Monserrate Loses Bid To Keep NYS Senate Seat

Yippeeeee BY: BettyJean King

Wonders never cease to amaze me. This creepy bastard actually thought the people would put him back into the Senate seat! I was actually worried thy might! Thankfully We the People are finally sick to death of the crap we have been taking from these clowns! Finally! But that h got 34% sows me that w still have along long way to go! The story below states ‘surveillance footage showed him taking her to the hospital.” But fails to tell you surveillance footage also shows him dragging her kicking screaming and begging for help on her way to a out of county hospital for 40 stitches to her face.


A New York state senator who was expelled after a domestic violence conviction has lost his long-shot bid to get his seat back in a special election.

Assemblyman Jose Peralta beat Hiram Monserrate with 60 percent of the vote Tuesday. Local Democratic officials had endorsed Peralta, and he’d been 45 points ahead in a recent poll. Monserrate had 34 percent of the vote.

Republican candidate Robert Beltrani garnered 6 percent of the vote in the heavily Democratic district.

Monserrate failed to get his expulsion blocked in federal court, but got on the ballot for the special election to fill his old seat in the 13th state Senate district in Queens.

He has apologized for any discredit his conduct brought to the Senate, but has said that a cut on his girlfriend’s face was an accident and surveillance footage showed him taking her to the hospital.


One Response

  1. Good riddance!

    Stick the “garbage” out in the trash!

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