Women in Politics – Part2

We are approximately 9 months away to midterm elections and the American voters are intent upon vetting and voting for the right people into “We the People’s Seat.” 

We have a most difficult task ahead of us and it will take every single American in a short period of time to help bounce every incumbent and their fellow cronies out of office and replace them with American Patriots who believe in doing what is in the best interest of the American people and this great country.

Here at The Majority United – RIDS,  we believe that more women should play a part in our political system and that men should also be afforded the same equal opportunity.

An article posted at HillBuzz on February 5, 2010,

Titled: “Question: Should You Vote for Someone Just Because She’s A Woman?”


Many of us here at The Majority United have been at odds when it comes to this particular topic. 

I applaud HillBuzz for taking a stand on this controversy! 

Should You Vote For Someone Just Because She’s A Woman? 


See, as example, Claire McCaskill.

See, also, HRH Princess Caroline of Kennedy. Kathleen Sebelius. Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Barbara Boxer. Mary Landrieu. Blanche Lincoln. Martha Coakley. Jennifer Brunner. There are a lot of women who’ve either done terrible things in their positions, or are just bad for the jobs they seek.

What’s interesting is that we’re always accused around here of liking both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin because they are women. Yes, they are women, but that’s not why we like them. We like Michelle Bachmann, too, and she’s a woman. Nancy Pelosi’s a woman, but we don’t like her. We like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but can’t stand Sonya Sotomayor, the “wise Latina”. Like Laura Bush, don’t care for Michelle Obama. Don’t like Helen Thomas, would love to be friends with Cokie Roberts. Adore Michelle Malkin, think Katie Couric is a twit. Have grown to appreciate Ann Coulter and we’re huge fans of Liz Cheney, but think Campbell Brown and Joy Behar are fools.

There are good women, and bad women, just as there are good men and there are bad men. Some of the good ones are Democrats, and some are Republicans. There are bad people of the female gender on both sides of the aisle.

This is the point where we break from many of our friends in PUMA-land, and with people we really love and respect over at Darragh Murphy’s PUMApac. In interest of full-disclosure, Murphy is a friend and, truth be told, a kind of hero to us. But, on her site she chooses to always support female candidates because — and we share this view with her to a point — there just aren’t enough women in office. The PUMAs, largely, like us, want to see more women in elected positions, since just 17% of the representatives in our government are female, when over 50% of the population has double-X chromosomes. That’s not right, it’s not fair representation, and much more than the racial issues the MSM loves to trumpet, THIS is where equality is needed. Pronto.

But, we do not agree that the female candidate should always be supported, no matter what, not if she’s a bad candidate or does something to deserve rallying against her.

A classic example is also a recent one: Martha Coakley.

If you follow us, you will know that we wanted Coakley to win the Democrat primary in Massachusetts, because she is a woman and was a strong Hillary supporter in 2008. We rooted for Coakley without really looking into her record because we wanted another woman in the Senate and we wanted that woman to be Team Hillary. The only thing that will ever trump our desire to see more women in the Senate, and to stick with people who stuck with Clinton, is the good of the country. We stood with Coakley until the week before Christmas, when Coakley made it clear she would blindly do whatever Harry Reid and the DNC told her to do. That’s when we started backing Scott Brown, because it was at that point that, for the good of the country, Democrats needed to lose their supermajority in our opinion.

We did not, however, hit Coakley with anything negative at that point…because while we no longer wanted her to win, we held off on lampooning her because of our respect for female candidates and our gratitude to her for standing with Clinton.

However, when Coakley’s goon pushed the reporter who was trying to question her to the ground, and Coakley herself acted like she was entitled to that seat by nature of her anointment by the Kennedy Family, the gloves came off for us…because, once again, the good of this Republic required us to hit back at a would-be aristocrat who thought she was above the people.

That is precisely why we continue to hit HRH Princess Caroline of Kennedy as hard as we do. Her behavior in December of 2008 will never be forgotten. We will personally see to it Princess never acquires elected office in this country. She is the absolute worst of the worst when it comes to the entitlement disease infecting more Democrats than swine flu.

There’s a rumor going around that Justices Ginsburg and Stevens are going to retire from the Supreme Court this year. Who do we want to replace them? Ann Claire Williams and another woman. The next two Supreme Court Justices should be women. Period. Exclamation point. There is just no valid reason why two women can’t be appointed to replace the next retiring Justices. In our opinion, the Court should be made up of 5 women and 4 men, in total, to reflect the population of this country. That’s our opinion.

We do not believe an argument exists that there are not two women qualified to serve on the Court who are as qualified as the two best male candidates that can be brought forward. We’ve selected Ann Claire Williams as the next Justice we want on the Court. We’ve met her here in Chicago. She is the real deal. We cannot imagine a male out there who is more qualified or will do a better job than she will. We don’t know a lot of judges, but we bet there’s another female out there as good as Williams.

In terms of Senate appointments to fill vacancies, we also believe a woman should be appointed wherever possible, because the Senate does indeed need more women in it. If an appointment has to be made, and a qualified and capable woman is put forward, we don’t believe an argument can be made that it should have gone to a man instead.

Appointments should be used to put more women in government. As long as they are just as good as the best men that could have been put in those offices instead.

The problem we have is when a woman who is not the best for the job is put forward, over people more capable and competent. Harriet Meiers was a SCOTUS appointment we railed against, because she was clearly not the best choice for the job. Neither was Sotomayor, the “wise Latina”. We are still waiting for her to astound us with some of that wisdom, Latin or otherwise. Surely, there was someone out there, both Hispanic and female, who was more qualified, capable, intellectually curious, and harder working than the “wise Latina”. We don’t know many judges, as noted, but we know quite a few Hispanic female lawyers who would have been great on the Court…much, much better than “wise Latina”.

Certainly better than Meiers.

For the record, we also don’t support candidates just because they are gay. If someone is an ass, like Jakob Meister here in Illinois, and he’s gay, we won’t support him just because we’re gay too. Meister is the reason David Hoffman didn’t win the Democrat nomination on Tuesday…which handed it to Alexi Giannoulias in our Senate race. Almost everyone we know here in Boystown voted for Meister, because he is gay, and they are gay too. That was folly, because Meister was the spoiler who handed the race to Giannoulias. All of those Meister votes were Hoffman votes. So, Boystown helped the mob’s banker get one step closer to the Senate, because they played identity politics (and we know you’ll be stunned to learn the black vote all went to the black candidate, Cheryle Jackson, which also helped Giannoulias win…since absent her in the race, those too would have been Hoffman votes).

We make people mad on both sides of the aisle for this, but in every race that’s contested, and we have a choice in the matter, we are going to pick the person we think is best for the job: regardless of their sex, orientation, color, religion, party, whatever. If you love America, and if you promise to work hard, and if you don’t say anything hateful about gays, and if you are okay with all of us at Buzzquarters helping you, then you have our support. If your opponent is someone who we think might get more done and be better for this country, however, even if we really like you, we’re going to have to choose what’s best for the country. Even if we know you personally.

It’s country first, always, people.

Being a grown up means there are often hard choices to make.

In ideal world, every woman who ran for office would be a great candidate. Every woman put up for appointment to the SCOTUS or the Senate would be fantastic, the absolute best of the best. But, we don’t live in an ideal world.

Mediocre people like Meiers and Sotomayor are nominated to the highest Court in the land. Terrible candidates like Coakley are selected for the Senate. And people we truly and sincerely like on the personal level, such as Carly Fiorina, do such a bad job campaigning that, for the good of the country, we need to support opponents like Chuck DeVore because we believe he has a better chance of taking down Barbara Boxer in the fall…who is a woman Senator, but a terrible person who is disrespectful to the military and so enamored with herself that she considers the seat she holds “the Boxer Seat”, in much the way the Kennedy Family thought of the seat Scott Brown now occupies.

This is a Republic. We have no royalty here. As much as we love Disney cartoons and think the world of Queen Elizabeth and the other Windsors, when it comes to America, we want no part of the royalist crap Democrats love to pull. Those are the people’s seats, and the butts in them belong to TEMPS. Just because Boxer’s a woman does not mean she should be re-elected. If she wanted to be re-elected, she should have behaved like a responsible and worthy Senator the week before Christmas, when madness took hold of the Senate and those 60 crazed fools decided it was a good idea to ram unpopular and dangerous legislation through in the dead of night when no one was apparently (they thought) watching.

So, be mad at us all you want for not supporting Boxer, a woman, but she needs to be fired. We are going to help the people of California do that.

We’re also going to help California elect Meg Whitman the next Governor of the Golden State.

While we are going to help Chuck Devore in the primary against Carly Fiorina, we’re going to do everything we can to re-elect Michelle Bachmann in Minnesota.

We want Nancy Pelosi booted from her seat, but want Sue Lowden to take Harry Reid’s place in the Senate.

We’d go to Hell and back for Hillary Clinton when she gets back into politics…and will do the same for Sarah Palin too.

And, as noted numerous times, we plan on campaigning for Ann Claire Williams to be the first black female SCOTUS Justice the moment the next retirement is announced.

No matter what we do each day, there will always be a portion of you mad about something. Occasionally, we like to share our thought process on some of these matters, because some thing just aren’t as cut and dry as others make them.

And there are major trump cards in play for us, always. The biggest of them is AMERICA itself. We’d side against Hillary Clinton whenever AMERICA needed us to. We’ll side against any woman if AMERICA needs that. We’d side against our own personal interests (and, in the last two years, frequently did just that), if we felt doing what’s right for AMERICA meant hurting ourselves.

We love this country more than anything.

After that, we love working towards seeing more qualified women in elected office.

More than anything, we wish ONLY qualified, capable, admirable, and patriotic women were the ones RUNNING for office, but the likes of McCaskill, Sebelius, and Princess Caroline certainly prove that’s not the case.

Not all women are created equal. Some are better than others. The ones that are good are SO GOOD that the McCaskills and others try to slip under the radar, in their shadow, riding their coattails.

We demand excellence.

We demand Hillarys and Sarahs.

We won’t settle for less, because AMERICA can’t afford that much settling.

Go ahead and be all nuts in comments about that, but it’s how we feel, and how we will continue to operate.

America first. ALWAYS. 


4 Responses

  1. I second every word of the above!

  2. […] more here: Women in Politics – Part2 « Free Us Now Weblog Share and […]

  3. I also agree with how HillBuzz chooses to handle this controversy that many of us here at The Majority United-RIDS is also dealing with.

    We want to support women, but it is also important to know where these individuals stand when it comes to what is in the best interest of America as a whole.

    We expect no less out of our male counterparts.

    I know that it is difficult for women who enter politics.

    As women, we set a higher standards to those in politics who represent our gender.

    It may be because we go through life always having to prove to ourselves and those around us that we are capable of handling any given task.

    We were once, the “Silent Majority”. This is not because we chose this path, it was assigned to us, without our consent.

    We have made ground breaking strides in overcoming this misnomer as the “Silent Majority”.

    Women have risen to the many challenges including stepping out in the forefront as worthy opponents to raise their voices in unison.

    So as midterm elections approach, it is time to vet those candidates who will do the best job for not just women, not just men but for all Americans!

    I have to agree with the women and men at HillBuzz and I won’t vote for just any woman just because she is a woman, if she is the wrong person for the job.

    Pelosi, Sebelius, Boxer and the rest of their ilks come to mind. This group of women have been responsible for a lot of indignation directed against women in general!

    We know for a fact that they are not representative of majority of the women in this country!

    This is about America first. ALWAYS!

  4. So of course PUMAs were always about the sexism, are happy to support sites that publish articles such as this


    and when it comes down to electing women to Congress you are no where to be seen.

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