Who is the top woman in Washington right now?

The victory of health care reform in the House has catapulted Speaker Nancy Pelosi back into the spotlight since she’s given the credit for pushing the president’s plan over the finish line. Michelle Obama is also broadening her profile in the campaign against childhood obesity, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking the lead in the bid against Iran. With all that in mind, who is the most important woman in Washington right now?

Please vote today in Bobbles Poll: Who is the Top Woman ? Look for the above graphic on the lower right side of the page.


So far Hillary Clinton who is quietly going about doing her job without any fan fare at all is in the lead Vote first and view the latest results. I will bet you dollars to donuts as soon as news gets out about the current results – they will change and I guarantee the results too! Wanna take our own poll as to how they will end up?


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