Larry King “I Agree That Sarah Palin Should Pose For Playboy”

A piece posted by Greg Hengler in Townhall Blogs on April 21, 2010 titled “Larry King thinks Sarah Palin should Pose for Playboy”.
King has crossed the line and joined the ranks of the “buffoon” Letterman!
King was interviewing Sarah Silverman and goading her into making any “outrageous statement” that “popped into her head ” about Sarah Palin and out came the Sarah Palin pose for Playboy comment and King agreed!
More sexist comments of the many that is continually directed at former Governor Sarah Palin.
The Hollywood crowd along with the rest of their political cronies just can’t resist the urge to “demean and humiliate” Sarah Palin’s person!
I am disgusted by these personalities who are the “dregs of soceity” who find nothing wrong with demeaning women and using them as “sexual objectification” for  HIGHER RATINGS!

3 Responses

  1. I have no idea who Sarah Silverman is so maybe like Ms. Garaffalo and Ms. Fey, unknown to me before they used their celebrity to give their more weighted political opinions, is trying to get some attention.
    I did not know before Ms. Palin spoke to the press after testifying at the trail of the son of a Democratic congressperson that those who hacked her e-mail took personal family photos of Trig and Photo-Chopped them.
    Can you imagine how you would feel if someone did that to a member of your family? These people live in a moral abyss.

  2. Maybe Larry Kings attitude is the reason he has been married 7 times. Would you stay married to a sexist pig like that? I know I would’nt. He needs to get a clue, if that is even possible. That is why I avoid CNN, a bunch of loud-mouthed idiots.

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