Manufactured Outrage: It’ a tomato!

Another Rant by BettyJean Kling

Here we go again, manufactured outrage just because he is a man and he is black! When is enough — enough?

They hung Sarah in effigy and that attracted a bus tour – a tomato in the face is as old as apple pie is American and now we are to believe a cover page showing Obama with a tomato splat on his face this is an assassination threat? Gimme a break!

Tomatoes are a popular “non-lethal” throwing weapon in mass protests; and there was a common tradition of throwing rotten tomatoes at bad performers on a stage during the 19th century; today it is usually referenced as a mere metaphor (see Rotten Tomatoes).

Rotten Tomatoes is a website devoted to reviews, information, and news of films. The name derives from the historical cliché of throwing tomatoes and other produce at stage performers if a performance was particularly bad.

Again, Sarah has had actual tomatoes thrown at her at a book signing, was the man arrested for attempted murder or assassination? No! A man was arrested for allegedly throwing two tomatoes at Sarah Palin from the second floor balcony during a book signing event at the Mall of America in Minnesota,

WorldNetDaily is obviously a critic of this President this is obviously a tomato and I find it far less of an attack on him personally than an attack on his job performance as compared to the personal attacks on Bush for example.

Featuring President Obama with a tomato splattered squarely on his nose, the image signifies not just a thorough booing of him and his policies but is positioned to liken him to common clown costuming. That latter point is reflected in the issue’s headline, “Enough clowning: Americans rejecting ‘greatest snow-job on Earth.'”

In contrast let’s look at the movie which clearly likened the assignation of a president, by the same name – How subtle is that?


Will and Anok may not remember the proliferation of venomous anti-Bush commentary. In one version of her video for “American Life,” Madonna lobbed a grenade at a Bush lookalike. And the 2006 film “Death of a President” features a sniper shooting Bush in Chicago – which one poster to recalled.

“Melodrama much?” wrote Evan. “How an image of Obama with a tomato thrown on it is supposedly promoting his assassination is totally beyond me. I didn’t see anyone on the left decrying a movie made about the assassination of George Bush, or books fantasizing about the assassination of George Bush, or protesters hanging or burning effigies of Bush or people calling for his assassination. What do they freak out about? A tomato. A rotten tomato for a rotten president.” ”

This is just another case of crying racism where none exists- manufactured outrage and or race baiting. Enough – I am sick of it and soon most of the country will see right through it- Like the boy who cried wolf one too many times – when racism does occur it is going to slip through the cracks and the real vicims will loose because of the false outrage.

I know because women have fallen victim to such a plight!


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  1. This is in response to BJ’s comments about personal attacks on Bush while he was the pResident Select!

    Some of you may not know my history, though others know I am the person who convinced Phil Berg to file the first lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility. What makes this such an amazing fact is that I am the person who was deeply involved in exposing Bush 43’s various scandals and crimes since I revealed on June 4, 1999 that he obtained a new drivers license number and expunged his criminal arrest records on March 31, 1995 while he was Governor of Texas. I can prove it too for any of you doubting Thomas’.

    And because of the veracity of my research: every person who has written an anti-Bush book, needed facts for media, or just needed corrections of background info to avoid libel and slander would contact me. Whenever someone called me, I could cite them chapter and verse the facts, correct anything that was incorrect and even tell them exactly where to go to get the documentation! I am no stranger to investigations or correcting many of the false accusations made against Bush 43. Those of you who are angry at me right about now, really need to know I never let lies or vicious gossip to stand without coming forward and correcting them. I don’t belive it’s getting a person if you aren’t using the truth.

    NO ONE on the left or the right has worked harder to expose the dirty secrets of any prospective or sitting president than I did against Bush 43. And even then I did not go public with the most sordid of his scandals and crimes, and they were truly sordid. I detested him then and I detest him still, but it was for his own actions and less about politics.

    I was a moderate right leaning voter prior to the Impeachment of Clinton. I thought it was wrong to criminalize Clinton’s private behavior, most especially when the ones leading the charge were guilty of acts as bad or worse than anything Clinton did. So I began to investigate and expose the various moral and criminal scandals of those Republicans who were the most hypocritical. As a result, most of these Republicans with the most egregious behaviors ended up leaving Congress. And the list is very long.

    I was constantly accused by Republicans of playing partisan politics, but I always vowed I’d reveal with equal fervor any Democratic scandals and crimes. Most of them laughed and did not believe me. This is my proof that my promises were kept. I have worked very hard for a long time to expose Barry “Obama” Soetoro’s lack of eligibility to be POTUS. For those of you who are avid Bush supporters and do not know this fact, Bush 43 is the one who first classified and sealed up his military and criminal arrest records to hide his shameful and criminal past. Where do you think Barry learned how to do this with his past? It had NEVER been done before.

    For my citics, and there are many on both sides of the aisle, I am an American first. I consider myself an independent voter and thinker. NEVER again will any party claim me as a member. I vote for the candidate. NO ONE has been more critical of Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Feinstein, Dean, Emmanuel, the Kennedy clan, or anyone else among the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee, who should have investigated (and didn’t) our many accusations that Barry “Obama” Soetoro was his true legal name and he was/is not eligible to be POTUS.

    People have accused me of all manner of things, including the suggestion that the HRC campaign put me up to investigating Barry and attacking him. I do not engage in disseminating false accusations or info.
    I am a newly awakened feminist who supports female candidates, even if I don’t necessarily like many of their positions. People (reporters included) have asked who I voted for in the presidential election of 2008. I wil only respond that I wanted a woman and I voted for a woman, I just don’t say which of the women who were running that I voted for – I did vote for women where possible. I am appalled that DNC leaders supported an illegal alien male partly because he was a pretend black, instead of HRC, who was a white female. And the endless misogyny of women during the 2008 primaries was absolutely unforgiveable, IMO.

    BJ, you keep kicking their male asses for the negative and discrimatory attitudes against all females. Either insurance companies should stop paying for Viagra, or they need to start paying for female gender specific items, too. Men don’t “need” Viagra unless the insurance companies start covering females who do
    “need’ reconstructive surgery after mastectomies and other gender specific treatments.

    • The biggest problem is Obama and his ACORN buddies are no different than Bush and his Cronies but the Republicans seem to forget what Bush et al did I guess and they (Republicans) are paying for that now.

      On the other hand the Republicans see clearly just how bad the Dems are right now an are trying to stop these goings on – which I personally think are or can be as bad or maybe more dangerous.

      Be that as it may Obama and his ACORN team are as at least as bad and we must get folks to stop taking sides R’s vs. D’s and understand it is US –RIDs — All 300,000,000 of us ” We The People – against them 535.

      Tune in to he radio sho tonigh 9:30 Eastern
      Wed 9:30 pm Eastern
      Call-in Number: ( 347 ) 838-8011

  2. Follow up:

    I accidentaly hit the submit button when I was proof reading the previous post for typos. I am not illiterate or stupid. LOL

  3. Manufactured outrage is only the beginning!

    Undoubtedly, the radical left is in full mode and using whatever method to gain sympathy for the “man” and his administration and those who control the House and the Senate.

    It is 2008 all over again and we are at “War” once again!

    The radical left’s method of operation has not changed since the 2008 primaries and the election.

    Let’s face it, many of us never got over the shock of the “upstart” who was chosen by the party.

    We are frustrated, irritated and angry and all for good reasons!

    It’s time to pick up the mantle that we all once held and get out there and “pushback” the radical left!

    Betty Jean is right, it is time to once again, take them on and take our place in History and “kick all the bums to the curb”!

    The radical left will work to “divide and conquer” within our ranks. Out will come the racists and sexists name calling, along with the corruption and fraud that existed in the primaries, the elections and the caucuses, including the roaming bands of thugs from ACORN (or whatever their names are now)!

    Through first hand experience, we all learned about corruption and fraud and this gives us at The Majority United – RIDS a great advantage!

    We know that it takes a lot of hard work and coordination and this time around we have a lot of help from the Tea Party Patriots and the rest of the American Patriots, who are just as fed up with the “man” and his administration and all who reside in congress!

    It will take every single one of us here at The Majority United – RIDS Republicans, Independents and Democrats to help take this country out of the hands of the political reprobates and place it back into the hands of the American people!

  4. You are so right – they are not operating as ACORN they are simply infiltrating as Tea party people and behaving badly and reflecting poorly to the rest of us. what a nevel idea! ya gotta hand to them – it is an ingenious idea but we can not let them get away with it- we have to get out there and take it back! We must stay the damned course!

  5. I agree with Ms. Behaved and Betty Jean, ACORN needs to stay right on the “front burner”!

    We need to know what this group and the rest of them are up to at all times!

    If we allow any of these so called “protectors of the American values” to get the upper hand this time around, then whose fault will it be, OURS!

    It never hurts to keep our eyes and ears open when it comes to these corrupt organizations like ACORN and their partners in crime!

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