Bertha Lewis Former CEO of ACORN is Back!

Bertha Lewis Former CEO of ACORN is Back with a vengeance!
She was speaking at the Winter Conference of the Young Democrat Socialist on March 25, 2010.
Her primary job these days is to attack Conservatives and in particular the Tea Party Movement which she referred to in her speech as a “bowl movement” as the chuckles rippled throughout this group!
“Ripping off the mask of racism” , “circling the wagon, the Internment of World War II,  the era of  Jim Crow and Segregation and the Tea Party Movement were coming for the group”!
Her vitrol for The Tea Party Movement is quite evident and her agenda was to incite this group!

3 Responses

  1. And Bill Clinton wants to warn us? What a load of crap! I will say it clearly She and he are full of shit- We are the People and we are coming to take back our country.
    If i recall correctly – we were handed this country and told it was ours if we could keep it- sadly we almost lost it. Alas- there has been a great awakening – and we are about to arise and keep it!
    Away with those who would subvert our Constitution!

  2. We have lost all respect for our current crop of politicians in Congress and their cronies!

    They actually have the nerve to tell us all that “they know what is best for us”, they are so full of themselves!

    The People have had just about enough of their so-called representation in the House and the Senate and we plan on doing something about our predicament in the upcoming Mid-Term elections in November by “kicking these bums to the curb”!

    Vote them all out of office and replace them with Patriots!

    • Absolutely!

      Forget about the BS of are they Dems or Republicans – you need only ask – are they INCUMBENTS?

      If so – vote em out- Oh and just keep each party from running the table – no party can have both houses and the WH and the media. and we know who has the Media. Vote accordingly !

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