Pulling the Race Card AGAIN!

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Ughhh! Here we go again! It never fails to amaze me but that when all else fails the Democrats pull out THE RACE CARD! I am off on this tirade because the DEM’s cannot beat the Tea Party in any other way so they are now pulling the RACE CARD to take them down! Finally, off the Black card we are now going to be bombarded by the Latino card.

It’s just too damned bad they can’t stand on their own two feet and win on their own merits and must resort to this crutch and have been since 1964 when it really was needed. There is no doubt in my mind there was a time when anyone in this country who was not a middle class white man was at such a disadvantage that laws had to be made to offer them some relief. God only knows straight white women are the only species left on earth who are still left unprotected from the hate of others who would abuse them it would seem for shit and giggles. But I digress as I recall the unconcealed and unrestrained sexism that was hurled at Hillary and Sarah. Oh but it was unacceptable to allege sexism even in the face of its blatancy. Race baiting, however, is not only quite acceptable it is in high fashion and I for one am completely out of patience with this bullshit!

While it is open season on straight white women, the left leaners are objectified and sexploited and those who lean right are marginalized as right wing Bible thumping loons altogether because they hesitate to be sexualized. Two boxes for all women, 52% of the population polarized into two camps of about 26% each set up to be enemies in order to keep us from forming a powerful and rightful majority. But again – I digress.

All other groups of much smaller percentages and might I add with the help of women, have managed to form coalitions and have laws passed to their benefit.

I ask you do all these persons within these groups agree on every issue? Does every black agree on every issue but they have the Civil Rights Act f 1964—you cannot call them the N word but you can call women bitches and cunts! You cannot wear a T-shirt to College with the word SPIC across your chest, but you can wear BITCH or CUNT. Better yet you can wear a shirt that says Hillary is a Bitch or Sarah is a CUNT! But I will bet you cannot wear a shirt that says Obama is a PRICK.

When is enough — enough? Now here are two very nice young Latino’s who hate Republican’s  and are therefor painting all Tea Baggers as hateful hate mongers and pulling a Race Card on me and others like me and thwarting my free speech and accusing innocent grassroots  folks of things that are just not so! Tom Tancredo infiltrated on meeting of 625 people TP is millions!

 In any event- As an America and as usual- I never inhibit Free Speech- so here it is – judge for yourself- and take note – anyone who is afraid to let you hear it all has something to hide! The truth shall set you free!

I am off on this tirade because the DEM’s cannot beat the Tea Party in any other way so they are now pulling the RACE CARD to take them down! I got an e-mail today supposedly showing proof that THE TEA PARTY is a racist organization. This time it is the Latino community. No doubt there are some folks in any grassroots org that are racist. There always are. I belong to The Tea party- I am not a RACIST! I am getting very friggen tired of being called a racist now! I am getting very tired of having this race card pulled on me and not being allowed to call the sex card that really does exist.

I am putting my foot down TODAY. Who will join me? If ever the 52% decide to pull the A real card this is going to be one sorry damned state of affairs in this country for these folks who have been exploiting , sexploiting and getting away with this bullshit for far too long! I’d say it’s time for us to start our action.

Check this Race Card out from Brave New Foundation / Robert Greenwald [info@bravenewfoundation.org]

TeaBaggers: “Mexicans Are Filthy Stinking Animals” 

I am very pleased and excited to present to you our latest project Cuéntame and your hosts Axel Caballero and Ofelia Yañez.

Join us as we tackle wide-ranging subjects from latest in Latino culture, music and arts to exposing Tea Party racism and Glenn Beck’s dangerous hate speech.

¡Hola BettyJean!,

As hosts of Cuéntame we want to tell you a bit about ourselves, the project and about our latest campaign against Tea Party racism and violence.

Both Ofelia and I have seen with great sadness and frustration how Tea Partiers have unjustly and unfairly targeted the Latino community to further their political agenda. This is why our latest campaign exposing Tea Party racism has hit a nerve, not only within the Latino community but also with many folks across the country who like us are fed-up of all the hatred, the violence and the bigotry peddled by teabaggers.

From calling Mexicans “filthy, stinking animals,” to listening the likes of Tom Tancredo and Sarah Palin deliver hateful speech after hateful speech to the increase use of violence in their words and actions, Teabaggers have come out in full force against our community.

We are fed up and are ready to fight back. You can help us not only by watching and spreading our videos, but also by joining our page and recruiting your friends – Latino or not – to do the same:

Watch the first video: “Exposing The Racism”
Watch the second video: “Demand An Explanation”
Watch the third video: “The GOP Supports the Teabaggers”

Tea Partiers boast a presence of hundreds of thousands on social networks and in order to be able to expose their true colors we need as many of you, your family and friends to join Cuéntame and take action.

Cuéntame is a community of Facebook users where Latinos and the general public can connect and interact with fellow Facebook fans, activists, artists, bloggers, public figures, musicians journalists and other community members. In Spanish Cuéntame has a double meaning: “Count me in,” and “Tell me your story.”

Both Ofelia and I are very proud to be part of this project. As Latinos living in Los Angeles, we are thrilled to be able to inform and engage our community around the most important issues nationwide that are impacting the daily lives of our friends and families.

Ofelia was born in Mexico City. Her parents, wanting to flee the heavy crime and in an effort to provide a better education for their children, decided to migrate to the U.S. about 20 years ago when Ofelia was six years old.

I was born in the northern city of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico three hours from the border with Nogales, Arizona. I am what you would consider a border child, always going back and forth between both countries until finally residing permanently here in the United States eleven years ago.

We are looking forward to seeing and talking with you directly on Facebook and want to thank you in advance for becoming part of this project.

Hasta pronto,

Axel Caballero, Ofelia Yañez
and the Cuéntame team


22 Responses

  1. I am more than happy to stand up for my own rights as a woman and to work with other women toward equality. My problem is with women who assume that the fight for equality is an either/or proposition. That if we fight for white women, we can’t fight for women of color. That if we fight for women period, we can’t also fight against discrimination on other fronts. I agree 100% that we need to fight for ourselves, but fighting to be seen as an equal myself while denying the rights of other human beings to be seen as equal too is an empty, selfish battle not for human equality, but for self-elevation.

    If you want your party not to be seen as racist, maybe next time you’re among those in your party, you will correct them and shut them up when they call other human beings “filthy, stinking animals” or talk about reviving Jim Crow laws. You are represented by the loudest among you. Unfortunately, the loudest among you say a lot of offensive, racist crap.

    • Can’t you people read? And who in the hell are you to put me in any damned category and then say you have a problem with women who assume?

      You just sat right there and assumed I am GOP! I am about as far from GOP as you can get- I am about as far from Racist as you can get! I am about as damned tired of you running around labeling everyone else and crying that you are being labeled!

      Stop your damned whining and grow up.
      You did not do you homework- you know nothing about me and here you are attacking me and assuming I am GOP and you know why – because you have been brainwashed to think that any woman that does’t act and think and talk just like you must be the enemy.

      That is exactly how they keep us fighting each other. That is exactly what I was writing about and they you all come – like a bunch of lemmings proving my point ready to call me names, ready to attack a sister because you think I am your enemy.

      Great job Gal’s you sold a sister down the river for a political party that would sell you out for a song.

      You will never be free- you are a enslaved to a party but what is either party really doing for women but keeping them at each others throats?

      When you placed me in a party you reflected that you believe one must be in a party.

      I don’t – you see I am an American- I don’t belong to any party .

      “No Self Respecting Woman Should Wish or Work for the Success of a Party That Ignores Her Sex.”
      Susan B. Anthony 1872

      • Actually, I believe she was speaking of your avowed affiliation with the Tea Party… And she didn’t call you names.

        And, speaking as an independent, a lot of these folks aren’t speaking as Democrats, but rather as reasoning Americans.

        I am enslaved to no man, party, or crede. And I oppose you on the basis of crazy.

  2. I can’t say it any better, or any louder than you have BJ. Sing it to the rafters of the WH girlfriend, where Hillary should be residing instead of that pretend black Arab and an illegal alien, just because he and his supporters CONSTANTLY played the race card! Sing it to the highest mountains and down into the deepest valley’s and canyon’s where our spirits have been since the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee stole the nomination from the real winner/s of the primaries, Hillary and all us – the women who supported her. Let all women leave no place silent with our shouts to the Heavens of our feelings of rage, disenfranchisement and injustice. No greater proof be offered by women than the plight of Louisa. You and Louisa are living, breathing evidence of the misogyny and sexism exhibited HOURLY in this country. Sing it honey!!!

    • I cannot wait till women from every corner of this country wake up and realize that they are being exploited by the race, religion, and heroitage etc etc when what we have in common is so much more powerful than any of it.
      We are women- we are sisters and as women we have been the most oppressed simply for being women.

      We can stop it simply by coming together – 52% – The Majority United.

      IMAGINE- The Majority United !

  3. white people are stinking animals. thats not racist to say either.

    • Well Joe, it seems that you can dish it out and yet your friends have nothing to say about that but I do . I say see- non Tea Party people behave badly too. What are we to say now that all Non- tea Party and ALL Democrats are racists and hate all white people?

      Of course not! Just because one JOE makes such a comment- I will have to blame it on one racist Joe not on everyone of his race or sex, or party,

      Thank you Joe for helping me make a common sense point!

  4. I am black I am female I am a member of the tea party. I am offended by those that refer to us as “tea baggers” Its disquesting and they know this is disquesting.
    I also say to the Left wing that I have been offended more times by Liberals then I have by conservatives.
    Betty Jean there was a time not that long ago that it was OK to insult black people we black people had to slap the media upside their head as long as those who used those offensive words. Now its time for women to slap people who use sexism upside the head.

    • Hills I am with you – let’s start slapping heads. I am glad to call you my sister together we can conquer this sexism but apart we will never overcome it. And for the record– I am not GOP– I am an Independent! And I am a Tea Partier! Oh and Hill was my Gal too- still is!

  5. If you aren’t a racist, well good. Racism is a large problem in America. Unfortunately, a large majority of the people attending and or hosting the multiple tea parties, judge people and hate people because of their race. A lot of the things being said are in fact based on race. You do need to stand up and shout that you are a proud GOP. But you need to do it based on facts and actual laws you do or do not support. Because a bunch of the people at these conventions are using racist remarks towards all minorities. Not just the Latinos or the Blacks. But the homosexual, transgendered, Japanese, Asian, Jewish, and anyone who does not appear to be in the white majority. So yes, stand up and be proud, but stop the racism within your party.

    • What makes you decide that I am GOP?

      I am not GOP! I was a Democrat -I ran my but off all over this country for Hillary Clinton and I never before 2008 voted for a Republican!

      I am now an Independent and as a woman I am among the most mistreated and the least protected of all human beings here in America or anywhere in this world but I guess you did not catch that part in my piece either did you?

      I suggest you get that damned chip off your shoulder and open your eyes and smell the coffee – as a straight white Independent woman =- I have no cushion at all and you can’t even be bothered to read half of what I said!

  6. When all else fails, pull the “race card” out and dust it off!

    Many of us belong to the Tea Party (I am an Independent) and I can honestly say that I have not seen this attitude in the Tea Party that I belong to and I would never stay with a group who treats anyone or any group in this manner.

    The radical left is undoubtedly behind this “Conquer and Divide” through intimidation, bribery and thuggery, if this fails then agitate, instigate, stir up trouble and twist the facts (That’s always been a winner! Just in case the “race card” fails!)

    All of the radical left caught between a “rock and a hard place” and what can they do to discredit the Tea Party Movement and move on with their corrupt agendas?

    It is as plain as the nose on their faces, all in congress is worried about being FIRED in the midterm elections, which leaves Obamacare “twisting in the wind”!

    As long as the Tea Party continues to protest the corruption in Washington, they continue to be a “thorn in the sides” of the radical left who run our country.

    We are also, “sick and tired” of the notion that everyone who is associated with the Tea Party is a Republican or that the GOP runs the show. No they don’t!

    Many of us have said this time and time again that we are FIRING everyone in congress regardless of party affiliation or gender!

    If you do not work in the best interest of “We the People” you will be fired, plain and simple!

    At The Majority United – RIDS we are strong advocates of VOTER IMPOSED TERM LIMITS! Any one person or organization has this option to impose this upon those in congress.

    Without organizations like the Tea Party, who are made up of American patriots who are Republicans, Democrats and Independents, who can see that this country is in big trouble and we want to correct the problems.

    It is because of the millions of Americans in the Tea Party Movement that we may someday “see the light at the end of the tunnel”!

    We have a choice here, we are either going to fall for the “race card” scenario or push on and take this country back and out of the hands of the corrupters!

    “United we stand, Divided we fall”!

    • Absolutely! These race baiters were present all during the Primaries and the General Elections. They are shills- they are sent in to agitate and incite and the media just loves to focus on them.
      I have helped set up more rallies than I have time to recount in my lifetime but never have I seen anything the likes of what I saw since Obama!

      As a promoter I know who my people were and I know when intruders show up and came to turn my rally into a circus ! I saw it first hand.
      I know when they face you nose to nose and scream at you and accuse you of being a racist – in the middle of the street that they are looking to attract a crowd and make a scene and accuse you of all maor of racist things that are not true.
      I have been there – I had them two and three man me and then call the cops saying I was making the trouble- a set-up!

      These people are professional instigators!

      They come with signs and racist words and make a scene purposely to discredit the grassroots! And they use the blacks and minorities as pawns – like putty in their hands- just like they use women to battle each other while they sit back and let us do the fightin for them!

      Think about it! would real grass roots Americans behave this way? What would it gain them?
      Use comon sense!

  7. Ah, the radical left, they will do just about anything to separate and divide us from the Tea Party Movement! Even if it means using the “race card”! I call this desperate mode!

    Now, I am wondering who is Katie, Joe and Jay? Does anyone know these people?

    This organization Brave New Foundations (this group makes videos/movies for the left) and it’s executive Robert Greenwald who along with these two women are making these allegations against the Tea Party Patriots failed to mention that they are affiliates/partners with these organizations:

    COLOR OF CHANGE (remember this group)
    NOW (Surprise, surprise the National Organization of Women)

    And a whole list of organizations about 80 who are backers to this administration and those who control the House and the Senate, the Democratic party.

    Gee, I wonder who financially supports all of these organizations?

    • Great Work Not in this lifetime! heheheheheeh – it figures doesn’t it?
      The left never gets tired of the same old crap of divid and conquer and calling it uniting!
      When oh when will they learn – starting a new foundation with a new name but doing the same old crap will not make things better. This is not a brave new anything – its the same old crap!

  8. I’ve decided that this race card stuff has very little to do with insulting the people against whom the charge is lodged and more to do with trying to incite and unite those who rallied around Obama because of the color of his skin.
    For me, the roles of gender and race became clear when Joe Biden’s Judiciary Committee dismissed Anita Hill’s testimony about Clarence Thomas.

    • You hit the nail on the head Ms. B.

      The affects of Systemic Racism has nothing to do with the superficial race-baiting that the ignorant, immature and fundamentally abusive are using.

      Like the child character “Stuart” from Mad TV – “Look what I can do !” (the only scripted, go-to stone they know to throw to get attention) it’s too tragic to be absurd.

      The “Civil” Rights Movement has lost its valor to human beings turned into rabid animals – absent an ounce of discretionary decency.

      Baiting, trapping and skinning the hide off of one another, in the name of promoting or defending racial progress, is about as sophisticated or sane as a Hannibal Lecter’s method of obtaining his preferred cuts of meat.

    • That was an eye opener Ms. B- we learned right then and there that man was always going to be held higher – too bad our sisters of color did not figure it out back then- they might have joined us and we all could have walked together for a better life !

      The message instead was women to the back of the bus- and Rosa Parks wondered why it was she and not A he who took that seat at the front that day.

      Rosa who risked life and limb and changed the everything for male blacks and yet her sisters are still left behind black and white alike!!

  9. Follow the following link if you want to evaluate your own gender stereotypes:

    Implicit Association Test: Gender


  10. and now try racial stereotypes

    Implicit Association Test: Black and White Race


  11. Perhaps it is time to think about the laws governing libel and slander. People who come here to incite and unite by calling us racists think the anonymity of the internet protects them. They need to think again.

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