Keep the Tea Party free: Keep religion out of it!

An controversial opinion By BettyJean Kling

WE the People have an opportunity to make a real difference this year and every year from here on in. Do not let the Republicans take The Tea Party over! Do not let the Religious take The Tea Party over! They all have their own party and we have seen what they have done up to now. They ain’t done squat! That is how we got into this mess with Obama! Do not forget how we got here. We are not about to jump from this pan back into the fire are we?

All organizations circle the wagons in order to shelter their own and preserve their group – it’s called survival. It sucks but it is what it is- if you don’t like it! Leave it! Leave whatever organization fails to have integrity, be it religious, political or otherwise. This is still a free country and you have the option to maintain courage of your own convictions.

Do not link up with anyone! The Right is trying to Nab ya – stay INDEPENDENT and never let them see ya sweat! Don’t let anyone count on your vote! Conservative means Smart, deliberate, not easily carefree. Conservative does not necessarily mean religious – you can be religious if you want – no skin off my nose but – remember – we all have the right to worship as we like! Or NOT! But if you allow the movement to become a religious one for any religion — you are denying some of our citizens their full rights under religious laws which they should be accorded under civil laws. Think about that- THINK!

We have become a team sport society, no one wants to stand alone anymore, no one wants to stand out and so we have no patriots or heroes anymore! We have only those who go along to get along and those who lead the way for the lemmings to follow. The Tea Party is different – The Parties fear us! The party faithful Fear us! The reason is they don’t understand us because we just do not fit in any one box- let’s stay that way. No one can pigeon hole us. We are not anything anyone says about us. The only thing you can say about us is that we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore!

And then there is religion which rules by fear of fire and brimstone and fear of punishment and reward which cannot be proven nor denied so we act on faith while self appointed leaders run roughshod over us. The faithful dutifully turn the other cheek believing our reward will be in heaven!

As far as religions – all organized religions are Patriarchic and in my opinion, abusive to Females. I now believe we would do well to abandon them as they hide truths regarding the science that proves the value of women. Obviously the female of the human species is fashioned to reproduce and can reproduce other females without the male chromosome therefore the male is not necessary for the species to survive at all. Rather than promote harmony between the sexes, organized religion sought to promote hierarchy and subjugation rendering the female and her children powerless and subject to exploitation and neglect.

Shame! Now only the obliteration of these bogus teachings by those religious bigots can possibly create balance and harmony between the sexes and remove the spurious disparity between human beings. It took thousands of years to wire men and women to think in these ways and it will take thousands of years to rewire those of us whose DNA has fallen victim to the conditioning resulting from the religious dogma that has in some cases plagued womankind and children with the scourge of patriarchy.

Any religion that subjugates women and allows a man to hurt his wife or child should be obliterated altogether in a representative democracy! Allowing religion into a political movement opens the door to all religions which obviously has no place in our society where women represent more than half of this society and where religion does not render women as equal citizens in every way, at all times and under every circumstance.


10 Responses

  1. Good luck with this, Kling. This is like saying, everyone get out who doesn’t agree with my religious(or non)view. It’s about as unrealistic as anything I’ve seen written about any “movement” so far. People are, by nature, bent towards religion. At least the many who realize that who and where we are is not the total sum of things. Obviously, Kling knows very little about the True Religion, which is to love God, love one another and care for the family, widows and children. If she was to take religion out of the Tea Party, she would be sitting pretty much alone. Pity that.

  2. Oh Lonni, you totally misread my intent- I don’t want to take God and morals and family away from people – I love God and I love my family , my friends my neighbors and the concepts — its the religious dogma that it ruing it.
    Are you going to tell me that it is not a pity what the pedophile priests did to children?
    Gimme a break- was it not a sin how the church covered it?
    gimme a break – Are you alright with Shariah law- beating women and hurting children ? that is all part of some religions!
    I am talking about keepinfg religion out of politics so all religions including those that suppress some of us are not allowed to interfere with some of us.

    don’t you believe GOd loves everyone of us?
    i do and religions seperate us – Not GOD!

    God is great but the religions of MAN is not a friend of GOD or man or child!

    Read what i wrote again! And if you let your religion in because you think yours is right then so will the nuts wants their in too.
    Leave religion in the churches and so as jesus himself said – Render to Cesar what is Ceasars and to God what is Gods!

    The real pitty is to drive anyone out because they do not belong to the right religion or not! This is America and irt was founded on freedom of and from religion.

    God Bless America and let freedom Ring!

  3. I don’t believe I read you wrong, Betty. I don’t know your personal experience with religion but your obviously a Feminist and that appears to be the basis of your argument against any Religion in any party….including the Tea Party. Coming from an abusive background I understand the stand against that and agree wholeheartedly but it’s not made me discount the value of men in order to increase the value of women…..and it took me a long time to get here. Both men and women are necessary not only in this world but in our political parties, whether liberal or conservative. To ask for People(which is what all parties are made up of)to leave their Religion behind is to dilute who they are in their basic nature. Even those who claim to have no religion at all. What you are asking is for people to pick and choose who the Tea Party will allow in the movement and that is exactly what the Tea Party is supposed to be against. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    As far as Jesus making the Render to Caesar what is Caesars statement….He was referring to paying taxes. However, God didn’t mean for us to take Him out of our Government. Your request would make the Pledge of Allegience to be null and void as it submits to “one nation under God”. Is that what you want as well? Not me. I would give up the Tea Party(and I think it’s a wonderful movement)before I would give up on my God to belong. That doesn’t mean I would get in the middle of a meeting and start preaching but it does mean that I also won’t be a party to anything that would negate the value of either people or God in any endeavor. I know better than to get involved with people who follow a Mans interpretation of the will of God and so do most people. You are wanting the baby thrown out with the bath water.

    How we keep shariah law or laws that disrespect women is how we have in the past……vote it down, over and over and over again if that is what it takes. If you remove everyone with “religion” then you also remove their ability to understand the issues and vote properly. Just like you used the Name of Jesus in your response to me, according to your own stance, you just did the opposite of what you are asking of others. What if I were a Buddhist? Or a Muslim? Should I be offended? You yourself are not allowing all religions so that no religion has more power then the other yet call on the Name of Jesus to prove a point while degrading the rules and laws of the religion of Islam.

    That is what I read in your article, and response, Betty. I’m not responding to this just to jerk your chain. There’s a tone of desperation and panic in your article and that is sad. You are asking of others what you aren’t willing to do yourself. I hope you will focus on what the Tea Party is about and not about what it isn’t. My heart goes out to you.

    • Again Lonni, You miss my point- I never said leave your religion behind or who I would allow in the tea party – You continue to mix up God and organized religion.
      We are all entitled to our personal religion – we are not entitled to mix it into our movement and foist it on others.
      the tea party for example cannot become a Baptsit or a Catholic or even a christian movement- =- It cannot bevcome a christian Judeo movement –

      ghod is in your heart – your home and that is exactly where it belongs loni. It does not belong in a political movement.

      Let it guide you by all means but not a movement that needs to be open to all people.
      and as far as my feminism- I have 3 grandsons who I would die for – all my love and my heart and soul I would give for them.
      I am a married woman and a born again Christian and you do not know me from ADAM. I am a retired Special Ed teacher who left a very lucrative position with AT&T to teach poor neglected Children just because they needed me.

      Befoore you judge based on your church teachings that I am probably the devil – pay attention ! I am not the devil and i love people enough not to leave any sould out of God’s plan – can you say the same?

      You proved yourself by judging me before you engaged me in the questions or tried to get to know me. You think I am a god hating man hating Pity.

      You misjudged me but then – that is typical of those who think their religion is right and everyone else is on their way to hell.

      My god is love!

      • I don’t think any of those things of you that you said I thought about you. I got the idea that you were a “feminist” from these lines: ” I now believe we would do well to abandon them as they hide truths regarding the science that proves the value of women. Obviously the female of the human species is fashioned to reproduce and can reproduce other females without the male chromosome therefore the male is not necessary for the species to survive at all.” Perhaps I misunderstood that too but it does seem just a tad male-hating to me.

        And, the “religion” part isn’t made clear except where you said this: “As far as religions – all organized religions are Patriarchic and in my opinion, abusive to Females.” and this “And then there is religion which rules by fear of fire and brimstone and fear of punishment and reward which cannot be proven nor denied so we act on faith while self appointed leaders run roughshod over us.” The truth of the matter is that both are “proven” by the Bible. It also proves that while Man is Head of the Woman, it is in the sense of Spiritual matters, not religious(man-made traditions) and that God seriously holds all men responsible for how they treat women. It is also the teachings of every Protestant Church as well as the Catholic Church. Sin is punishable by death and that is something to fear. Were I tell you differently then it would be a lie. How this all relates to Politics, I don’t see. While I watch Public figures say things such as “God bless America”, I don’t automatically assume that they are Christians nor believe in the same God I do. I’m just wondering how you expect people to separate their basic beliefs from their personal religions. Seems like a mighty task to me.

        You don’t need to respond to this one and you are right, I don’t know you personally. I’m only going by what you have written here. You are welcome to contact me by my email addy if it has registered with the Admin. because I would like to know you if possible. If not, then I wish you all the best in all that you do. God bless and keep you and yours.

        • We Lonni,
          I appreciate the honesty of your letter.

          It was written in generality to a wide audience and the phrases you picked out certainly do lead to that impression.

          I no longer believe the Bible is inspired ( breathed out ) by God. Its too complicated to go into and not necessary especially because many still hold to that faith as strongly as the Jews do the Torah, and Islam believes in Mohamad and others in Buddah etc etc etc.
          Each religion completely believes strongly and acts accordingly. for that reason and because we all have a right to worship GOd as we see fit – – I wrote that we should keep our personal religious beliefs out of this political movement.
          Again- I never asked that we keep our God out of it – We are each guided by our personal beliefs in our chosen religion but to bring a religion that abhors half of the citizenry for example into a movement that is meant to bring equality , justice and representation fairly to all the citizens would deny half of the members simply by religion alone.
          When all citizens are willing to work, pay their fair share of the taxes, carry their fair share of the load – why should any thing including a religious biggotry prevent them from an otherwise equal opportunity to share in the rewards of the bounty ?
          It happened with those of color, with women and now with those having same sex preferences. These things are not ours to judge – these are Gods children all, no matter the color the sex or the preferences.
          Women are being slaughtered daily, if you are comfortable with men being the head – spiritually – so be it – however – I am not! Many victims are not and yet many women are happily married to fine men. Many men are married to fine women and many children are growing up in fine homes but many are raped and tortured too. The world is not black and white is it? I just don’t believe it was Eve’s fault!

          I have enjoyed this discussion very much.

  4. Since when do we all have to wear the “religious badge” to show that we care about our fellowman and our country?

    Who says that you have to belong to an established religion, a church or organization in order to be a good person?

    And I would imagine that many religious groups would be offended by the term “True Religion”.

    This implies that there is only one “True Religion” and that they do not love their “God” or their family, or their country or their fellowman, which is very disturbing!

    We are all concerned about the horrendous fiscal spending, the jobless rate climbing ever higher, the ever encroaching government and our Constitutional rights and a “neverending list of gripes”

    Who says that you have to be religious or belong to or practicing in order to be upset about “all of the above”?

    I understand the Tea Party to be open to all Patriots who want what is in the best interest for all Americans and I don’t remember one of the requirements being religious affiliation upon joining the Tea Party.

    Religion and Politics both divisive issues!

    • Thank – I see you understood my point – or at least i hope so.
      entirely too many centrists , former Dems, and independents shy away from the Tea party because they believe it is for Right wing Conservatives who would not welcome them!

      First that is not the case and second it shouldn’t be.
      This is a FREE country abnd the Tea party needs to be open to ALL citizens regardless of party – fomer party or religious affiliation or lack thereof.
      All that one needs to join is a love of country!

      Conservative ideas do not neccessarily have to go hat in hand with any organized religion or church – they do have to go with the Constitution of the US of America!

      No where in our Constitution or Bill of Rights or any other papers was it mandatory to bring your religion into government or be thrown out!

      What we do not need is another Salem witch hunt! Let all worship in theri own home and church as they will. I also fight against those who would prevent me or anyone from having our religious beliefs – how dare they?

      Do I bother Catholic churches from having schools? No- or Yashiva’s ? NO! In fact i raised my kids in Private Baptist schools because I did not want them in secular schools – but I did not force my ideas into public schools!

      I went to Felician College (Catholic) for 2 of my degrees! But for the next 2 — I went to Wilkes!

      That is the beauty in the US- we are Free to choose for ourselves!!!!!

      • I am shying away from the Tea Party. I went to a tea party event in Michigan and I was verbally assaulted when I told a petitioner that I would not sign her petition because I did not agree with her religious agenda because I am an Atheist.
        I was called terrible names, I was insulted, I was called a liberal plant.
        Worst was that my patriotism was insulted. I am a OEF & OIF combat veteran who was severely injured in Iraq.

        • I am very sorry to hear this report. Unfortunately, these things happen and I hope you will not judge the tea party by that person or persons! I started one of the very first tea party movements with millions of Perot supporters back in the very early 90’s – some of us were religious – some not – I personally want nothing to do with any organized religion, have no problems with those who do – but rue the day I ever got involved with any church.

          Any tea party person who says they want to get back to the Constitution and yet tries to force Religion on you is obviously not following the constitution which clearly states no one shall be forced into any religion.

          Not shall I force you into any movement- all I can say is – there is only one way to beat the two party system- and that is to realize it is broken!

          We have to vote em all out and the tea party is the biggest strongest system available right now in the position to do that. Forget the nut cases to the far right who are trying to usurp it and keep your eye on the prize! That being – cleaning out the house and Senate of the bums! We own that dome – and we need to get together to sweep out the bums in offices NOW. So forget the ring wing nut and join the force that can get the job done – vote out ALL incumbents from both parties NOV 2 2010. Flip the house!

          BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United http://www.FreeMeNow.wordpress BTR. The Majority United Radio Mon 10 pm & Wed 9:30 pm Eastern Call-in Number: ( 347 ) 838-8011!/group.php?gid=112870418738402 Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill TMU IMAGINE Empowering Women To Unite & Mobilize !

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