Gov. Paterson talks to victim before court

Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling

I know the governor is legally blind but is he legally stupid too? His 6’7” Aide David W. Johnson who has thrice been accused of domestic violence!

Last week, Mr. Paterson said there had never been a judicial finding that Mr. Johnson had been violent with women, and he characterized the Oct. 31 episode as a “bad breakup.” A spokesman for Mr. Paterson said last week that the governor had looked into the episode and that the complaint “had been withdrawn.”

The woman appeared in court twice since last fall attempting to get a permanent restraining order while being harassed by the STATE POLICE to drop charges.

The woman was twice granted a temporary order of protection against Mr. Johnson, according to the proceedings in Family Court in the Bronx.

“I’m scared he’s going to come back,” she said, according to the proceedings, in which a court referee at the initial hearing noted bruises on the woman’s arm.

“I’m glad you’re doing this,” the woman told the referee, “because I thought it was going to be swept under the table because he’s like a government official, and I have problems even calling the police because the state troopers kept calling me and harassing me to drop the charges, and I wouldn’t.”

She added, “I’ve never been through this before.”

Two days later, the woman was back in Family Court, and the order of protection was kept in place. And she again asserted that she had been pressured by the State Police.

“The State Police contacted me because they didn’t want me to get an order of protection or press charges or anything,” she told the court.

The State Police superintendent, Harry J. Corbitt, said he was told of the episode within 24 hours after it occurred. He confirmed that a state police officer had met with the woman, even though the episode occurred in the jurisdiction of the New York Police Department. He said the visit was made only to tell the woman of her options, including seeking counseling.

 She then mysterious fails to show up for the final hearing after talking to Governor Paterson who swear he did not call her but who now says she called him. Well, well, well governor-

“We never pressured her, at least what I was advised; we never pressured her not to press charges,” said Mr. Corbitt, whom the governor appointed. “We just gave her options.”

He said that such an inquiry was customary for the department if an episode involved a high-profile person, and that it was done in the 24 hours afterward.

“It’s typical if it involves anything that might involve a media event; it doesn’t have to be a senior official to the governor,” Mr. Corbitt said. “It could be a politician or a high-profile physician, anything that might pique interest in the press, because it’s a special circumstance.”

The State Police perform a variety of functions, including patrolling the highways, counterterrorism, and narcotics and homicide investigations, but they do not have primary jurisdiction in New York City. The department also has a detail, or team, of about 200 officers who provide personal security for the governor and his family and officials traveling with them. These detail officers would have interacted frequently with Mr. Johnson.

Just what was that offer of support? Just what were those options ? How long is this jackass on suspend without pay- just till this blows over? Huh? Huh? You Bastards!

On Wednesday night, in response to inquiries from The New York Times, Mr. Paterson said in a statement that he would request that Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo investigate his administration’s handling of the matter. The governor also said he would suspend Mr. Johnson without pay.

Through a spokesman, Mr. Paterson said the call actually took place the day before the scheduled court hearing and maintained that the woman had initiated it. He declined to answer further questions about his role in the matter.

The woman’s lawyer, Lawrence B. Saftler, said that the conversation lasted about a minute and that the governor asked how she was doing and if there was anything he could do for her. “If you need me,” he said, according to Mr. Saftler, “I’m here for you.”

Mr. Saftler said the governor never mentioned the court case, but he would not say if the call had influenced her decision not to return to court.



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  1. This is but a mild incident in NYS, as they all (politicians) use thier position of perceived entitlement and special perks, to exercise control and intimidation when it suits thier purpose !! There have been far worse cases and it is not on one side of the isle as far democrat or republican ….actually considering the powers that have controlled NYS for nearly a century and how extensively corrupt the entire state courts system is speaks volumes !!!

    They sure are desperate to maintain control and obviously have good reason since the flood gates have opened ….for more detail …… google exposecorruptcourts !!!!

    The Family Courts Crisis in NYS needs an immediate top down house cleaning and get the powers in control out … I think if Gov patterson had the facts not the skewed info he’s been fed he’d be disgusted ….. WAKE UP NYS AND AMERICA !!

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