From The Far Left Radicals To The Extreme Far Right

Many of us at The Majority United – RIDS, Republicans, Independents and Democrats belong to the Tea Party groups.

Those of us who belong to the Tea Party know that these are true “grass roots” Americans who love their families and love their country and who believe that our beloved country is heading down the wrong road! 

Yes, we hate “taxation without representation”, but we understand that in order to run the government that some taxation is necessary, but what is happening in our country with some of the wrong choices that are being made by this administration and congress is reprehesible and those in Washington D.C. is flat out not listening to the People!

These men and women in congress, who were sent to do the People’s business have committed the inexcusable act of refusing to listen to their very own constituents, who voted for them and placed them into office.

This is a betrayal to the American people! 

It is because of these hardworking Americans and their concerted efforts that America exists! 

What is happening throughout this country with attacks that are being personally directed at the congress men and women in both parties, Democrats and Republicans was coming from “fringe groups” of the extreme far right, not the Tea Party groups as some of the far left radicals would like you to believe!

“Voter Imposed Term Limits” to rectify the unsatisfactory job of all in congress, regardless of gender or Party affiliation to unseat, remove, bounce or “kick the bums to the curb” in the 2010 Nov. 2  Mid Term election and beyond, until we remove all of the corruption in Washington!

Physical violence against the “ignorant politicians” is not the answer and it only makes things worse and it is contrary to what most law abiding Americans believe!

First, we have the Democrats taking a “swing” at the Republicans by accusing them of instigating the attacks against, Rep Gabrielle Gifford (D-AZ), House Rules Committee Chairwoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) and Rep. Tom Perriello’s brother Bo Perriello.

Secondly, we have the far left radicals accusing the Tea Parties of being responsible for these attacks!  FALSE allegations!

Third, you have an attack of Republicans  House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R- VA) and Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) and who can the far left radicals blame now?

Where exactly were the far left radicals when they were burning effigies of Bush and Palin?  Where exactly were the far left radicals when Hillary was being denigrated? 

And yes, as you have all guessed, the storyline is that neither Republicans or the Tea Party was responsible for the acts committed against the Democrats! 

As for the acts against the Republicans, who knows? It makes one wonder how the Democrats feel about the fingers being pointed their way?

The “fringe group” the extreme far right,  Mike Vanderboegh’s – Militant group accepts responsibility and it all started with an article in his Sipsey Street Irregulars blogspot.

As we have the radical far left, we also have the extreme far right with the majority of law abiding Americans falling in the middle, between these two radical and extreme groups.

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