Best Director goes to a Woman

BettyJean Kling

And acclaimed Director (and ex-husband) James Cameron is the first to stand for the ovation…

 Last night, we watched history in the making.  It marked the first time a woman received the Academy Award for Best Director.  Kathryn Bigelow, the director of Hurt Locker, took home the Oscar (along with a few more for her film).  Barbra Streisand gave away the winner, as she announced, “Well, the time has come”  After accepting the award, Bigelow walked off the stage to “I Am Woman.” 

Bigelow was one of three firsts along with Lee Daniels the first Black and Henry Selick for an animated film. Bigelow’s director’s award shows that women have made strides where so few women have even been nominated for Best Director indicates that more men have historically made up the profession.  Bigelow broke through the barrier.  Perhaps, now she will be the role model for many aspiring young female directors who are trying to make it in the field.  

Cameron put 10 years into his film AVATAR, which was a wonderful film, and yet it was clear that he was truly happy for Bigelow and her wins. I was proud of her for her achievement and I was very proud to see him be happy for her as well. This was heartening and an example to admire on his part.

The Academy done well and it appears politics played no part in this year’s awards. I could have done without the shtick of the co-hosts Martin and Baldwin which I did not find as funny as they apparently did. Nor did I enjoy whatever the shtick was supposed to e from the Sarah Palin wannabe.

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  1. “The Academy done well and it appears politics played no part in this year’s awards”

    Why do you think that?
    Betty Jean, Politics has always been a part of the Oscars. This year is no different.
    I am really glad Avatar did not win. Visually stunning but otherwise pedestrian as a film.

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