Hey Bill, have ya any advice for Eugene and the left wing?

By American Girl in Italy on April 25, 2010 at 12:00 PM in Current Affairs

Sarah Palin, former Vice Presidential candidate and Alaskan governor, spoke at a gathering of Lane County Republicans in Eugene, Ore. on Friday, April 23, 2010.
She was greeted by someone who wanted her to know that Eugene Oregon was a “hate free zone”.

Oh really?



(note the sign mocking Palin’s “palm pilot” incident, directly in front of a slew of hateful signs)

(Notice the sign (attacking Palin’s kid over a false rumor) with “advice” misspelled – right next to the sign calling Palin ignorant –
that is completely insulting to working women everywhere -“Stay Home”. Also, in the back, “lipstick is no disguise” – so Palin is a pig?)






Hope she chokes? That’s sweet. Insult to women? How, exactly?
“Welcome to the Real America, now S.T.F.O.” –
real America, Eugene, where we hope you choke!
And what is STFO? Stay the fuck out? Nice.)

So…hate for me, but not for thee? Or would that be hate for thee, but not for me?
Or… we consider everything you say hateful, and we don’t want it here, but we can spew all the hate we want!
Or…Republicans STFU! We are the only ones who can spew hate! Yes, that’s sounds about right. Hmmmmm…


No… changed my mind. That’s still not right. This is what they are saying:*Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Partiers STFU, or we will lie, spread rumors, call you racist hate-mongers and direct all of our sexist, misogynistic, violent hatred towards you.*
There, that sounds about right.

H/T HotAirYahoo and Memeorandum.


6 Responses

  1. These people are so pathetic!

    Totally clueless!

    Someone should really inform this group, that no one is listening to their pathetic rabble!

    We have them scrambling all over the country trying to convince anyone (including themselves) that they can regain control of majority of the American electorate!

    This group is losing and losing badly!

    Fortunate for the rest of the American People, this pathetic group is now in the “minority”!

    Their “beloved Leader and Party” can’t stop what’s going to happen to Congress in the Mid-Term elections in November and good riddance!

    Hey, we believe in equal opportunity here at The Majority United, “as in all incumbents need to go” for the good of our beloved country and the American People!

    We may not get them all out in the first go-around, but you can count on the fact that the American People have a very long memory and will continue to work diligently on removing each and every incumbent through “Voter Imposed Term Limits”!

    In the words of Betty Jean our “fearless leader” of The Majority United – RIDS:

    “Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work!”

  2. That display is beyond disgusting! Just what is their problem with Sarah Palin? They need to get a clue and put country before party or gender. Has anything changed since May 31,2008 and before when Hillary was being treated this way? I think not. I thought I had seen it all during the last presidential primaries and GE, but it is deja vu all over again, just a different face. How low some people have sunk since Americas infatuation with Obama. Will it ever end?

  3. have you all heard Fast Eddy Rendel from PA running around saying the tea party doesn’t really exist and that the media is hyping it up?

    I say we all show up in DC on 9/12 no matter what day of the week it is take off of work and show these bastards just how many we really are! and no so quietly march on DC in numbers they willlnever forget! then show up to the polls on Nov 2. and show them what we got!

    I challenge Fast Eddy to that game of spin!

  4. I love that idea. BTW, 9/12 is a Sunday

  5. Are these people really clueless about their hypocrisy?

    Hey folks the trick to being- hate free is to tolerate those who might be different from yourself. It is easy to love the person who thinks or looks like ourselves. If this is how you really think can you not see that the circle of those you can tolerate will just get smaller and smaller. That is the real tragedy of Obama and his zealot supporters. Like schoolyard bullies they marginalize and name-call any who would disagree with them.In doing so they appeal to their supporters basest instinct and it is that which we are seeing more and more often.

    Do we really want people capable of doing this or ignoring it when those in their midst do?


  6. And tell me why isn’t this bullshit all over the news?
    Why isn’t Bill bitching about this?
    where’s nancy crying over this?

    The hypocracy is blinding!

    I could never ever be a democrat again- the stench is more than I can bare! And for the record- I will never be a Republican either – I will never forget the stench for that side either!

    How soon some forget but I am an italian – i never Fuhgeddabouddit!

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