Mayor Charged With 5 New Domestic Charges

White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley walks past protesters  into the Westchester County Courthouse in White Plains today. He's accused of assaulting his wife.

White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley walks past protesters into the Westchester County Courthouse in White Plains today. He’s accused of assaulting his wife. (Photos by Matthew Brown/The Journal News)


Update: April 1, 2010

Prosecutors brought 5 new domestic charges against Mayor Adam Bradley of White Plains, New York in the alleged slamming of his wife, Fumiko Bradley’s hand in a door.

In addition to the original misdemeanor assault charge, Bradley faces two additional counts of misdemeanor assault, a misdemeanor charge of attempted assault and two counts of harassment, a violation.

The new charges stem in part from a Jan 11. incident in which Bradley threw hot tea on his wife, Fumiko Bradley, prosecutors said.


From a political standpoint.

News Copy, New York: Adam Bradley  Posted by Bob Fois on Thursday, April 1, 2010  “News Copy, New York, Politics, Policy and the Business of Government” 

“Democrats Continue Dodging Domestic Violence Questions In White Plains: Paulin Silent”

A human being is innocent until proven guilty, so perhaps many Democrats and a few Republicans (and two Conservative leaders) are reserving comment until the trial against White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley on domestic violence charges is finished.

The Journal News reported today that five new domestic violence charges against Bradley were filed yesterday.

“Bradley was greeted by a crowd of 20 protesters as he arrived at the Westchester County Courthouse this morning.  Notably absent was Bradley’s wife, who on Feb. 28 told police that the mayor closed the door on her hand. Her signed statement included other instances of abuse and led to Bradley’s arrest that day on the third-degree assault charge. Her absence was in contrast to Bradley’s earlier court appearances when she accompanied him to show support.”

Last week, I had to listen to at least one local Conservative Party leader question Fumiko Bradley’s sanity — and another is taking Bradley’s side in this private family matter.

I can understand Democrats reserving comment.  I can appreciate some Republicans asking that Bradley not be tried by protesters or on blogs.  That level is caution is reasonable, as much as Bradley’s personal situation is deconstructing the political fabric in White Plains by the day.

But to go after his wife, to take Mayor Bradley’s side, and to aggressively question a woman’s sanity — rather than wait for the court’s decision — is vile bias and political manipulation at its worst.  It is as corrupt as what the Democrats are doing.  It’s worse than what Democrats and Republicans alike have done in Albany, looking the other way when women have been victims of sexual abuse and violence by State lawmakers.

This blind eye to domestic violence among the political set has to end.

If they want to look the other way like the political world is a private country club, maybe some of these supposed “leaders” need a lesson in how bad some of their political contemporaries have been in the past.

Maybe collectively the political leaders still pretending there isn’t a problem need shock treatment to finally wake up.

Fumiko Bradley has accused her husband Adam Bradley of domestic violence.  Both the husband and wife deserve their day in court.  Ms. Bradley doesn’t deserve to be demeaned by political leaders; whether these leaders are Republican, Democrat or Conservative.

It’s particularly understood that some attorneys and anyone associated with their law practice have to do their jobs.  Adam Bradley is innocent until proven guilty.  These lawyers and their associates have a professional responsibility to defend Mr. Bradley.

But Fumiko Bradley struck me at least as scared last fall — and she strikes many observers with her retreat on a claim against her husband as scared in the classic way victims of domestic violence backtrack.

Why don’t some women involved in the political process in all the major and minor political parties (that coincidently endorsed Bradley) understand this basic psychological concept?  Or is the underlying problem a level of emotional denial that is also sadly typical of the way domestic violence is hidden, generation after generation?

Finally, what terrible message do we send to wives and children who are victims of domestic violence when a woman leading a political party chooses to go on the attack against a woman claiming to be a victim of verbal, psychological and physical abuse at the hands of her husband?

We betray women with that kind of attitude and woeful words.

It’s almost enough to suggest that the District Attorney should additionally question all the political leaders involved with Bradley’s long list of endorsements, to see if there has been additional corruption on the local judicial level — or particularly in terms of key appointments involved in law enforcement in White Plains.

There is no telling how much else is being hidden in White Plains.

To be fair, NOW did show up.

NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas, President of NOW NYS explained, “It is common for victims of domestic violence to retract their stories in fear of retribution. But fear of retribution thwarts justice. We must give domestic violence victims the power they need to stand up to their abusers. Fumi Bradley is obviously afraid of consequences that could come from continuing the criminal charges against her husband.”

Pappas is “urging the District Attorney to pursue the charges against Adam Bradley.” She says that “if he is allowed sweep this situation under the rug, Ms. Bradley will be in greater danger.” Pappas continued: “We want Fumi Bradley to know that she has the community behind her, and that we support her in every way. Her safety is paramount.”

Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore has shown up.  County Judge Susan Capeci has shown up.  Many Democrats have started to speak up, as have Republicans and the local community has begun to see another side of Adam Bradley that is at least questionable.

Gannett columnist Phil Reisman acknowledged the White Plains Mayor’s demons.

P.S. — New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin is making herself irrelevant by remaining silent …

3 Responses

  1. Hooray For Marcia Pappas and the 20 Gals that got out there and stood up for Fumi- we will need morte bodies than 20 at the next hearing.
    eWe need more advance notice.
    I realize that we think it will fall bu the wayside but we must come out in force- we must.
    Where were all the other women’s groups?
    Shame on them – marcia was alone out there short notice or not.
    Even i did not make it- I woke up sick and none of my cohorts got there either.

    We must make a concerted effort to get out there or we will never win this fight.

  2. Kudos to BJ and Marcia for keeping the spotlight on.

  3. I’m tired of the way men worldwide treat women. We think we have equal rights, but that’s an illusion in many areas. Men get away with everything especially when in positions of authority. Of course most women are afraid to follow through with their accusations. They know that most men will retaliate because they’re bullies and can’t accept responsibility for their disgusting behavior. As for Adam Bradley, he’s at the top of the scum list. If he gets away without any consequences, I will finally lose all faith in the justice system and the government. It’s so obvious that Fumiko has been threatened. Attacking and blaming the victim to exonerate the perpetrator is a typical lawyer tactic.

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