Women: Under the bus right on schedule

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Today- I am ashamed to be a woman!

Well it’s done. First let me say that for those of you who voted for Obama you got exactly what you asked for so stop whining about Stupak! For the woman’s groups that are now upset that the Pro-Life Dems held out and got what they wanted, remember POTUS, Nancy and the others let them have it too. I give you your beloved Democratic Party,  who again has thrown women under the bus. Did you really think you were more important to them than this historic presidency? You got the government you voted for!

For those of you who insist on holding on to the Dems simply for your rights to your own body- well I must ask — how’s that working out for ya? Huh?

Now we have a health care bill that doesn’t cover all your needs – you the majority’s needs. You have your right to your own body but pay for it yourself, and if you want breast exams wait till we say you are old enough the we pay for one then you pay for one cause we cutting down. Breast Cancer screening? Sorry ladies- you just lost 5 years of that! You got the government you voted for!

As for everything they do decide they will cover, they will have the IRS up your ass and make sure that everyone pays or is fined. That too sounds like everyone has a right to their own bodies huh? I wonder ladies, if the guys continue to get their Viagra and what else you start to lose! You got the government you voted for!

One more thing lady Dems for the third time now Mr. Obama has restated his dedication to enforce the “conscience clause” so that emergency contraception can be withheld. You got the government you voted for!

As for me- I would be disingenuous if I said there were not parts of this bill that I could live with, I wanted universal health care. Everyone who needs health care will have it, kids will not fall off their parents plan till they are 26, women will not be consider a pre-existing condition, all pre-existing conditions will be a thing of the past, there will not be caps. What you failed to understand is that this bill was not THE right bill but you Dems pushed and you pushed and you pushed because YOUR party told you they were going to take care of you and in the end – you found yourselves under the damned bus – right on schedule. You got the government you voted for!

As a proud Independent for the past 30 years, I got into this particular political arena when Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy and I was specifically interested in her health care plan. I made a video which I attached. I had two children both adults who died from Cancer and we struggled to get medication to make their passing easier.

Mikie had the illness before 18 and fell off and then was so ill the rest of his short life that he would get sick lose his insurance and eventually got too sick to return to work and died of cancer at 34. My Denise fought ovarian cancer for 3 years, she had no insurance and she died at 45. Our biggest problem was not getting medical care it was getting medicine which sometimes cost 1000.00 a month for years on end.

I believe Hillary would have protected women and I believe we could have trusted her not to cut services to women and seniors as I believe this one will. Hillary and her Health Care Plan would also have been historic but it would have cared for the MAJORITY of our citizenry as well as the MINORITY!

Throughout the primaries the DNC proved what they and this president were capable of and still you voted for them. This bill was cut not for you and me this was another historic momentous piece for the record books. This entire fiasco has been historic but again women – the majority- have been left out in the cold and this time I dare say perhaps thrown to the wolves. But– you got the government you voted for!

The Republican Party is no better. If we had any sense at all we would all join together and form a third party but until then we had better clean out the House and Senate and if you can’t let go of your obsession with this damned party of yours at least change the damned characters. You got the government you voted for!

If you want HOPE and CHANGE- Unite the Majority and stop taking the damned crumbs they keep throwing us if when it so pleases them because ladies they are using us at their convenience and we are taking it like a bunch of damned battered wives. Today – I am ashamed to be a woman! When will you finally be ashamed enough to stop taking the battering, you make us all look bad?

IMAGINE– The Majority United!


9 Responses

  1. I forgot to say one more time- I would not let The RIGHT have the TEA PARTY!

    I would join that TEA PARTY and throw the bums out and keep doing it until every damned member of the House and Senate is new and understands they work for us – The Majority!
    Imagine – The Majority United!

  2. Did you get the email from the DCCC and Debbie Wasserman Schulz asking for a campaign contribution? I got one from Kathy Dahlkemper essentially appealing for contributions to fight the backlash. Can you say, “Morning After Pill?” She was so covered by the Right To Life Sanctimony, then as soon as Stupak cut his deal, the back door bullies bent her over and forced her into the stable. This appeal for money simultaneously spun with bogus praise of a bill people passionately rejected is a difficult one to endure. I have already this morning, received emails from the Idiot OAF machine and Dahlkemper who ended up tossing Right To Life Language overboard with Stupak and voted with the pricks of the Democratic Party. They couldn’t just knife the country like thugs, they had to trot out the cries of racist epithets and gay bashers in the crowd of Tea Party protesters driven crazy by their deliberate demonstration of ignoring them (except as it could serve them to play their race-gay baiting martyrdom.) The Democrats were incapable of bringing substance to the debate, supported the President who, on the one hand, taunted the Republicans for their past failures then on the other hand poked a stick in their faces blocking attempts to elevate the discourse to a here and now level in response to the voters.

    I want women to take up their rightful place in representing the people. I recognize that Kathy Dahlkemper voted for this bill as a concession to the Women-hating DNC, now headed by Obama, Plouff and Axlerod, and I regret that something as principled as The Right To Life demurrer was dealt away like yet another piece of booty the Chicago Mob owns.

    Kathy truly let me down. I am represented by Altmire in the 4th,who did stay true to his principles. I had told him to his face that I did not vote for him in 2008 because of his endorsement of Obama – abusing the Super Delegate vote of a district that chose Clinton by 40% for a $12,000.00 PAC contribution. By my account, the Congressman OWED me redress. His NO vote on this health care bill reconciles his account with me. My UNDERVOTE was simply a Pass over Altmire’s name on a ballot which I cast as a conscientious citizen.

    My dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party grows as crude, political tactics are rewarded by the complicit obsequiousness of Women. We elected Democrats to bring about a change from partisan political rhetoric concealing back room deals, eleventh hour muscle and disgusting accusations of race discrimination. Dahlkemper’s YES vote constituted “looking the other way” while permitting her innocent constituents to be victimized once again.

    Her fundraisers may write all the lofty assurances they think we want to hear about not being driven by fear, but the TRUTH is, the fear of the Administration being exposed as incompetent, objectionable and divisive drove the House vote. Covering the corrupt ass of Barack Hussein Obama – NOT the Health Care Rights of the Citizens, was the STINK put on even the most admirable women of the party. Women’s rightful place in the Democratic Party is diminished as a matter of policy borne out by male-entitlement practices. The results speak for themselves. Sadly, however, the true perps, the PROGRESSIVES skate while the Democrats eat it.

    I spent weeks trudging in the snow, enduring outright rejection of registered Democrats who refused to sign my nominating petitions. I dodged eight foot icicles poised to split my skull as I stood on doorsteps in Butler County. I shoveled out of driveways to get my car out of ice and snow, dislocated my back and neck nearly falling or slipping on ice numerous times. I paid for the gas and mileage to drive to the voters with my own money; my husband drove 40 miles several times each week to chop wood for the wood burner. There was no money for heating oil, Christmas, or recreation.

    NO MORE!!!
    Enough with the lofty speeches to cover for the cowardice.
    Obama and his Men of Dishonor must pay this price, not me!!!

    Congressional re-election campaigns COULD respectfully be supported by Republicans, Independents and Democrats to recognize honor, integrity, and courage. It took no courage to bend to the ego trip Obama is on.

    In order to earn a second term, this Congress must now produce something of equally solid value to prove to TheIr constituents that THEY can find the center and restore balance to their districts. I wrote to Dahlkemper’s fundraising people that if, indeed, she believed in her vote, she needs to get out there and explain it to anybody who will listen. This “morning after” appeal for campaign contributions to help her face the consequences is like a laser shot to my optic nerve. We ALL KNOW money was thrown around in every direction to force this square peg through a round hole. An elementary test of serving the will of the people was failed.

    I learned in Atlanta, on my skates in the streets and parks: Level the Hill. The exhaustive effort and resources demanded to get as far as we’d gotten trying to make this an honest Administration must now be spent all over again just to get back to this point before we can pull together and get it done right. Who needs it? I don’t worship basketball players the way the guys do. (How’s that bracket holding up, Asshole? Big Deal Kansas–One and GONE!) To me, a pivot is still them playing their game while real people pay for the testosterone trip. I am disgusted that Kathy bought into the Party Putsch without getting a fair concession for the Women of the Party. She represents the district; All the citizens. But as the one Woman Representative from Western Pennsylvania in D.C., she is also burdened with the duty of Party Leadership in behalf of the Women whose contributions and votes are being squandered. If you thought the Women of the Democratic Party are on board with this administration, you are mis-led. They voted for Republican Women rather than reward the dishonor of the men of the democratic party. Kathy needs to caucus with the Women of the party. Not the Women of Color, not the Liberal Women, not the LGBT Women, the WOMEN who are unwilling to behave selfishly to get theirs at the expense of the ALL, the WOMEN who refuse to wink at the cheaters while their children are scandalized, violated and neglected. Mrs. Dahlkemper KNOWS that Women have worthy input to offer, reasonable solutions that they can actually implement and police, STANDARDS we can respect, support and enforce.

    She would do well to dump this parasitic appeal for money which is a micro of the scandalous behavior of the endless campaign of the obama administration. The Women and decent citizens have just watched a Bacchanal of sleaze by a guy with some of the biggest ears on the planet making a career of refusing to listen to anybody but his sycophantic insiders while he churns for cash constantly. He’s even replaced the American Flag and the Insignia of the President of the United States with that bullshit logo.

    • This deserves a blog title of its own – I hope you do not mind that I gave it one entitled ” Lady Dems: Forced into the stable, and begging for more money for their pimps!” and put it front and center!
      If you mind I will take it down or re title it! But you nailed it!

  3. Obama caved to anti-choice Stupak.

    Apparently the principles of Obama and Democrats, particularly in regard to women, are so flexible as to render them meaningless.

    I think the best comment on the HCR bill is by a blogger, “Democrats are passing Republican health care reform – if that’s not historic, then what is?”

    • Look bad enough Obama caved – we expected that or at least thos of us that are women for women expected that – what about the women in the party who caved?

      Wasserman Schultz- who when asked shrugged and said – that is what it was all along – they never needed the assurance – as if she didn’t care that it came in!
      What about nancy who never blinked her blinking eyes about it!
      You are looking at a Congress who would drown theri own mothers in order to pass this bill and go down in History on the backs of anyone who got in their way!

      It was the bill not the content or what it would do for the people or for women that mattered- it was and is all about them and what history will say about them.
      screw We the people!
      The Democratic party needs to pay for this with the very life of the Democratic party – if they do not go down in flames for this – every democrat- will get exactly what they deserve- too bad their children and grandchildren will be forced to pay for it and the greatest Republic will be lost forever and women’s rights will fall AGAIN!

  4. If you have not joined Get Out of Our House yet, now is the time. Spread the word to every disgusted person you know! This is the only solution – to throw out every single politician in the House (and as many in the Senate as possible) at the same time and replace them with ordinary citizens (perhaps quite a few more female citizens?!?!?!?).


    • Hi Grail – long time no see – I would love for you to come be my guest on the radio show Wed night to talk about Get out of our house.
      Of course I joined – I joined that org when no one knew who they were!
      Grail, my friend- I ran forstate legislature in 1993 and 1995 to do just that- check it out! I have always though we need to throw the bums out. I have been fighting this idea for 30 years and never understtod what it will take for the masses to GET IT. Do you ?
      Anyway – what are you doing WEd. Night- would you like to join my on the radio and chat about it?

  5. I don’t believe that Obama “caved”. I believe that this is the health insurance industry bailout bill that he always wanted. Even on the issue of abortion, it wasn’t the anti-choice Congress critters or constituencies that made Obama and his enablers throw women under the bus. By having to issue separate riders to cover abortion, the insurance companies stand to make their obscene profits go even higher. It’s all about the best government that big corporations and their money can buy.

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