“A Tribute To A Most Remarkable Woman!”

The Majority United – RIDS are a remarkable group of women and men who are Republicans, Independents and Democrats. 

Many of us were a part of the historical 18 million voices who fervently supported  Senator Hillary Clinton. 

The outrage at the DNC and Party politics played a significant role for The Majority United, who were not just outraged, but defiant and refused to acknowledge the candidate, who the DNC,  the Democratic party, mainstream media and the list of “conniving bedfellows” who used every corrupt and fraudulent tactic to push thru “their” chosen candidate.   

Sexism, racism, corruption and manipulation played a defining role in what would lead The Majority United in support of Senator McCain and Governor Palin’s unsuccessful run for the Whitehouse.

The 2009 presidential race shared the same similarities and commonality of sexism, racism, corruption and manipulation that was undeniably familiar to the 2008 primary debaucle.

It was during this time when The Majority United along with many other groups whose names appear on our Blog Roll joined forces with our Republican counterparts.  

The Majority United through this new collaboration were no longer a group of just Democrats or just Independents.  We welcomed Republicans to join our rank and file and we evolved into what is now The Majority United – RIDS. 

Through disappointment and adversity in “political theater”, The Majority United – RIDS, Republicans, Independents and Democrats have emerged as not just remarkable but dedicated and devoted in championing the causes for all who need a helping hand and a voice.

Those who visit our Free Us Now web blogs or tune in on Monday and Wednesday evening on Free Us Now Blogtalk radio show, will discover that we deal with many issues that are of great concern to many of our members.

From womens rights to domestic violence, misogony and sexism, racism, politics and corruption, the economy to health care, media bias, to The Tea Party and every issue that concerns not just us here at The Majority United, but every American across this great nation.

So we of The Majority United – RIDS, dedicated bloggers, posters and protestors would like all who participate in reading and posting at Free Us Now Web blogs and those who choose to chat or listen at Free Us Now at Blogtalk radio, would like to introduce you to “A Most Remarkable Woman” our “fearless leader” Betty Jean Kling, “freemenow”. 

RIDS is the clever “brainchild” of our very own Betty Jean!

Betty Jean, mother, grandmother, daughter,  “fearless leader” and a champion to those who need one.   Dedicated and devoted to her family and friends and The Majority United.

As members of her group, we recognize her strength of character, determination and spirit, all qualities that only true leaders possess! 

She shies away from the praises that she so well deserves!  

We are constantly amazed that she finds the time and the energy with her ever busy schedule to manage and guide us at The Majority United. 

Betty Jean, you have helped everyone of us to grow and challenged us to become more aware of our world in crisis and that it is up to each one of us to stop the whining and complaining and get involved in making this world in which we live a better place!

This “Tribute to A Most Remarkable Woman!” from your followers,  comes with our most sincere appreciation!


2 Responses

  1. I agree, wholeheartedly. Your work is much appreciated Betty Jean, even if we don’t tell you often enough.

  2. What a wonderful letter of appreciation for all the fine ideas and neverending work BJ has done and will continue to do in the past and in the future. Keep up the good work. Georgine

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