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BettyJean Kling

It’s been one of those weeks, we have much to chat about- so let’s do it!
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What is on your mind? Tonight is the night you get to sound off about it. We had many delicious topics on the blog this week- I will list them below and I sure wish you would visit the blog and read them over and leave comments.

We have not had many comments but we have had a great many wonderful posts this week – our writers are lonely- so come blog with us. We have petitions that need signing, we have manufactured outrage to quell both on the Obama front and on the Latino front.

A tomato in the face of Obama’s poor performance last year is now likened to a call to put a bullet between his eyes.

If that were not enough the Obama and ACORN team must really be running scared, the Latino’s have been incited to attack the Tea Party by the infiltrators just as millions of us were race baited during the primaries and during the General election.

Note: Latinos have been labeling all TP people as Republicans and necessarily hate mongers (isn’t that stereotyping, hate mongering?) therefore hating 50 % of the country and automatically generalizing and assuming all TP and Republicans are bad. Latinos spreading hatred for Republicans, what’s that about? Can we afford to have that happen to half our country? I posted it and several Latinos attacked me and accused me of being a hateful Republican Pulling the Race Card AGAIN!

Those of us who were there recognize all to well what that looks like and must not allow the country to be divided again into the right and the left – the blue and the red. We need a Clean Sweep. Vote em all out. We need all new Representatives from both sides! Out with the old – no total control of all houses. We need to clean up the MSM main stream media too!

We are all RIDs now Republicans, Independents and Democrats working together to take our country back from the crooks in DC and sitting in seats of power  who use our money without our permission.

This amounts to taxation without representation indeed we do need another TEA PARTY. Let us not be pit up against one another – we all pay taxes and they all spend them- if there is any division among us it is US against them.

Let me be clear, US = 300,000,000 & THEM = 535!

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BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed
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BTR. The Majority United Radio
Mon 10 pm & Wed 9:30 pm Eastern
Call-in Number: ( 347 ) 838-8011
 Free US Now-
“A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill


4 Responses

  1. Every year, we have those who are known as “paid for bloggers”, who descend upon The Majority United and Free Us Now Weblog to disrupt our blog, agitate our members and cause trouble.

    How can we tell, it is so obvious and the longer you are here at The Majority United the more you become intuned to those who come and contribute to the weblog who are genuinely concerned about our world in crisis.

    Majority of our topics deal with womens issues and we believe in “stepping up to the plate” to lend a helping hand to those who need and deserve a voice.

    For those who come to Free Us Now weblog, who are concerned and contribute in a positive manner, we welcome you!

    This is not to say that there will be times when we disagree with one another, this is known as healthy debate!
    We extend a challenge to the “paid for bloggers”, your either onboard with the rest of us alongside Betty Jean, The Majority United – RIDS, the Tea Party Patriots and the rest of the women and men Patriots to take back this country!

    US = 300,000,000 & THEM = 535!

    Or continue to stand with the corruption and fraud in this administration and congress and watch what happens in the midterm elections in November, 2010 as “the bums are kicked to the curb”!

    We are not just stopping there, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 and as long as it takes to “weed the political reprobates out of Washington”!

    You can all report that back to “headquarters”!

    It completely baffles me, why anyone would want to be a “pawn” for the radical left?

    Oh that’s right, silly me I forgot, this is why they are called “paid for bloggers”!

    How exactly does it feel to sell your country and the American people “down the river”?

    • Here, here! Very well said.

      I will tell you all one thing that really pisses me off… that the more qualified candidate was not only the victim of misogynistic hate speech hourly, but that person (because they were a woman) was basically told to stifle herself, be a team player for the boys team and then not only take it all on the chin, but was then demanded she support the loser who stole her nomination. And make no mistake, it was stolen from all women everywhere. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am not forgetting it either when election time rolls around this year…and I KNOW BJ and many of you aren’t forgetting it either.

      Some of you may be offended by me, but take some good advice. Go rent my favorite movie “Iron Jawed Angels” and then come back and help show these paid political hacks that we don’t listen to their agitating and/or attempted divisiveness.

  2. We were concerned about Obama’s lack of experience and we were called racists. We were concerned about the agenda of some of the “guys in his neighborhood” and we were called racists. We were concerned about his history of abandoning those he was through using (Grove Parc, Chicago) and we were called racists. We were concerned about the hate speech of Rev Wright and WE were called racists.We protested when the DNC disenfranchised voters in Michigan and Florida and we were called racists. We protested voter intimidation and fraud at the caucuses and we were called racists.We supported an experienced woman to be the president and we were called racists and bitches and cunts.
    Still some of us had hoped that if you might surround yourself with talented and ethical people we might be OK. Instead you have continued to display the rigid thinking and egotistical behavior your history would have predicted. What a shame!

  3. What do we talk about?

    A link to a wordle of freeusnow.

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