Best Chris Matthews Video Ever

Video unreliable, also available at Newsbusters ->

Finally, someone succinctly makes the point that both sides of the political spectrum have their crazies, and that pigeonholing all the people that have problems with the health care legislation as radical or racist is intellectually dishonest. Best moment of the interview is when Chris Matthews mutters under his breath “this isn’t working.”

Dana Loesch Owns Chris Matthews in Debate About Tea Party Protests

3 Responses

  1. I am no fan of Chris Matthews, so I love to see somebody stand up to him. He is a know it all, who knows nothing. I am so tired of the way everything is about race with these people. When they have no answers, they bring out the race card. People are on to that one. They need to come up with another lie now that people have them figured out. Keep up the great work.

  2. Great post kmorrison!

    When will the radical left learn to stop with their divisive racial talk directed toward the Tea Party Patriots?

    How many times do we have to listen to this “monotonous dribble” that the radical left keeps babbling about?

    Overdone, over used, and on and on……… one is listening anymore, if we have all heard it once, we have all heard it one time too many………….and it is getting old!

    Yet, they insist upon beating the poor dead horse into the ground with this RUSE!

    Ms. Loesch was excellent with her response to Mr. Mathews accusations.

    She held her ground and brought out the fact that Mr. Mathews and his divisive racial expert seemed to have forgotten all about the attacks by the media and the party left (effigy burning) that was being directed towards President George W. Bush, not so long ago!

    Should we call these attacks “racist”?

    I commend Ms. Loesch in this interview, at times she was being double teamed by both Mathews and his racial divisive expert!

    Mathews finally gave up when he could not make headway with Ms. Loesch!

    • Thanks. Isn’t it nice to finally see someone to just simply point out that every movement has its nuts, and that this tired and played out strategy of painting any one who has an opposing opinion as a crazy radical, as you say, is old.

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