When Does The Violence Against Women Stop?

When does the violence committed against women stop?

There are so many incidents that are taking place throughout our country and many of them are happening in our very own backyards!

There are too many to count for our liking and many of these incidents are going into the archive files after they make the news for a day unless it is a high profile case.

It is through the dedication and devotion of  Betty Jean Kling and the members of The Majority United that many of these incidents of violence against women are being reported, acknowleged and dealt with!

We depend upon all of the members of The Majority United, various groups and organizations, such as NYNOW and it’s president Marcia Pappas or what we gather online and in the media to bring many of the issues that involve crimes against victims of abuse to the attention of the members and the public. 

The members of The Majority United- RIDS spans the globe and are located throughout the 50 states. 

Networking is a very important tool that we all use to “stamp out violence against women” and in may cases we, who belong to The Majority United can attest to the fact that networking really WORKS!


Case and point: March 14, 2010 (just days ago) and posted in the New York Post, By Kathianne Boniello in Norwood, Pa., and Michelle Kaske and Kirsten Fleming in NY

The article was titled:  “BAR-BEAT THUG BLAMES VICTIM”

Unbelievable as this may be, this thug says in his own statement “She started it!”

 APEVIL: Mbarek Lafrem claims he battered a nurse in a women's bathroom only because she pushed him first.

EVIL: Mbarek Lafrem claims he battered a nurse in a women’s bathroom only because she pushed him first.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/bar_beat_thug_blames_victim_zHSlyLbxCfMBk51WqqDtMP#ixzz0ig5PpIK5

(If we had a dime for every thug like Mbarek Lafrem who said that it was a woman’s fault why she deserved a beating, we would all be millionaire’s!)

Take a good look at the face of an “Abuser of Women”!

“Lafrem’s fellow construction workers turned him in to police after spotting him on surveillance footage released by the NYPD.”

We applaud his fellow construction workers who turned him in!

Post Note:  Phyllis Chesler is also dealing with Mbarek Lafrem and his violence against women.  http://pajamasmedia.com/phyllischesler/2010/03/14/the-jihadi-feels-persecuted%E2%80%94his-aggression-is-self-defense/


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