White Plains Mayor Bradley Arrested Again

Mug shot of White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley arrested again on April 8, 2010

On March 1, Fumiko Bradley recanted her story and refused to testify but that was not enough for this bully – he just could not leave well enough alone- Now Fumiko, sure she will never live through this and fearing for her very life will probably testify rather than let him get away Scott free.

 Woohoo for her! Let’s get behind this courageous lady and let her know that we are going to be there for her. She is a prime candidate for murder by her husband- we need to let him know – he will not get away with it and we need to let the courts know – if Adam Bradley hurts her – we want the judge who sets him free to serve his sentence with him!

White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley was under arrest once again Thursday after allegedly violating an order of protection from his wife.

Bradley was booked at 1 p.m. on three charges: harassment, tampering with a witness, and contempt of court.

Prosecutors claims since March 5, Bradley has repeatedly intentionally violated an order of protection not to harass or cause fear. The new charges alleged he yelled at his wife, Fumiko, on five different occasions.

In the first incident, Mrs. Bradley told police her husband confronted her at the house she was staying at and yelled that in order for him to save his career, she needed to enter a mental hospital or tell police she had lied to them.

The second reported incident came on March 10, when Mr. Bradley was accused of entering the bedroom where his wife was sleeping, waking her up and yelling at her to tell police she lied or the couple “would have no future together,” according to the police report.

Mrs. Bradley accused her husband of aggressively trying to speak with her again a day later, and then again on March 25 she said he entered the bathroom as she showered and told her, “It’s over, it’s over, you should hang yourself!”

In the most recent incident, which occurred on April 2, Mrs. Bradley told police her husband hit her hand several times with a newspaper he was holding and yelled at her to read it.

Mrs. Bradley has already accused her husband of throwing a cup of hot tea at her and deliberately closing a door on her hand.

Bradley’s lawyer, Luis Andrew Penichet, insisted the mayor after those reports. Last week Penichet said he refused to listen to an offer of a plea bargain that was conditioned on Bradley taking domestic violence classes.

“If you’re innocent, there’s no need for domestic violence classes,” the lawyer said outside the Westchester County Courthouse.

Bradley, a 48-year-old Democrat and former state assemblyman, became mayor in January and was considered to be on the rise until his arrest. Now his political future is in question.

He was arrested Feb. 28 and charged with assault after his wife told police he had deliberately shut a door on her hand. In her signed statement that day, she also alleged that on Jan. 11, after she made him some tea, “He got so mad at me that he threw the hot tea at me. If I wasn’t wearing an apron and a sweater, I probably would have gotten badly burned.”

Mrs. Bradley announced last month that she does not want her husband prosecuted and will not cooperate. But the district attorney’s office is pursuing the case.


6 Responses

  1. Will this “lunatic” domestic abuser ever learn.

    The man needs to step down voluntarily or be forced by the citizens to step down from his mayoral duties in White Plains.

    Marcia Pappas and the women of NYS NOW were right in calling for Mayor Bradley to step down from his position until this domestic violence matter was resolved.

    He is obviously, not fit to run the city as long as he continues to act like a “lunatic” on the rampage adding 3 more charges to the 5 plus the original misdemeanor assault charge!

    Why should Mrs. Bradley and the kids have to put up with the threats of violence and verbal abuse?

    Yes, someone should be entering a “mental hospital” and it’s certainly not Mrs. Bradley!

  2. This guy is not wrapped to tight and he is dangerous- I fear for her life1 he is going to blow sky high!

  3. Update:
    The Common Council of White Plains had the authority to make Mayor Adam Bradley step down from his Mayoral office, but instead, decided at the request of Mayor Bradley to give him a break until Monday when he goes to court.

    The citizens of White Plains is furious with the council for not acting to remove the Mayor and protect Mrs. Bradley! (Read their comments to the article.) There is so much more to this story.


  4. If they wanted him out – he would be out- i am sick of these people!

  5. Latest on Mayor Adam Bradley of White Plains.

    Why should any of us be surprised by the fact that the Mayor, who requested from the Common Council of White Plains to hold off on asking him to step down from his Mayoral position until his court appearance this past Monday is now refusing to step down or resign!

    His trial will begin sometime in May according to the article titled “White Plains mayor refuses Common Council’s calls for him to resign” dated April 12, 2010.


    Needless to say, the community of White Plains is “outraged”!

    According to The Journal News:
    “Bradley is now under a full stay-away order of protection that bans him from having direct or indirect contact with his wife.
    Bradley is free without bail. As a new condition of that release, however, the mayor must be evaluated by Sancia, a counseling program in White Plains that works with the Westchester County integrated domestic violence courts. The evaluation will determine if Bradley must attend an anti-violence education course.”

    He is allowed to make arrangements to see the kids, as long as he does not violate the Order of Protection.

  6. Thanks for the update Not!

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