Rosa Parks can ‘Rest in Peace’

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

The roles of gender and race were delineated when Joe Biden’s Judiciary Committee dismissed Anita Hill’s testimony about Clarence Thomas.

That should have been another reminder, we should have recalled when black men got the vote women did not. We should have figured out right then and there that man was always going to be put first and held higher – too bad our sisters of color did step up and stop it back then. They could have and should have joined their sisters; we all could have fought together for a better life!

The message, loud and clear was, women to the back of the bus. And Rosa Parks must have wondered why it was that she and it was not some he who took that seat at the front that day. Rosa who risked life and limb changed everything. Everything for male blacks and yet her sisters are still left behind, black and white alike! I begin to wonder if some black women don’t mind being slaves so long as they are not black ones. As Harriet Tubman said, “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

The resulting roles of gender and race became crystal clear when the first historic woman and black man were both vying for office of president in 2008. Again a committee headed by Democrats dismissed the woman, and Hillary Clinton’s historic run was disfavored in preference of a less qualified Barack Obama

And again a woman bravely stood her ground against the machine but this time without the backing of all her sisters and again things changed for black men and again sisters of all colors were left behind black and white alike.

But in the end without the ground swell from The Majority – all our sisters plus men they attempt to pacify us with a Latina SCOTUS, and sprinkle a few more women around the administration. The women’s groups settle for crumbs as they force half of us to fight with the other half over the divisive issue of reproductive rights.

All 52% of us are subject to the very same problems in our daily lives and share all of the same issues such as poverty, lower wages, lack of jobs, lack of child care, illness, lack of health care, we are victims of abuse and are beaten, maimed and killed and raped. Our children are victimized by pedophiles and are kidnapped and killed by drugs or drunk drivers. All of us are under-represented. Does anyone reading this think for one damned moment that a woman is asked before any of these things befall her or her daughter or grand- daughter what political party she belongs to, what church she goes to, or whether she is Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

We are women first, not Republicans, not Democrats, not white, black, yellow or red. We are from all corners of the world and from every church. We are sisters and the majority of the world’s and America’s population. How many ways shall we be divided?  Were it not for all the ways we can find to divide ourselves from one another – we would be impervious to what they have done and continue to do the majority of the population seemingly with our full knowledge and permission.

Equal Rights means the human right to do any damned thing you want to do without anyone’s permission to choose or decide for you just because you are a woman. Imagine that? Imagine never again having to hear “The first women to …” After all, too many women were the first to do many things and I have never heard anyone say “The first man to ride in the front of a bus…”

BUT now  “the first woman ” has finally won an Oscar for Best Director so I guess Rosa Parks can Rest in Peace.

The Majority United?
I do!



2 Responses

  1. The Banner of “Gender Equity” is a chantable mantra to be sung over and over… each time a man passes up a deserving woman … if it’s going to a woman, in their minds, it’s theirs for the taking. Go there knowing that’s the route and enjoy that front seat on the bus.

  2. We simply must carry that banner higher and demand that seat or we will never ever get it!

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