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Ms. Behaved

For all the lack of hoopla out there you might have easily missed the story of Allee Bautsch, a twenty-five year old campaign aide to Governor Jindal and her boyfriend, Joe Brown being beaten outside a Republican fundraiser on Friday, April 9. Maybe it got my attention because I have a twenty-five year old daughter. The story is very well covered at The Hayride. Refer back to in Bubba Post

Hayride offers up this quote as the story was picked up by Yahoo

” Of course, even if Bautsch and Brown’s recollection is correct and the attackers did come from the group protesting the event, they can’t know for sure what their motives were.Their account of the non-political nature of the verbal assault matches the one Brown gave police and the homophobic, misogynistic nature of the insults would be unusual coming from the kind of person one might expect to protest a Republican fundraiser.

My first thought on hearing about this lead me to fear it was a racial incident as the MSM has been telling anyone who will listen that Tea Party People are not only all Republican but racists to boot. It has made me think back to my September ’08 adventure into Obama’s website and his link to The Black Snob where I found this picture of the other first black president.

Then I started thinking of Bill Clinton’s need to remind us about it being a right- winger that blew up the federal building in Oklahoma. We have also heard about Sarah Palin’s perceived attempts to incite violence by ‘targeting’ certain Democrats in 2010. Again I was reminded of my visit to Obama’s website and this picture.
And we all know how the Democrats are the only party that treats women with respect. You’ll never guess where I found this picture.

While there seems little doubt that the attack had a political motive I find reading the original police report informative.(Link in Hayride article)

“As they neared the intersection, Mr. Brown stated he heard subjects state such things as, “Little blonde bitch,” “You’re a f—–g faggot,” and You think you’re f—–g special.”

Political? Probably under the circumstances. Misogynistic and homophobic? No doubt. Hate speech? No. It would be hate speech if Mr. Brown was gay and received a broken nose and jaw and a concussion. It would be hate speech if Ms. Bautsch had been called a little black bitch and not a blonde one and then had her leg stomped on and broken in 4 places. Could “You think you’re something special” have anything to do with the “blame the rich for everything” mentality that is being used to push for wealth re-distribution?

I have little doubt that this crime was perpetrated by those at the protest. Democratic protesters of a better ilk that were duped into this need to come forward. Those who might object to the methods used by Obama to advance his candidacy need to speak up.
Those that were only too happy to see Obama take advantage of sexism, racism and misogyny if that’s what it took to win, need to stop thinking of themselves as the ‘good’ ones. You and the instigator-in-chief gave these guys permission. No, Yahoo it is not at all unusual.


5 Responses

  1. Again, I see no such vitriol coming from the Right !

    A few far right extremists now and again and even they are not as crude and vicious low and disgusting as the left!

    Some far right wing nuts are misguided – misinfirmed and bigotted but the left is far more dangerous and angry and ready to incite trouble and inflict pain and riots than the right..

    • And majority of the Right treats their women politicians with more respect vs. the Left!

      • I started to write that the right treats their female politicians with more respect than the left but I decided against it.

        Notw that you mention it – I am not sure what the numbers are but I agree it certainly seems to be the case. I never saw the Right demean Sarah like the left demeaned their own.
        Even if they did not like her – they didn’t attack and eat their own. Only the Dems and even the moderate left seems bent on being women haters!

  2. When are women of all races, creed, color and religion going to say “enough is enough” and start fighting for their own equal rights instead of just settling for what is tossed their way?

    Are we “less deserving” of what is equally and rightfully our place in the scheme of life?

    Except for a few brave souls out there, like those at The Majority United – RIDS who are fighting and demanding equal rights for all women, where is the rest of the 50% of the 52% of women?

    Nothing is ever going to change when it comes to women’s equal rights until every woman gets on board and starts advocating for themselves!

    What’s that old saying: “If you want something done right, you need to do it yourself”!

    We have all heard the complaints from women who are dissatisfied, been overlooked, taken for granted and treated badly and what are we doing about it, NOTHING!

    Women are still being discounted and told to accept their fate in life as “second class citizens”!

    It’s time for women of all races, creed, color and religion to join forces and “step up to the plate” to fight for women’s equality!

    • Somehow, I double posted the same comment to this post from the previous post, sorry!

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