Tea Party Racism: Undeniable Proof

Articles of Freedom Delivery Day April 19th

Contributed By: We The People Congress – NYS

Articles of Freedom Delivery Day
Monday, April 19th in All 50 State Capitols

Take Peaceful Civic Action & Restore the Constitution.

Articles of Freedom: to Save the Constitution


For Those Who are Uneasy and Anxious about the Fate of America
This is not the Hour for Summer Soldiers or Sunshine Patriots.

On April 19, 2010, the Voice of Freedom will be heard from Hawaii to Maine as Constitutionalists gather in every Capital City to simultaneously sing the praises of America and Her Constitution, and to serve the Articles of Freedom on Her federal and state officials. 

The Articles of Freedom, include a series of Remedial Instructions for both the Federal and State governments – instructions designed to restore constitutional governance in America, together with a Nationwide Civic Action and Pledge signifying the belief that:

a) for decades and over many administrations, both political parties have been violating the
Constitution and the states have acquiesced;

b) the Articles of Freedom should be served on key elected officials in the federal government and all 50 state governments;

c) the federal and state officials should comply with the Remedial Instructions designed to put an end to the violations and restore constitutional governance; and

d) if the government officials refuse to comply, the People shall engage in a nationwide, well-organized, pro-active, non-violent  series of civic actions, including economic sanctions if ultimately necessary, to peaceably procure the relief they are entitled to under our system of governance. 

The Articles of Freedom must now be delivered to our federal and state elected officials. In Unity, and with a single mindedness of purpose (our process goes beyond Tea Parties and beyond Elections, Parties and Personalities), the Plan is to deliver the Articles of Freedom on April 19th at the same moment in time, across all time zones in America, regardless of what other “patriotic” events may be scheduled that day or any other day in April.  

This is where your service is required. In many states, there is great activity underway. In others, we need you to ensure all states participate.


There are two options: Preferred and Alternate


On April 19, 2010, at 9 AM HST, 11 AM AKDT, 12 Noon PDT & MST, 1 PM MDT, 2 PM CDT, 3 EDT, groups of people are already planning to gather on the steps of their State Capitol Buildings in the capital cities of dozens of states for the purpose of singing the praises of America, and Her Constitution, and delivering the Articles of Freedom to six of their elected officials, each of whom will have been invited to attend the ceremony (see sample invitation letter): their two United States Senators, their member of the United States House of Representatives whose district includes their State Capital City, their Governor and the leader of each Chamber of their State Legislature. 

First, the people will participate in a brief Rededication to America Ceremony (see Program). Following the ceremony, the six copies of the Articles of Freedom would be served along with a transmittal letter (see sample transmittal letter) in one of three ways: 

    1. The Articles will be handed to one or more of the six elected officials attending the ceremony, or
    2. If the office is known to be open for business, the People will walk or drive to the nearby office of each of the six elected officials not attending the Ceremony, to hand deliver the Articles or,
    3. If necessary, in order to serve the Articles on each of the six elected officials who do not attend the ceremony and whose local office is scheduled to be closed that day, the People will walk or drive to the nearest Post Office to serve the Articles by certified mail, postmarked April 19, 2010.


On April 19, 2010, at 9 AM HST, 11 AM AKDT, 12 Noon PDT & MST, 1 PM MDT, 2 PM CDT and 3 EDT, in those states where, due to lack of manpower or time to arrange the Ceremony (we have an “Action Steps” document and there is still time to make it happen), people will gather in their capital cities for the purpose of delivering the Articles of Freedom to the six elected officials: their two United States Senators, their member of the United States House of Representatives whose district includes their State Capital City, their Governor and the leader of each Chamber of their State Legislature.

Alternative between official ceremony and serving:  You can request the script for the ceremony by emailing honoramerica@gmail.com and extract important sections from it pertaining to the Serving of the Articles.  If you are not doing an official ceremony, you can still define a meeting space at the capitol or nearby park for anyone is coming (known or unknown to you!) and pull things from the ceremony to do together before you Serve.   Individuals and a few people can do this together as well.  You will be making a RECORD in that place of the Eternal Will of the People to be FREE.

The six copies of the Articles of Freedom, would be served in one of two ways:

    1. If the office is known to be open for business, the People will walk or drive to the office of each of the six elected officials, to hand deliver a copy of the Articles or,
    2. If necessary, in order to serve a copy of the Articles on any of the six elected officials whose local office is scheduled to be closed that day, the People will be walk or drive to the nearest Post Office to serve the Articles by certified mail, postmarked April 19, 2010.

In addition the remaining members of the U.S. House of Representatives need to be served a copy of the Articles of Freedom on April 19, 2010, either at their office in Washington, DC or in their District office, either in person or, if necessary, by certified mail. Click here for a list of congressional districts. NOTE: Names of the congressman have not been updated. 

There is much to be done. We need all to “pitch in.” We need YOU! Please sign up to assist in one way or another at www.ArticlesOfFreedom.us/419Action.aspx. In addition, please send an email to Judith at honoramerica@gmail.com with your name, city, state, email address and tell us how you would like to help. Let’s use Kinkos or Staples to bind the Articles to look at least as good as shown in photo here.

Please step up. At the very least, we hope you can be in your capital city on 4/19! Volunteer your service. Contact the person in charge for your state or become that person.  Assist in delivering the articles, or with the ceremony or with the publicity. Contact others on the list. See what you can do!  


Spread the word about the Articles of Freedom at www.ArticlesofFreedom.us. Encourage People to sign the PLEDGE and resolve to participate on April 19th.

Bubba Clinton, those thugs are coming from the left!

Another Rant by BettyJean Kling
News Contributed by: Ms Behaved

“Before the bombing occurred, there was a sort of fever in America,” Clinton said at a symposium commemorating the 15th anniversary of the bombing. “Meanwhile, the fabric of American life had been unraveling. More and more people who had a hard time figuring out where they fit in, it is true that we see some of that today.”

“This Tea Party movement can be a healthy thing if they’re making us justify every penny of taxes we raised and every dollar of public money we spend,” Clinton said. “But when you get mad, sometimes you wind up producing exactly the reverse result of what you say you are for.”

Billy boy bubba Clinton was right when he warned that the Tea Party might lead to some lunatics or fringe groups who are capable of terror the likes of the Marra building bombing but what he didn’t make clear was that it wouldn’t be coming from the Tea partiers but from the thugs the Tea partiers are rising up against. What he and the far left with the help of the main stream media are trying to pass off as truth is that The Tea Party is the problem- no no no – The Tea Party People are not the problem Mr. President- We The People —  RIDs (Republican, Independent and Democrat– law abiding American tax paying citizens)  are coming to remind you It is time to check and reverse the growth of government, which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed !

Gangsters that have been singing about going against the man and the government and the police for a decade or more now – are going after the tax paying citizens of this country and they are being led by members of our government who are obviously bought and paid for and “We the People” will not stand for it!

So I suggest Mr. President,  that you clarify who should beware of  what has been produced here and not blaming The Tea Party People for producing the problems!

 It is the usurping of the people’s power that is causing the problems in our great country and it is the cover -up that is causing the problems in our great country and it is the gangsters that causing the problems in our great country! So far all the violence surrounding The Tea Party has been contributed by the left! Can anyone show us any proof of violence from the RIGHT? Inuendo- yes- proof no! But from the left we have video, pictures and arrests since the beginning , indeed since the primaries – proof of violence and intent to intimidate  and threat of violence from the left! Race baiting and sexism all from the left!

Finally, Ms Pelosi and that gang who voted against the will of the people, marched deliberately arm in arm carrying a huge gavel across the people’s lawn. Mr. President – that  was an invitation to bring it on and yet there was none. When there were no takers they manufactured some and still not one video – not one voice taping , not one picture of violence from the right!

We the People rest our case, Mr. President.  There is no way to spin this – we the people are coming to take our country back and we will not be diswayed! We have not been drawn in and taken down to the level of the left – we will overcome!

“Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated.” — Thomas Jefferson

 I  for one of millions am not amused that POTUS finds this is so amusing – let’s see how amused you all are this November!

“Whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.” ~~~ Thomas Jefferson

The story below is the only one you will see because Bobby Jindal has allowed a whitewash or the cover-up of the story in order to keep quiet what is going on and growing in his State. Follow this link http://thehayride.com/2010/04/the-brennans-beatdown-piecing-together-a-story/ thanks to Ms. Behaved which will lead you to a very long but fantastic investigation as to that cover-up. These victims and their family has been forced to be quiet in fear of their lives no doubt or at the very least fear of further retribution. This Chicago style politics is exactly what the Tea party is against. We want our country back- this is gang land style terror Bubba warned us about is exactly what we have seen since the 2008 primary onslaught. He and his wife were victims themselves but we – We the people are not going to bend over Bubba- no not us!

It is now being refuted that these two were wearing Palin buttons – but it is not refuted that they just left a Republican function – that she is a Republican fundraiser and they were savagely beaten by a gang and no money was taken. Note Broken legs and broken jaws are gang style markers! Please be sure to follow the link and read the piecing together the story. Long but well worth the read. http://thehayride.com/2010/04/the-brennans-beatdown-piecing-together-a-story/

Allee Bautsch, chief campaign fundraiser for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and her boyfriend Joe Brown, were savagely beaten Friday night in New Orleans after leaving a Republican party fundraising dinner by a group of thugs who reportedly targeted the couple because they were wearing Sarah Palin pins.

Bautch’s leg was broken and Brown incurred a broken jaw and nose as well as a concussion.

The Hayride reports that a source who visited Bautsch at the hospital the day after the attack says they were told the couple was attacked for wearing Palin buttons:

Two people at the Brennan’s event have now confirmed that the protest had largely broken up by the time it ended, but we also understand from someone who visited Allee Bautsch in the hospital Saturday morning that she and Brown were followed and attacked expressly because they had Palin pins on (she heard one of the attackers say “Let’s get them, they have Palin pins on” – so the attack WAS politically motivated as its victims understood it. It was not a mugging, it was not an argument gone wrong and it was not a bar fight.

The story of a Republican and her boyfriend being viciously attacked for wearing Palin buttons has yet to make national headlines, unlike say, unfounded rumors of nasty words being said by Tea Party protesters.

Good Guy’s Tribute to Two Women – with Humor

Check out Full Story at National MS Research WalkMS 2010 – In a Dress and Heels

Quote from Corey Blake’s nationalmssociety.org page…

So to make this a little more interesting and maybe entertaining for you, I’ve decided to do something different for this year’s WalkMS. Last October, I read a story about an 84-year-old woman named Lan Yin “Eiko” Tsai who rides her old one-speed bike 150 miles for the New Jersey City to Shore event to raise money for MS. She’s been doing this for 26 years – always in a dress and heels. The article has this great picture of her in a green turtleneck dress and embroidered jacket. She is pretty inspiring. Then I started to think about the daily discomfort and struggles that people with MS go through every day. I see it in Nahleen [his wife] every day. Her courage and discipline are also inspiring. So I thought maybe I could make my 3-mile walk this April in Pasadena for WalkMS more reflective of that daily discomfort while at the same time paying tribute to Eiko and Nahleen. And at the same time, looking like a dork. I know I’m good at doing that

So I’m doing WalkMS in a dress and heels.

From the tiny ACORN the mighty Nut Tree grows

Why doesn’t this surprise me?  Nor does the timing? Here comes the race card again! How many times does the left think this is going to work huh? I bet there are fewer and fewer and fewer liberals left that are falling for this bullshit- oops line of crap ooops – how do I say this like a lady? Oh hell there is no way to say it better than this- It sucks! But there is one good thing- very few are still falling for it  and those that do are worse for doing so!

The damned Dems are pushing more people into the arms of the conservatives than anything else – whether they realize it or not. Far be it from me to stop them – if people have to be tied to a party – I don’t and I would hope no one else would either – but if they have to be – then be all means – please don’t let it be this Dem party – not this one – not now.

I weill say one more time vote em out vote em all out – and third party as soon as absolutely possible.

 The two party system is dead but of the two the dems are trying to kill Democracy and our Republic- we cannot let this happen!

Group plans to discredit and crash the tea parties

As tax day draws near, the economically concerned are prepared to reignite (or continue the pulsing momentum of) the Tea Party movement. But just as any innocent bystander can be certain that tea partiers will protest in droves on April 15th, one can also be sure there will be those that harbor a one-dimensional view of the movement, and its intentions. Tea partiers are a bunch of hateful, racist, bigoted, homophobic Neanderthals who routinely demonstrate their incapacity for rational and reasonable thought; right? (Insert sarcastic tone.) Why then would they possibly need an ounce of help to discredit their cause? But a group of “anti-tea partiers” are preparing to crash tea parties around the country. The Tea Party Crashers, found cleverly at crashtheteaparty.org, is comprised of a group of people who are determined to discredit and ruin the intentions of the Tea Party patriots.

Their mission is openly declared on their website, along with their wholly biased and perverted view of the tea party movement. “WHO WE ARE: A nationwide network of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are sick and tired of that loose affiliation of racists, homophobes, and morons; who constitute the fake grass-roots movement which calls itself The Tea Party.” . . . Obviously this is a group of poorly enlightened observers with prejudices and bigotries of their own. The outright hate spewed toward a movement of concerned citizens is not nearly as disturbing as the fact that such hate can be spewed without a sense of irony or self awareness.

But the mission of the party crashers is just as inherently disgusting: “WHAT WE WANT: To dismantle and demolish the Tea Party by any non-violent means necessary. HOW WE WILL SUCCEED: By infiltrating the Tea Party itself! In an effort to propagate their pre-existing propensity for paranoia and suspicion…We have already sat quietly in their meetings, and observed their rallies. We will act on behalf of the Tea Party in ways which exaggerate their least appealing qualities (misspelled protest signs, wild claims in TV interviews, etc.) to further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them. We will also use the inside information that we have gained in order to disrupt and derail their plans.

Of course, their mission begs the question: If the tea party is a manifestation of such desperately fringe irreprehensible behavior, why would there be any need for an organized sabotage of their message? The simple existence of the Crasher’s should illustrate the effectiveness and marketability of the tea parties principles. Moreover, the existence of such indecent tactics reflects far more poorly on the perpetrators of the sabotage rather than its intended victims.

And while apprehension for such an organized assault on the tea party movement is quite appropriate, the attack on conservative principles should be seen as a compliment, and a barometer for our success. Few movements would garner so much hate, or objection, if they remained a fringe movement. It is only because of the widespread palatability of conservative values that the tea party movement has merited such a fervent opposition.

So if you intend on participating at a tea party this April 15th, keep about you a sense of awareness. Peaceably protest, and take any and every opportunity to interact, politely, with the media. Let the pure numbers of legitimately concerned citizens speak with civility for the tea party movement. The media will, as could be predicted by anyone who has ever witnessed an MSNBC “news” program, concentrate on the horrid and inappropriate. But America is not buying the rouse that tea partiers are a bunch of hateful, racist bigots. Moreover, no attempt by the left to portray them as such will marginalize the volumes of average Americans who have only recently stepped into the realm of political activism.

The thing that the “Crashers,” and Left, does not understand is that the Tea Party movement is not about politics. It is about the preservation of American values. It is about independence and freedom from unreasonable governance. It is about Liberty, and resistance to Obama’s brand of “fundamental change.” Animosity toward the overreaching bureaucracy of Washington DC will not fade. Watch for tea party Crashers this coming week.

Be sure to check out Denver’s Tax day Tea Party by clicking here (facebook link)!
For information on where to attend a tax day Tea Party in your state, please click here.

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Where’s the Left’s Sarah Palin?

BettyJean Kling

A wonderful piece by Taylor Marsh who was a Hillary supporter who just as quickly jumped on the Obama wagon after all she is a Democrat before she s an American! The piece below however, shows her buyers’ remorse- or at least the remorse of most of the buyers- that is the way I chose to read it. This is a piece worth reading. 

Clearly many Democrats now see what the Hillary Hole has wrought them. The greatest female candidate the Democrats had and best possible choice  they could have fielded was literally tossed aside and now there is no one one on the horizon that comes close to filling her shoes.  And for what it’s worth – even Hillary couldn’t get my vote in 2012 – no Obama supporter will evah get my vote evah again! The first woman President of the US may not be Sarah Palin but thanks to the DNC it will not be Hillary  either, if she and the other Dem ladies bent over for the DNC – they are not fit to serve as our first femal president. Our first female POTUS will be a Republican or an Independent! 

Now on to Taylor Marsh

Where’s the Left’s Sarah Palin?

 While Democrats and the Obama White House continue to take jabs at Sarah Palin, the fact remains they can’t resist rising to her bait, with the media loving to pit Palin against Obama whenever the chance arises. Even when Pres. Obama says he’s not going to respond, like he did on Palin’s nuclear policy criticism, Obama goes on to do exactly that. Never mind that Palin and other conservatives completely miss that Pres. Reagan dreamed about nuclear zero. Meanwhile, when you look to the left, there is no anti-Palin, no woman even close to competing with her star power.

Sarah Palin may have no official title, the left calling her a “quitter,” but she continues to rise in power, with even John McCain calling out to his former running mate to save him in Arizona. It must irk the Republican elite to no end. Today, she’ll be giving a speech at the Southern Republican Leadership council. We can only wonder if she’ll be the first Republican there to actually mention Katrina.

Lefties get infuriated when I parse the traditional and new media spin against Sarah Palin. I can hear the caterwauling already, but don’t care much about it, as I’m more interested in following the story, not the negative Hillaryesque stereotyping, the latest of which comes compliments of the latest CBS poll, which I’ll get to in a minute.

The fact remains that there is a “Hillary hole,” with women wanting their turn, while people hunger for something radically different, which is currently being filled by the Tea Party, a star named Sarah and her fans. Not surprisingly, as poll after poll on her rolls out, the narrative on Sarah Palin continues to be filled out unfairly. I know, you’re shocked. But love her or hate her, whether she runs in 2012 or not, when you look at the left, the reality is there’s no anti-Palin progressive who matches what Palin’s got.

The latest poll from CBS on Palin comes with an interesting graphic. Unfortunately, the headline blows the lede and the main data point. The news for Palin isn’t as bad as the CBS headline screams: “Low Favorability Ratings for Sarah Palin.” Do the math.

Just Republicans: 43% approve of her; 16% have an unfavorable opinion; with 29% undecided and 27% haven’t heard enough about her.

In overall opinion, beyond Republicans: 24% favorable; 38% unfavorable; 20% undecided; 17% haven’t heard enough about her.

As for Independents: 25% favorable; 35% unfavorable; 20% undecided; 18% haven’t heard enough.

Then look at the gender numbers. Sarah Palin’s charisma holds a key for why middle-aged right-wing males are on her side. As for women, 40% have an unfavorable opinion of her. But guess what; just as many women “haven’t heard enough” about her, coming in at 39%.

Translation: Sarah Palin has challenges if she’s thinking about 2012, no doubt; but there are plenty of opportunities to change minds her way, according to the CBS poll. Question remains whether she can given her style, the substance of her rhetoric, as well as her delivery.

The truth is that the CBS poll offers some hope for Palin and her people, if the crowds and cash aren’t enough. For all the “she’s a wacko” storyline, there are a lot of people who remain undecided about Sarah, even as the traditional media continues to offer stereotypical “Low Favorability Ratings for Sarah Palin” headlines, even if the data screams a different andmore important story.

Meanwhile, whether Sarah Palin runs in 2012 or not, she’s making money while running from state to state campaigning for Republicans and Tea Party people. She’s also keeping her maverick status intact by going against the insider GOPers by defending Michael Steele, which seems more stubbornly obstinate than smart. It should be noted that right now her approval among Republicans remains high enough to still make her a possible contender, something I’m sure Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are watching.

Mrs. Palin’s politics aren’t for me, and though I pine to see hot headliners from the left, instead we get the likes of Claire McCaskill, Kathleen Sebelius and other Obama blue dog duds, with no women of any wattage in sight.

From a terrific piece on Huffington Post, there is also a larger Democratic problem, which is outlined in “Power Struggle: Inside The Battle For The Soul Of The Democratic Party”:

[…] Yet for all the real accomplishments, many liberals are celebrating less than they are commiserating about a lost opportunity, an opportunity for progressive change that pales in comparison to ’33 and ’34, ’64 and ’65, when Democratic majorities redirected the course of the nation. “It is only once in a generation that a people can be lifted above material things,” Woodrow Wilson said, perhaps optimistically. “That is why conservative government is in the saddle two-thirds of the time.” This generation reformed health care and built on that foundation, but the contemporary Democratic approach relies more on using government money to prop up private institutions, no matter how broken, instead of expanding the public sector. For instance, a public insurance plan — the “public option” — was part of the health reform discussion until it came threateningly close to becoming law, at which point it was discarded. […]

Part of the ambivalence for Democrats turning independent is the rightward march of the Democratic party under Obama. However, that doesn’t mean these people won’t vote for Obama in 2012 given no other choice. However, the rightward tilt of Democrats, as well as their undemocratic governance on health care, has put the activism level on shrug, leaning towards uninvolved. Maybe that’s at the heart of Gallup’s new numbers, showing the worst brand image for Democrats ever. There simply is no way there will be the enthusiasm for Obama that was seen in 2008. Whether you’re talking Missouri, Nevada or Virginia, Obama has likely already kissed these states goodbye, the Bush states he won in 2008 already trending away from him, with Pennsylvania turning negative for Pres. Obama in the latest Quinnipiac.

Looking beyond Obama, as much as I like and appreciate Joe Biden, he’s not exactly a 21st century candidate when you look to 2016. The possibility reminds me of a George H.W. Bush situation after Reagan had eight years. That’s assuming Barack Obama will rally Democratic enthusiasm, including young people and women, to hold the presidency in 2012.

Where is the woman on the left who can make headlines and draw crowds like Sarah Palin, Liz Cheney, perhaps even a re-entry of Dr. Condoleezza Rice?

The “Hillary hole” is as wide and deep for Democrats as ever, with no Sarah Palin alternative anywhere in sight.

The heat is on the right.

Taylor Marsh is a political analyst out of Washington, D.C.

White Plains Mayor Bradley Arrested Again

Mug shot of White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley arrested again on April 8, 2010

On March 1, Fumiko Bradley recanted her story and refused to testify but that was not enough for this bully – he just could not leave well enough alone- Now Fumiko, sure she will never live through this and fearing for her very life will probably testify rather than let him get away Scott free.

 Woohoo for her! Let’s get behind this courageous lady and let her know that we are going to be there for her. She is a prime candidate for murder by her husband- we need to let him know – he will not get away with it and we need to let the courts know – if Adam Bradley hurts her – we want the judge who sets him free to serve his sentence with him!

White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley was under arrest once again Thursday after allegedly violating an order of protection from his wife.

Bradley was booked at 1 p.m. on three charges: harassment, tampering with a witness, and contempt of court.

Prosecutors claims since March 5, Bradley has repeatedly intentionally violated an order of protection not to harass or cause fear. The new charges alleged he yelled at his wife, Fumiko, on five different occasions.

In the first incident, Mrs. Bradley told police her husband confronted her at the house she was staying at and yelled that in order for him to save his career, she needed to enter a mental hospital or tell police she had lied to them.

The second reported incident came on March 10, when Mr. Bradley was accused of entering the bedroom where his wife was sleeping, waking her up and yelling at her to tell police she lied or the couple “would have no future together,” according to the police report.

Mrs. Bradley accused her husband of aggressively trying to speak with her again a day later, and then again on March 25 she said he entered the bathroom as she showered and told her, “It’s over, it’s over, you should hang yourself!”

In the most recent incident, which occurred on April 2, Mrs. Bradley told police her husband hit her hand several times with a newspaper he was holding and yelled at her to read it.

Mrs. Bradley has already accused her husband of throwing a cup of hot tea at her and deliberately closing a door on her hand.

Bradley’s lawyer, Luis Andrew Penichet, insisted the mayor after those reports. Last week Penichet said he refused to listen to an offer of a plea bargain that was conditioned on Bradley taking domestic violence classes.

“If you’re innocent, there’s no need for domestic violence classes,” the lawyer said outside the Westchester County Courthouse.

Bradley, a 48-year-old Democrat and former state assemblyman, became mayor in January and was considered to be on the rise until his arrest. Now his political future is in question.

He was arrested Feb. 28 and charged with assault after his wife told police he had deliberately shut a door on her hand. In her signed statement that day, she also alleged that on Jan. 11, after she made him some tea, “He got so mad at me that he threw the hot tea at me. If I wasn’t wearing an apron and a sweater, I probably would have gotten badly burned.”

Mrs. Bradley announced last month that she does not want her husband prosecuted and will not cooperate. But the district attorney’s office is pursuing the case.

Sarah Palin still gets under Bubba Obama’s skin

The war of words between Obama and Palin continues. Obama just can’t stop bickering with this woman. Ever since she entered the race for Vice president Barack Obama had felt the need to be on the defensive against her. During the presidential campaign, I often wondered if he knew who he was running against. He was afraid of Hillary and spent most of his time in the Primary running against her husband the former President Bill Clinton. Then during the presidential race against John McCain he wound up dueling against Sarah Palin day in and day out.

Even now – If Sarah opens her mouth Barack goes on the defensive- one would think he would have learned by now – he is seriously outmatched and outsmarted every time. She is having fun and he is upset, puffed up , annoyed and on the defensive. Has anyone told him – he works for us?

See for yourself!  He got all huffy and defensive and like a schoolkid shot off his big mouth. Not very presidential!

True to form – she shot right back and made him look silly and childish. As a Governor of a state she may know a lot more about governing than he does even after being in office a full year and it shows!

Obama is obviously thin skinned and arrogant — so I am surprised that he allows her so many wins but perhaps  – he is too busy acting like a childish schoolboy to notice or perhaps  he missed being chastised by a mommy!

Meanwhile – chalk another one up for the lady from Alaska!

Who is the top woman in Washington right now?

The victory of health care reform in the House has catapulted Speaker Nancy Pelosi back into the spotlight since she’s given the credit for pushing the president’s plan over the finish line. Michelle Obama is also broadening her profile in the campaign against childhood obesity, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking the lead in the bid against Iran. With all that in mind, who is the most important woman in Washington right now?

Please vote today in Bobbles Poll: Who is the Top Woman ? Look for the above graphic on the lower right side of the page.


So far Hillary Clinton who is quietly going about doing her job without any fan fare at all is in the lead Vote first and view the latest results. I will bet you dollars to donuts as soon as news gets out about the current results – they will change and I guarantee the results too! Wanna take our own poll as to how they will end up?

Keep the Tea Party free: Keep religion out of it!

An controversial opinion By BettyJean Kling

WE the People have an opportunity to make a real difference this year and every year from here on in. Do not let the Republicans take The Tea Party over! Do not let the Religious take The Tea Party over! They all have their own party and we have seen what they have done up to now. They ain’t done squat! That is how we got into this mess with Obama! Do not forget how we got here. We are not about to jump from this pan back into the fire are we?

All organizations circle the wagons in order to shelter their own and preserve their group – it’s called survival. It sucks but it is what it is- if you don’t like it! Leave it! Leave whatever organization fails to have integrity, be it religious, political or otherwise. This is still a free country and you have the option to maintain courage of your own convictions.

Do not link up with anyone! The Right is trying to Nab ya – stay INDEPENDENT and never let them see ya sweat! Don’t let anyone count on your vote! Conservative means Smart, deliberate, not easily carefree. Conservative does not necessarily mean religious – you can be religious if you want – no skin off my nose but – remember – we all have the right to worship as we like! Or NOT! But if you allow the movement to become a religious one for any religion — you are denying some of our citizens their full rights under religious laws which they should be accorded under civil laws. Think about that- THINK!

We have become a team sport society, no one wants to stand alone anymore, no one wants to stand out and so we have no patriots or heroes anymore! We have only those who go along to get along and those who lead the way for the lemmings to follow. The Tea Party is different – The Parties fear us! The party faithful Fear us! The reason is they don’t understand us because we just do not fit in any one box- let’s stay that way. No one can pigeon hole us. We are not anything anyone says about us. The only thing you can say about us is that we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore!

And then there is religion which rules by fear of fire and brimstone and fear of punishment and reward which cannot be proven nor denied so we act on faith while self appointed leaders run roughshod over us. The faithful dutifully turn the other cheek believing our reward will be in heaven!

As far as religions – all organized religions are Patriarchic and in my opinion, abusive to Females. I now believe we would do well to abandon them as they hide truths regarding the science that proves the value of women. Obviously the female of the human species is fashioned to reproduce and can reproduce other females without the male chromosome therefore the male is not necessary for the species to survive at all. Rather than promote harmony between the sexes, organized religion sought to promote hierarchy and subjugation rendering the female and her children powerless and subject to exploitation and neglect.

Shame! Now only the obliteration of these bogus teachings by those religious bigots can possibly create balance and harmony between the sexes and remove the spurious disparity between human beings. It took thousands of years to wire men and women to think in these ways and it will take thousands of years to rewire those of us whose DNA has fallen victim to the conditioning resulting from the religious dogma that has in some cases plagued womankind and children with the scourge of patriarchy.

Any religion that subjugates women and allows a man to hurt his wife or child should be obliterated altogether in a representative democracy! Allowing religion into a political movement opens the door to all religions which obviously has no place in our society where women represent more than half of this society and where religion does not render women as equal citizens in every way, at all times and under every circumstance.