We The People

BettyJean Kling

I am posting the following which I perceive and intend to be a Non-Partisan Message. It comes to you via YouTube and the point of the message regards the people’s right to assemble and be heard and to expect representation by those we elect to government. Right now that means those in power and what they are doing- right now that is Obama and the Democratic Party!

I am 62 years old and I have seen presidents from both sides of the aisle against one side or the other and against one issue or the other for example I lived through the Vietnam era but never have I seen an uprising like this!

Never in my lifetime has there been an uprising against both sides of the aisle at the same time- this has been brewing for a while now. Some of these videos are made by one side or the other – I agree however, while We The People may be slamming the current administration, we do so because they are in total power. But the truth is they have so much power because of the mess the other party put us in. Let us not forget neither is blameless both are corrupt!

Now – We The People – are fed up with all the politicians and we want all the bums out beginning with the louts currently endangering our freedoms, but we will not settle for the others either so INCUMBENT beware!

Below a list of You tube videos some may be partisan, I picked one I liked and felt was neutral!

America Rising – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiM6JAQZwHI
We The People –
Children of Liberty –
Run Into The Conflict –
Stop The Socialist Revolution ! –


2 Responses

  1. I am thrilled to see new faces across this great country runnning for seats in congress!

    This is one of those exceptional times when the newcomers will actually have a very good chance of winning against incumbents, with our help.

    When you are in office for too long, your principles become skewed by special interests, lobbyist and the whole Washington D.C. scene and over a period of time it becomes quite clear that the People, their constituents concerns are being ignored and this is and of itself a travesty.

    As we head toward the Mid Term elections it is time to use Betty Jean’s “Voter Imposed Term Limits” on the incumbents on both sides of the fence at the polls.

    We need “new faces and new blood” in congress.

    Eager women and men who are not corrupted by the political system.

    It is the People’s duty to continue removing incumbents until majority or all have been replaced.

    We do this for the good of the American People.

    It’s time for the “changing of the guards” and time for incumbents to take their curtsies as the curtains descend!

  2. Vote em out – Vote em all out!

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