Scott Brown on GMA

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  1. I found Scott Brown’s comments perfect in every way!
    He may or may not have flaws in other areas not contained herin but as for these comments – he was spot on.

    Parts of this bill were needed- that is what the Damned Dems sold their lambs- the rest was the slaughter.

    There is money to fund paygo – programs but the damned Dems would rather go into debt and save the money for deals and make opposers look like they are heartless.

    all in all – this cute guy – makes sense – adorable or not- he has a brain and it works.
    Obviously he is willing to work across the aisle on common sense programs while the the Damned Dems just want trouble and I hope we have the balls to give it to them in NOVEMBER!

    Great piece Kathy!

  2. The man makes sense!

    Too many politicians in congress as we already know are thinking only about their “Parties (Democrats and Republicans) needs and wants” to the total exclusion of “what is in the best interest” of America as a whole!

    I don’t know of too many people in this country, who want to be told “to sit down and shut up!”

    Neither do I know of too many people who are in love with the idea of having anything “rammed right down their throats” because those in congress “deems it” to be in their best interest!

    Both of these statements are not acceptable to the majority of Americans in the country, aside from the fact that some of these so-called “boondoggle’s” for the American people are just as the word describes, WASTEFUL PURSUITS, that are POLITICALLY MOTIVATED, that will cost us, the American taxpayers bigtime!

    But there comes a time when these two Parties (Democrats and Republicans) wil have to work together to solve the problems that all Americans are now facing.

    It is unfortunate but all of those who control the Senate and the House will feel the most ire of the People in the Nov. 2 Mid Term election.
    This is an inevitability that they have all brought down upon themselves, because they chose to follow the advice, urgings, blackmailing and briberies of their leaders!

    We the American voters are working on this very problem through the vetting process and the use of “Voter Imposed Term Limts”, this procedure does not need a passage of a Bill, a majority vote, reconcilliation or deeming and is really cost effective in the sense that we go to the voting polls anyway at election time and vote incumbents out and allow a new crop of men and women lawmakers to serve the American people in congress!

    Am I under the false impression that this new crop of lawmakers will be perfect in every sense, NO, but they will all be very aware of the fact that We the People have the power to replace any of them at any given election cycle if they should ever choose to stop listening to the concerns of their constituents, the American people!

  3. Boy! Just as when W taunted; “Bring It On!” when HE wasn’t the soldier on the front line facing what they might be “bringing” – the asshole doesn’t have the first idea of what’s coming at him in November. Go For It! Yeah, Jaggoff: yuk it up wit’yer cocky pals. I see where Kennedy, who himself won’t be running for re-election to Congress, has ratcheted up the emotion in the effort to preserve the Family Legacy of staying rich while Americans are told they’re being served in fundraising appeals from the DCCC. Each of these emails from Establishment Democrats ridiculing the Republicans, Fox News and the Tea Party are just churning the chum of fish who still believe their sop. The weight of their heavy heels on my throat makes for mental clarity and awareness of what is actually going down and who stands to benefit.

  4. Tired of the manure-vering is right.

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