Poll: Americans Unhappy with Health Care Bill

CBS Health Care Poll

While CBS’s Poll: Most Want GOP to Keep Fighting on Health Bill speaks for itself, seems pertinent to point out that there is a significant number of Democrats that want the Republicans to keep fighting this bill. It seems the only thing bipartisan about this bill is the opposition to it.

CBS Poll: Dem’s Health Care Reforms Unwanted by American People

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for the info kmorrison.

    The Healthcare bill should have been a time of celebration for all Americans.

    Instead, it has provided adversity from it’s very inception!

    This administration and it’s leader and his Party will go down in history as the “Party of Enforcers”!

    A man and his Party who refuses to listen to the American people and chose to “ram” this “Democratic Monstrosity Obama Care” right down the throats of Americans!

    Instead of fixing what is broken in our healthcare system, he and his Party has “singlehandedly” overhauled and entire system that is now so unrecognizable and this atrocity not only “strips away” the advantages from a large segment of our population to enhance a small fraction of the country, it also “mandates, forces” all Americans into “Servitude” to the man and his Party” and we have been told that we no longer have a “Voice or a Choice”!

    You can take the man, his administration and his Party out of the “mobster enviroment”, but you can never take the “mobster mentality” out of these individuals!

    Unfortunate for the American people, this is what we are all left to deal with!

    We cannot “turn back the clock” or lament over the recriminations of what could have been,” if only “, the damage is already done!

    Now, it is time to deal with our problems head on and do what Americans do best and that is to get out there and pitch in to unseat, bounce, remove and “kick the bums to the curb” in the Mid Term elections in 2010 and beyond until everyone is replaced!

    The answer to the American people’s salvation is to apply Betty Jean’s “Voter Imposed Term Limits” on each and every politician regardless of gender and affiliation and start looking into vetting candidates to replace the men and women of congress, not later, ASAP, the clock is ticking and we have X amount of time left!

    He will be forever remembered, not as the president who made history with Obama Care, but as a distorted and self-involved leader, who refused to listen to the American people who he swore on the day that he took office to support, maintain, protect, defend and uphold the rights of All Americans, not just the “fringe few”!

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