Harold Ford not running for Senate in N.Y.

Update on Harold Ford Jr.

He has decided against running for the N.Y. Senate seat held by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

In an article written in Salon dated March 1, 2010, written by Alex Koppelman and titled: ” Harold Ford not running for Senate in N.Y.”

Harold Ford Jr. complains about everything “under the sun”, from being criticisized  for his contrary conservative views that he held in Tennessee.   

To bullying from those in the New York Party to stop him from seeking the N.Y. Senate seat.  

“Carpetbagger” comes to mind!

Oh, and to the benefit of the democratic party,  Harold Ford Jr. does not want to be responsible for helping the Republicans to win the N.Y. Senate seat and the Senate majority. 

Harold Ford Jr.’s official statement will be published in New York Times, March 2, 2010, Tuesday.

Preview of his statement can be read online at Salon:



One Response

  1. It;’s a drive through run for something, some future political move – wouldn’t you say?

    He sure milked the threat and got a lot of free publicity. Whether he wasn’t a viable candidate by the numbers or he was just testing the waters, we have had a mainstream media look at Harold Ford now, have we not?

    We should just name him “The NY Streaker” – LOL!

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