The Obama “Public Option”…

“Bend over, America!”

Dear Mr. Savior, the  One we were waiting forWorld Leader,

President, Health Care Reformer:

Surely, you can get a job that you are unqualified for…

in one of those countries that you actually seem to like ?



4 Responses

  1. hheheheheheheh yo are so so so right!

    And by theway hip hip hooray for Senator Bunting! He says we can have anythingwe can pay for!
    Weshould do something on this good Senator!

  2. Has anybody seen this President? You know, the one for Public Option, Choice, Reform and Reigning in skyrocketing costs and Big Insurance companies?

  3. What would really be monumental and “newsbreaking” would be to design a Bill/Resolution to pull the rug from under all who reside in congress and demand that they all give up their “cadillac plans” for their “illustrious” leader’s government option!

    Bounce all incumbents and their cronies out of office!

  4. Let all in congress be the “guinea pigs” for this so-called “fabulous” public option for the next 8 yrs. including the president and those in his administration!

    AMERICA, we can make a difference through our VOTES in the midterm elections!

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