Gov Patterson? It happens everyday.

Been there, done that. Looking back, I certainly wish I hadn’t retracted my story – again, and again, and again… year, after year, after year. It makes for a very uncertain future of more of the same, regretfully. Unfortunately, all of the men in my family stuck together, too!

The script of an abusive man in the aftermath of abuse… if she survives it:

I know that you were slapped, kicked, had clumps of your hair pulled out and threatened within an inch of your life… I know I hurt ya, babe, but… tell them that you overreacted, that you exaggerated, that you lied, that you kept pushing me to a breaking point, caught me with another woman and spit on my shirt, threatened to leave me. Tell them its your fault, baby! Please… please… please, honey, babe, sweetie… don’t hurt me, Bitch!”

The New York Times Story: Governor Patterson’s Oath

I hate to tell you this, The New York Times, but this isn’t “news” to most women or men, even. You probably would not even be doing this story, if it were not for the Democratic pile-on going on with this Governor, anyway. He’s just the political flavor of the day and this makes some real juicy headlines, yes?

Well, boys, the real story here is not that he did it, or the political fall-out, or who is next in line if he resigns. No, the real story here is  how many women also get “pressured” into dropping, minimizing or even not reporting incidents of abuse that end up going through it again, or worse, that end up dead.

Go ahead, you bastards, exploit this victim some more and leave the real story – along with millions of other women who have and/or will face such intimidation, influence and threats – in the shadows!

P.S. Governor Patterson – in my humble, experienced opinion, you are out of the same rotten pile of garbage that actually beats and maims a woman. So, why don’t you do us all a favor and just get your ass off the podium and take your lifelong, benefit’s package for serving the “public” and run!


3 Responses

  1. It never seems to end.

    Every minute, everyday, every week, every month and for years, there are women across this country who are victimized and abused by their predators.

    Those who take an oath to protect and defend the victims are now instrumental in perpetrating the continued abuse of those who are victimized.

    We have corrupt public officials!

    Case after case of low and high public officials who have abused the use of their power to intimidate, harass, bribe and the coverups that goes on is another form of brutal victimization.

    Where do the victims go for justice? If those who take the oath to protect the victims are the abusers, than where do they go from there? Who can they trust? Who will speak for the victims?

    I am beginning to learn that an order of protection is only as good as the paper that it is written on. A piece of paper that is not enforced through physical law will not stop the predators continued abuse and violence against women.

    Pickup any newspaper in this country or go online and the same story is playing out across this country.

    High profile cases such as Hiram Monserrat, who brutally slashed his girlfriend’s face and now Governor Patterson’s aide David W. Johnson reportedly physically attacking and violently choking his live-in girlfriend should not be tolerated under any circumstance.

    All hypocrits of the highest form! They promise to protect and defend women until it involves their “corrupt hides”!

    It is time for all Americans to bring a halt to a system that has gone awry. It’s time for the people to send a message to these public officials that the corruption stops here and now with their removals!

  2. Well said !! Send a copy to Patterson and to the NYS AG too. google exposecorruptcourts for more facts on NYS’s extensive corruption and then you’ll be wondering …..why isnt the DOJ doing something ??

    Obama ought to be hiring for the DOJ and rebuilding it so we might have some oversight and action instead of BS & excuses to enable the corruption.

  3. enough is enough more taxes huh dave give us a break cant afford to buy a pack of smokes,you should be ashamed of yourself when you have no problem spending state money to hide corruption in your office,you are by far the worst gov,this country has ever seen,you should resign and apologize for ever pretending you care about american people or there problems you are a idiot and should think of taxing the things you enjoy in life like threatening people who want to accuse your cabinet for beating women you are a low life and a disgrace. off yourself looser

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