A woman’s place is in the House… and in the Senate

Contributed by Steve Maloney

“Where there’s smoke there must be fire.” (An old, questionable statement)

“Where there’s smoke, there’s sometimes a smoke machine.” (A truer statement)

I absolutely hate it when my friend, Christine O’Donnell, gets smeared — as she does. The Christine I know is a smart, funny, eminently likable human being. She’s deeply religious but not at all “preachy.” To her, “love thy neighbor,” is an admonition she must do everything in her power to follow. That can be tough in a world — the world of politics — where so many people are frankly unlovable.

Christine is a candidate for the US Senate, and as I’ve suggested previously, she needs — and deserves — your backing, including your financial support. So, before you keep reading, please go to her web site and contribute as generously as you can:

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