entitled:

Why I am a NeW Woman

I believe in conservative values.  I believe in NeW.

I am a NeW woman for many reasons. Not only have I found a place on campus where I feel comfortable expressing and discussing my conservative beliefs, I have found a place where I can challenge my beliefs, learn more about various topics, and network with powerful and successful women around the country. I’ve also found a place where I have I met the best of friends. I look forward to each and every meeting, each and every Tea Party, and each and every time I wear my NeW shirt around campus. For those who have never heard of NeW, I love seeing their faces light up when they realize that an organization like NeW exists. I was the same way when I found out about NeW—I knew I had found the perfect organization for me and the one I wanted to devote as much time to as I possibly could. I couldn’t wait for the first meeting and I couldn’t wait to meet girls thought the same way I did.

I became a NeW woman because:

– I believe that men and women are different. Both genders should be recognized and celebrated for their differences. It takes both a man and a woman to create healthy relationships and a healthy society. 

-I believe that femininity should be celebrated. Neutralizing gender only hurts society, it doesn’t help women and it doesn’t help men. Being successful and powerful doesn’t mean you have to become masculine, you can be successful whether you are wearing pumps and pearls or wingtips and a tie.

-I believe that woman can have a family and a career, or can decide either option!  I believe in traditional family values and that women can be successful inside the home. Children shouldn’t be belittled.

-I believe in conservative values such as personal fiscal responsibility, conservative social values, and limited government.

-I believe radical feminism is hurting society. I stand for strong families, strong women, and strong men. We don’t have to put down being a mother, we don’t have to become men, and we don’t have to throw our gender differences out the window!

-I believe in chivalry. I believe in ladies and gentleman, tradition and respectability, and conservatism in dress and manner.

-I believe this network that has been created and continues to grow is a strong force of opposition to the radical feminist movement. NeW is the answer women have been searching for, it is the wake-up call to let America’s women and men realize that feminists aren’t the only ones that have a voice and they aren’t protecting women’s best interests. Conservative values need to be protected. Women, men, and families need to be protected and NeW offers that voice.

I became a NeW woman because of my beliefs. I will forever be a NeW woman because I believe in the power of NeW and the numerous, wonderful, and beautiful women that stand behind it. I love NeW!  Permalink:

 I agree with much your statement., however as I read this and many of the daily pieces  I feel as though NeW is asking women to choose between being one or the other as if there are only two groups of women. In other words – you are either with us or you are those other women!   When a group attaches the word radical to the word feminist every time the word “feminist”  becomes dirty. The right has successfully managed to create that idea and the left has also managed to radicalize the right as well.

 I am a conservative feminist with family values and I wholeheartedly believe in most all you wrote but I also know we have a long long way to go to achieve parity in many areas. At 62 I have been around the block a few times. Moreover, to simplify women’s position in this world by telling them being conservative is the answer to all their problems is ridiculous. You have only to look to Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman to see what being conservative gleaned them in terms of respect. Clearly they fit your mold and yet they find themselves vulnerable simply for being female, how much more a low profile woman?  We are not attacked for the way we are dressed but for simply being female. When a child is grabbed from her bed or a bus stop she is not asked if her mother is conservative. In order to get the work done we need all women to stand together – we do not need any group to continue to divide us.

As women we have always been asked to takes sides, unfortunately that is what keeps us divided! It is this radical division that keeps the majority from achieving empowerment.  As a majority we deserve equal representation in our government for example. And yet because we have been taught to beware of our sisters – we cannot get it together long enough to get it done. We need a change in the courts- we need more women in the House and the Senate to represent us without fear to senior male good old boys.  These are not radical ideas these are facts.

We will never gain the power we need to affect change by attacking our own sisters – we will however, get somewhere by trying to understand one another and trying to come together. Four women a day a killed at the hands of their husbands many are conservative, they were told to submit. Children are molested in unbelievable numbers, their mothers were conservative. Our churches have molested our children; get your heads out of the sand. Most women are not radical at all! Please stop teaching women that other women are radical- it keeps women from helping each other and from talking!

Most women fit dead center. Because of right leaning and left leaning groups who insist on calling each other radicals – the majority of us have nowhere to go so we quietly slip into one camp or the other. Many women wind up on the other side because they can’t tolerate what they erroneously perceive as the rigid right and others what they wrongfully perceive as the lunatic left.

One of these days women will realize – we are being portrayed as either or instead of human beings and we will stop falling into one or the other and start being complete women.

To be a complete woman – one would have to think for oneself instead of having to follow a script from a group and be told that what they see is not what they see.

As I said – I believe in and ascribe to many a word you wrote, but I am so much more and proud not to be confined by those rules. They are rules! Within them and many of the writings from this group there are also edicts that prevent women from being all they can be. Not men – complete women – doing or being whatever they want to be – where ever they want to do it and perhaps not as mothers or wives. Real women fight against injustice and if that fight against injustice is against men so be it. If that fight against injustice came from their own father, brother or husband – so be it! We are human beings and complete women who are second to no one!

If this group really values NeW women this article will appear! If not then …


2 Responses

  1. I recently, posed a question in our Monday night Blogtalk Radio chatroom “Whatever happened to the women of the Sixties”?

    The Sixties was a time when majority of the women were “walking shoulder to shoulder” united with the belief that women deserved equal rights across the board.

    It really was a time of “Sisterhood”!

    Women who were conservative (yes, believe it or not, there were conservative women who joined the movement) moderate, liberal, pro life, pro choice, mothers, workers, young and old, found their “Voice” and proceeded to speak up and speak out!

    It was a time of not just burning draft cards or protesting the war or protesting “the man” (government), it was a time of a new freedom for all women to express themselves, vocally, spiritually and physically.

    It was a time when women united in a concerted effort to bring about change and to be perfectly honest, I have not seen this type of camaraderie on as large of a scale, since!

    Women, conservative and liberal, pro choice and pro life have gone right back to being a divided group instead of “walking shoulder to shoulder” and uniting and working out our differences and respecting one anothers individualities!

    No one is always right 100% of the time, we all have issues that we try to deal with, but if your “heart is in the right place”, it is always possible to work in a united effort.

    The Majority United – RIDS, Republicans, Independents and Democrats, whose members are conservatives, moderates and liberals and majority of our membership are women, who are united under our leader Betty Jean Kling, “whose heart is always in the right place” and who, continually leads the fight against the injustices that prevails in our world!

    Oh, the possibilities, if all women regardless of their group titles, joined forces!

    We have it within are grasp to change all the mistakes that are being made on a daily basis by our government at the local and federal level.

    In “reality land” this can only be accomplished through a joint effort.

    We have given majority of our male counterparts an ample amount of time to effect positive change and what exactly do they have to show for their efforts, “total chaos” in our midst with a dire consequence that will affect the next generation for years to come!

    It’s time for all good women and good men to stand up and “take control of the wheel” and “shake off those shackles of time” and learn the lessons of our “Sister’s of the Sixties” and join together to make the much needed changes in our world!

    By the way, the reply to my question was: “The women of the Sixties forgot to teach the lessons learned to the next generation of women”!

    It is now, 50 years later, and what exactly have we accomplished since the Sixties as “women divided”, ask yourselves that question?

  2. We sang the song ” United we stand divided we fall and if by chance we find our backs against the wall well stand united — united you and I… ”

    Then when our backs were up against the wall our leaders – Gloria et al sat at the table with the big boys and drank their champagne and ate their lobster and drove in their fancy cars and partied in the high rises and left the rest of us down in the streets. In other words they sold us out babe.! Now we are along singing .

    ” Those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end…”
    And the big girls still drink the find wines, live in the high placres and sit at the big boys table- but they have no souls left!. make no mistake- wave after wave they lost their will to fight for what was right for ALL woman – they went radical as part of the plan to break the back of the movement!

    We could not be beat any other way but from the inside!
    Judas was a she devil!

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