Selling Watermelons: I’m sorry people took offense!

Another Rant By: BettyJean King

Let’s never ever forget Dan Rather made the inexcusable mistake of using the term watermelon – GOD FORBID!

I have not once seen anyone apologize for a damned thing they have said about Hillary or Sarah or that white cop doing his job in Massachusetts when the racist Professor pulled the race baiting bit but I will be damned how we have to walk on eggs and watch every damned word we used about a black person and particularly this president who can screw up any damned thing he wants and we obviously must sit and take it like damned fools I guess!

Dan Rather: On the Chris Matthews Show, I was talking about Obama and health care and I used the analogy of selling watermelons by the side of the road. It’s an expression that stretches to my boyhood roots in Southeast Texas, when country highways were lined with stands manned by sellers of all races. Now of course watermelons have become a stereotype for African Americans and so my analogy entered a charged environment. I’m sorry people took offense.

I am telling you right now- I am about as fed up as a person can get this is as frustrating as all hell. Why not just tie our hands behind our backs and slap the living hell out of us?

This reminds me of that damned movie with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. A recalcitrant diplomat from South Africa has killed Gibson’s wife then taunted Mel with details about how he had tortured her and drowned her. Full well knowing he had diplomatic immunity, he believed Gibson could not retaliate both because of the Immunity and because he was a cop who could not shoot an unarmed man.

Mel was in a tanker about to be killed as he was being taunted from above when he reached down and found a hidden gun- the diplomat grinning stated” What are you going to do with that – you can’t shoot me?”

The music stopped Mel aiming the barrel right at him and shaking as the diplomat smiled… the theater dead quiet… I jumped to my feet screaming ” blow his balls off”.

Mel shot him right between the eyes.

Of course that was in the movies but it shows clearly the frustration that drives even one without a mean bone in her body to a fit of frenzy when taunted beyond imagination by unfairness and by reason of temporary insanity the human spirit demands justice.

Am I threatening assassination – of course not -but I am saying that this constant race baiting and laughing in our faces is going to cause a rebellion. We rebelled against Bush and now Obama. When will our Government realize that we the people are mad and we are not going to take it anymore? They work for us – they are not immune.


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  1. I was deeply involved in the first “Rathergate” about the Bush AWOL documents that were reportedly called the “Killian Memos”. I want you all to know that they were real and we had the classified documents PROVING they were real, though we dared not make them public. Mary Mapes and CBS broke every promise they made to us, and violated their oath of confidentiality, as well as other promises. One day the whole truth will come out and people who believed and supported Bush 43 will be very disappointed and disgusted with his many lies. He was AWOL.

    My point is that many of you may not remember how Dan Rather had spoken in an interview in England about reporters being afraid to oppose Bush or face the prospect of being “necklaced’ with the charge of lacking patriotism after 9/11. As I recall, at the time Dan was excoriated by many of those on the right, who are now defending him. We need an independent media to investigate these candidates, no matter what it reveals about the chosen candidate of either party. And while the agitators come here to stir the pot, they need to remember that I have now challenged TWO sitting president’s. We received numerous death threats from Bush supporters during and since Rathergate in 2004.

    If you continue to act as they did, you are not only no better, prove yourselves WORSE for attacking people like me for telling the truth. Because I guarantee the day will come again (maybe later this year) when Democrats will need people like me to expose the scandals and crimes of Republican candidates, and if you piss us off, we won’t help you if you continue to attack us with false accusations of racism and other nonsense. Don’t EVER kid yourselves into believing that people like me don’t matter. Consider this: it is not a commonly accepted fact that Bush 43 was AWOL. He has been the butt of many jokes on late night television and stand up comedy. When an issue becomes the subject of humor and jokes, it has gone mainstream. The issue of Barry “Obama” Soetoro’s eligibility has gone mainstream, even if the main stream media doesn’t report it. You can’t keep it out of msm reports forever. There will be another reporter with the courage of Dan Rather. This issue will explode in all of your faces and WE “birthers” will be vindicated for posterity. I was ultimately vindicated over Bush and will once again be vindicated over Barry. He is NOT eligible. That is not a race issue, it’s a Constitutional issue. When you agitators can get honest about the facts, THEN your opinion might count. Until then, YOU are the racists and dishonest paid partisan hacks. Come back to debate us when you can get honest with yourselves and the country.

    • Hi Linda – sorry I missed you earlier – I had an emergency. Anyway – the Agitators are setting up to getting us fighting each other again- we need to ignore them but first let’s remind everyone that is what they are up to.

      I have no idea where this clown was born- if he is legal or not – but I know he is the worst and most unfit POTUS we have ever had.

      The proof is in the pudding- jhe hands everything off to everyone else and just gives speeches and travels around – the empty suit with a teleprompter! After 1 year what else do we need to know but that he is a failure?

      Birthers? Truthers?

      We may never know what they have cooked up or hidden but what we do know is that which we can see with our own eyes and it sure aint pretty is it?

      One thing is for sure – he and Buh both are dividers not uniters and this is the UNITED States and as Americans – we need to UNITE!

      So let’s stop finger pointing at one another andstarting fighting the bad guys not each other!

  2. Hi BJK: alot of us read you, and what you write and
    spread it around, you are not forgotten, just not alot
    of commenting, but there really isn’t anywhere.

    Hope all is well, will be reading and lurking.

    • Stop lurking and start joing in – we need you and your comments – come on in the water is fine!
      all joking aside – welcome back! And bring as many friends as you can find- it is time to ramp up the women and let’s go GALS!
      Come to the show tonight- grab a glass of wine and let’s chat!

  3. Sorry: Yeah, these people are jackasses,
    anything Stupid is news.

    I like what Dan rather said, and I understood his
    point——Chris Mathews is the Ass, cannot
    stomache him.

  4. Dan Rather knew exactly what he was doing. And, he didn’t apologize for saying what he did only that he was sorry people took offense. Big difference.

    • There you go again- how the hell do you know what Dan Rather was intending?

      I guess if you can read minds then so can I therefor I know exactly what you are intending!

  5. Rather has yet to apologize to Bush.

    • I agree- he never did apologize to Bush- and that is because he was never expected to- and I don’t think he has to appologize to either of them!

      I believe Bush is guilty of exactly what he was accused of and I believe he was absolutely right about selling watermellons too!

      I have no intention of watching every damned word that comes out of my mouth anymore than waiting for him to apologize for the lipstick on a pig comment !

      Obama is no better than any other man or POTUS in fact he is worse and I will be damned if I am going to squelch my feeling or measure my words just because of black sensitivities- tell them to suck it up just like Hillary and Sarah had to.

      Maybe it’s about time the woman up to the big time!

      • I agree that Obama is no better than any other POTUS, in fact he is worse. He is lazy, thin skinned, and all around unqualified. It still blows my mind that he is sitting ay 1600 Pennsylvanis Avenue when there was a far more experienced and competent woman that should rightfully be there. What kind of a record did Obama have when compared to Hillary? Not a thing. The Dems were scraping the bottom of the barrel when they came up with him. Having said that, it is becoming very obvious that a lot of voters are regretting that vote. Better late than never, but we told you so more than 2 years ago!!!

        • I wish we were wrong – I would have rather been wrong for the sake of our country- too bad we were right!

          • BJ,

            Whether people would believe it or not, there were so many times I suspected something and wished I had been wrong about Bush, too, but that just wasn’t the case. I’d investigate and to my horror, I often found out that not only was I right, even my gut instincts fell far short of the actual wrongdoing, scandals, or crimes.

            There will always be plenty of courruption to go around on BOTH sides of the aisle. One thing that remains a never ending costant, all of us are women and we are ALL (every color, every religion, every segement of life) deemed second class citizens by all men everywhere.

            I am not fighting with anyone. I’m just trying to remind people there is massive corruption in Congress and neither side is all right or all wrong. There are just too many who are corrupt.

    • Stiletto,

      Dan Rather has NO REASON whatsoever to apologize to Bush. Dan Rather told the absolute truth. Whether you want to believe it or not, Bush WAS AWOL. Are you aware that posted on the WH website for more than a year after the independent report came out was the official statement that the WH did not dispute the authenticity of the Killian memos? I bet that fact shocked you.

      We could have proven the Killian Memos were real, but we dared not. We had ORIGINAL CLASSIFIED documents that had been purged out of his personnel files at TNG HQ at Camp Mabry to cover up the AWOL. Mary Mapes and CBS broke every promise they made to us to get the memos when we refused to accept payment after Mary said she was authorized to tell us to name our price. I was given to understand we could have gotten a million dollars for them and we wouldn’t sell them at ANY price. We told the truth for the good of the country and for the historical record, definitely not for profiteering. People are still getting death threats over Rathergate, from 2004!

      We had two conditions for CBS getting the AWOL documents. The first was absolute confidentiality and the second was a promise of legal representation as the documents from 1972 were still classified. Not to mention that Bush sealed up and classified ALL his records, too. ALL of us were facing total financial devastation that lingers even today. We all told the truth.

      Agree with us or not about Bush, we all told the truth and when the whole story finally comes out, we will be completely vindicated. One friend of mine who told the truth about Bush doing community service at Project Pull (for at least two felony drug charges for possession of over a pound of cocaine with intent to distribute) is dead now for daring to tell the truth.

      You have NO IDEA who or what Bush really is. I do and from personal experience. Like I told the Thornburgh commission who “investigated” Rathergate, it’s only “getting” someone if you are telling the truth. People can laugh off a lie. And trust me, every time he heard any of our names, he’d scream obscenities and kick his wastebasket down the hall. And fyi, every time they did another Friday night document dump, some new revelations would emerge in documents they forgot to purge before releasing them to the media.

      I am sorry if I have offended people here by speaking the truth. I don’t believe in letting a false accusation or comment stand, whether it’s George W Bush or Dan Rather. We need good old fashioned reporters who will report the truth. We don’t have anymore with integrity like Dan Rather, and the day he passes will be a sorry day for this country. The rest are all selling out to whatever party happens to be in power and nothing even remotely truthful is getting reported in any msm forum anywhere. I am sorry if the truth offends some partisans, but I won’t shave facts to reflect more favorably upon corrupt politicians in either party. WYSIWYG

  6. It’s simply time to clean out the barn- vote em out – vote em all out.
    Both sides have gone bad maybe always have been but we need to wipe the slate clear of all corruption and now is the time to do it.
    NOV. 2 2010.

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