Sarah Palin still gets under Bubba Obama’s skin

The war of words between Obama and Palin continues. Obama just can’t stop bickering with this woman. Ever since she entered the race for Vice president Barack Obama had felt the need to be on the defensive against her. During the presidential campaign, I often wondered if he knew who he was running against. He was afraid of Hillary and spent most of his time in the Primary running against her husband the former President Bill Clinton. Then during the presidential race against John McCain he wound up dueling against Sarah Palin day in and day out.

Even now – If Sarah opens her mouth Barack goes on the defensive- one would think he would have learned by now – he is seriously outmatched and outsmarted every time. She is having fun and he is upset, puffed up , annoyed and on the defensive. Has anyone told him – he works for us?

See for yourself!  He got all huffy and defensive and like a schoolkid shot off his big mouth. Not very presidential!

True to form – she shot right back and made him look silly and childish. As a Governor of a state she may know a lot more about governing than he does even after being in office a full year and it shows!

Obama is obviously thin skinned and arrogant — so I am surprised that he allows her so many wins but perhaps  – he is too busy acting like a childish schoolboy to notice or perhaps  he missed being chastised by a mommy!

Meanwhile – chalk another one up for the lady from Alaska!


2 Responses

  1. The man has lived a pampered, carefree life and all of his needs have been catered to by the Far Left, who spent a great deal of time and money grooming him.

    How does one go from being “adored” to just being a regular person with human frailties!

    Criticism is sometimes described as healthy debate and many times we can learn and be enriched by it.

    He should be able to relate to the criticism that George W. was bombarded with day after day!

  2. I love how he says i am not going to answer that and then answers it- hehehehehhehe i love watching him get all uptight everytime she so much as opens her mouth. She pushes his buttons so bad! I wonder how Michelle feels about this? hehehehe

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