A Daughters Hope: Support the Film

Bettyjean Kling

In 1981, a woman by the name of Diana Lynn Harris mysteriously disappeared from her home in the Florida Keys.  No body has ever been found, no suspects have been brought to justice, and to this day, her daughter, Christine Hill, continues to search for answers.  Further, from her younger years and into early adulthood, Ms. Hill had been forced to suffer things that no one should ever have to endure, least of all a missing mother. Now, Brandella Films, a West Michigan-based film production company, has co-written a feature film script with Ms. Hill entitled, “A Daughter’s Hope,” which takes a fictional look at the difficulties she faced growing up; the most painful of which included the heart-wrenching loss of her mother.

Jim Idema A Daughters Hope ”  Brandella Films  Download it Now:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freemenow/2010/05/06/empowering-woman-to-unite-and-mobilize

Please help support the filming of this story- the script is written – it is ready for production – they need money. Please help– money needs to be raised to get this film produced. Actors in the wings –  We are at a point in time when violence against women  is a story that needs to be told! It’s an epidemic- let’s start the ball rolling with this film!

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