Mayor Faces Domestic Abuse Charges

White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley leaves the Westchester County courthouse on March 5, 2010.

White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley leaves the Westchester County courthouse on March 5, 2010. (Matthew Brown/ The Journal News)


I am in disbelief as to how many reports of Mayor Adam Bradley of White Plains, New York  were but small snippets of the entire story of the domestic violence committed against his wife, Fumiko Bradley.

Leave it up to some in the media to spin the story to make the real victims look insignificant and allegedly making the entire incident up!

This is not the case with LoHud. Com (New York’s Lower Hudson Valley mobile news  –  Powered By You and The Journal News) is to be commended for doing an excellent job of reporting the facts!

Tomorrow, April 1, 2010  at 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard at the White Plains, New York Courthouse at 9:30AM,  Mayor Adam Bradley faces the court with charges of third-degree assault and a charge of a misdemeanor crime for allegedly slamming his wife’s finger in a door. 

The women of NOW- NYS, President Marcia Pappas and Betty Jean Kling and the women of  The Majority United RIDS will be at the White Plains Courthouse along with many other advocates to protest Bradley in the domestic assault case.  Mayor Bradley has been asked to step down from his position and the organizations are seeking justice from the courts and Judge Susan Capeci for the victim Fumiko Bradley, the wife of the Mayor of White Plains.

Mrs. Bradley like Hiram Monserrat’s girlfriend, like Gov. David Patterson’s aide David Johnson’s lady friend and a long list of victims of politicians have recanted their stories and dropped their charges against their domestic abusers.

The county’s District Attorney’s office is still proceeding with the case.

The victims are being bullied and harassed and face the ever constant threat to their lives and/or their children’s lives and/or the threat of no financial support for their children.

There is always so much more to the story than what meets the eye.

These incidents have turned into a travesty for all victims of domestic abuse.

It is bad enough that the victims must rely heavily upon the court system and hope that the courts and the judges who officiate,  protect and defend the rights of the victims.

Lately, with all of these high profile cases, there seems to be a 50/50 chance that the victims who seek justice may never see their rights protected against the domestic abusers.  

With these types of odds it is reprehensible and in many cases “deadly”!


In another report from a political view written in “News Copy New York Politics, Policy and the Business of Government”  article posted by Bob Fois on Wednesday, March 24, 2010

“White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley Assault Charges Thicken: Democrats And Republicans Tested On Domestic Violence Claims”

A man is innocent until proven guilt but White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley appears to be in a lot of trouble for domestic violence charges.

The Journal News in Westchester reported on new details surrounding assault charges against the former New York State Assemblyman by his wife Fumiko.

Several e-mails mention a questionable relationship between the mayor and the family’s au pair. In one instance, Bradley tells his wife he was going to shower with the au pair and opens the door while she is showering, according to the e-mails. Soon after, Bradley and the au pair are watching television on the same bed together, and Bradley told his wife to “stay away.”

I had the opportunity to meet Fumiko a handful of times this past year during the campaign of Republican Bob Hyland against Democrat County Legislator Bill Ryan.

My own impression of this situation can be supported by a dozen others.  Looking back, I know realize that she seemed like a scared woman who was subtly reaching out for help, amazingly friendly to Republicans at times when something just didn’t seem right.

Fumiko Bradley stated in the e-mails: “I know you did this to all of your ex. I know you made it look like their issues. I know this makes your stress go away. This is your fun game. I do not want to be one of them. So I gave up. Our relationship is too toxic for me. Not honest at all. I want to get my life back!”

She also wrote that Bradley has characterized her as a mean and angry person to his family, City Hall workers and others in the public, though she reiterates that she is fearful in the marriage and doesn’t want him to hurt her.

We all knew the stories about Adam Bradley’s alleged domestic violence with his first wife, his alleged drug use and what at first glance has always seemed like a power-hungry approach to everyone — in BOTH parties.

Something did not seem right about the Bradley campaign, the ruthless cross-endorsements by Republicans and Conservatives, the seemingly blind eye turned by certain leaders and officials.

Democrats should be ashamed of themselves but so should some Republican leaders who looked the other way when this mother of a child was in trouble.  Repeat: Republicans endorsed Adam Bradley last year. 

As News Copy as reported extensively on for over five years, Albany is ridden with this kind of domestic violence and sexual violence against women.

When are the women in the Democratic Party going to speak up?

But this wretched kind of secrecy has been going on for decades in chauvenistic political circles.

I personally believe these years politicos hiding their domestic violence is one of the reasons the late Carl Vergari as Westchester County District Attorney initiated planning for the formation of a domestic violence bureau in the 1970s and 1980s.  It culminated in the work of Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro to expand the scope of that bureau to include sex crimes.

… And now Adam Bradley is working the system to escape scrutiny, playing a game of denial.

The Journal News had done extended coverage on domestic violence in light of the charges against Bradley on February 28:

Recent Cases Show Women Still Protecting Their Abusers

Former State Senator Hiram Monserrate, Governor David Paterson’s aide David Johnson, Sheldon Silver’s former aide Michael Boxley …

… Are the powers-that-be in New York State waiting for a woman to be murdered before they realize that the laws protecting women need to be given some teeth?

Meanwhile, Adam Bradley and his allies in both parties continue to walk around like cocks of the walk.

Male chauvenist pigs who need a reality check on their world view, if the charges against Mr. Bradley are true.  It doesn’t matter how much judicial/legal, monetary or political power Bradley, Inc. wants to wield in White Plains.

The voters will decide when the next election for mayor comes around.  This is beyond partisan battles, by the way, though few Democrats are admitting Bradley may have a problem.

Assault Case Blurs Bradley’s Future

“This will play out in the long-run rather than the short-run,” said Liz Shollenberger, the city’s Democratic Party chairwoman. “I think that being someone who’s been known in the community for decades can only help him.”

Not everyone is as forgiving. County Legislator William Ryan, D-White Plains, said Bradley should seriously weigh stepping down.

“The jobs are hard enough to do. You can’t afford to have any major distractions in your life and hope to be successful,” said Ryan, who has considered a run for mayor in the past. “Beyond tough, I don’t think it’s possible to do.”

If former Westchester County Board Chairman Bill Ryan is smelling the coffee, this should be a wake up call for fellow Democrats.

“I’ve known Adam for many, many years — of great character, wonderful family person,” Common Councilman Dennis Power said. “We’re hoping these matters can be brought to some type of a positive conclusion.”

White Plains Republican Party Chairman Brian Maloney, who cross-endorsed Bradley last year, defended Bradley when anonymous online critics pronounced the Democrat guilty without a fair trial.

“They’re not engaged in fair politics,” Maloney said. “They’re engaged in gutter politics to destroy a man and his family.”

But Maloney’s own honesty had been called to question last year when he endorsed Democrats Bradley and White Plains Councilman Tom Roche, bypassing Republican Lenny Lolis and damaging Republicans in the county seat.

White Plains would be one of the few places in Westchester where Rob Astorino would not get a majority of the vote in the county executive’s race..  Maloney would be accused by Republicans close to then White Plains Mayor Joe Delfino of cultivating support for Bradley in exchange for legal patronage — a charge never substantiated.

Now Maloney and the GOP have a chance to regain control of White Plains.

One wonders how they’re going to do it going to bat for a cocky Democrat accused of domestic violence.

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