Christine O’Donnell-United States Senate

This is a companion piece to “A woman’s place is in the House..and in the Senate” posted by our own Betty Jean and contributed by Steve Maloney.


You Tube is a marvelous invention!

It gives the American People the opportunity to experience almost anyone and anything up close and personal.

Please take sometime to watch this video of Christine O’Donnell, who is running for the U.S. Senate for Delaware and her most passionate speech! 

Christine O’Donnell is just one of many women, who are running for political office, who have the will and the stamina to persevere in the political arena even against “overwhelming odds”!

This is a historical time in the history of our nation and anything is possible! 

This is the perfect time to replace the incumbents with more women in the House and the Senate and maybe, just maybe, someday, a woman will indeed be President and Commander in Chief !

If women want more of a voice in our government, the answer is to support women, who are not afraid of the “Lord’s of the Backroom”!  (Love her tag, it fits like a glove!)

“Kick the bums to the curb” in the Mid Term elections in November and beyond!

We need “fresh new faces and Patriots” to replace all incumbents!

For more about Christine O’Donnell or to help her campaign:

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