A Political Season of Discontent

“Wikipedia describes a “Perfect Storm” as an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will “aggravate” a situation drastically.”  

And anyone who lives in the northeastern part of the United States  knows what a “Nor’easter” is and also knows that it leaves behind in it’s wake considerable damage, devastation and in some cases death.

This administration and those in congress are comparable to both of these anomalies and it is becoming quite clear that the consequence of their actions will undoubtedly be their own demise, in the sense of “deliberate political suicide”!

They are all like “runaway trains” who haven’t noticed that they ran out of train tracks awhile back! 

What is really “mind boggling” are those in Washington who are willing to follow their so-called leaders blindly off a cliff!   

Contrary to what all in Washington believe,  you can all be replaced! 

Every politician takes and “oath of office” and unfortunately over a period of time they forget that they are in Washington to serve the People, their constituents back home and not their Party, not the Special Interest or Lobbyist or themselves!

The generosity of the American people have been taken for granted! 

Voter imposed term limits for every politicians should be mandatory with the American voter.  The longer politicians stay in Washington the opportunity for corruption abounds in that enviroment.

“We the People” have allowed them to receive their Cadillac insurance plans for life.  They are being paid whether they do a good job or a bad job.

We are here to say that all the “good life” at the People’s expense is coming to an end! 

Sweeping changes will be made in the 2010 midterm elections in November and there will be “no tears shed” for those in congress who have disregarded the concerns of their constituents. 

Many, regardless of gender and party affiliation will lose their seats in the House and the Senate. 

And let there be no misunderstanding that these sweeping measures will continue into 2012, 2014 and as long as it takes to get the “corruption” out of Washington!


2 Responses

  1. I have been suggesting that Americans who are fed up with DC “politics as usual” (not to mention profiteering at our expense) should arrest, try for treason and guilloutine members of Congress and the judiciary who abuse our good will during the coming Civil / Class War!

    Yes, it is a very radical answer to a radical set of problems, but we must send a clear message that we are not going to allow them to live better than the people who finance their cushy lifestyles via our taxes! We must force them to either give regular AMERICANS (not aliens) the same insurance coverage they enjoy, or they must give up what they have and live with the coverage of Medicare. And since these rotten Congressional reps voted not to give SS recipients an increase or a one time $250 payment, then their own pay raises of $6,000 and up that they just voted for themselves must be repealed, right along with all their perks and make them live on the same income as SS recipients, just like everyone else. They have forgotten they are there to serve us, not the other way around.

    We should also repeal giving billions in aid to Israel every year until America can take care of Americans properly FIRST. Our aged and disabled should not suffer while Israel’s citizens live very comfortably on our dime. At what point will Israel be self supporting? We expect Americans to be self supporting on far less income per year even when we have paid into the SS system.

    I will soon be offering a set of plans to build your own guilloutines in the coming upheaval. Use them as your vigilante groups see fit. I bet if we start openly building guilloutine’s, members of Congress will start voting more equitable care for our own citizens. To hell with them. They clearly do not deserve to be there when they do not represent what is best for Americans FIRST.

  2. Wll that is one way – another is tar and feathers – I have also heard of trying them in the courts but at the very least let us fire the bastards- and let us do it this November. Won’t that be one hell of a shock?
    heheheheheh And while we are at it let’s hire at least half of the new ones as women! Let’s go gals!

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