Obama’s Hypocrisy Covered Up By A Complicit Media

In the following CSPAN clip Senator McCain addresses the numerous back room deals and political favors included in the Health Care Bill. He goes on to explain that during the campaign both he and President Obama agreed to change the way things were done in Washington. That clearly there was no ‘change’ in the ‘politics as usual’ style that resulted in this bill with its numerous goodies for particular Senators and their respective states.

President Obama’s response was to chastise Senator McCain for being in campaign mode. In reality, Senator McCain simply did what the main stream media has refused to do over the last year and a half. He called him out on blantantly breaking a campaign promise. Now the CSPAN clip below, is not the clip you likely saw on the news, as the media still refuses to show criticism of President Obama. What the media presented was President Obama’s rebuke with out any of that pesky critique.

However, if one actually looks at the President’s record and his statement, it is one of the most blatantly hypocritical remarks made in ages. President Obama is the consumate campaigner; neither side question’s ability to campaign or make a speech. Campaigning is President Obama’s ‘go to’ move. Real Clear Politics breaks down just how politically motivated the president’s travel is, as one example of the Obama White House’s perpetual campaign mode.

Presidential Travel Favors Blue, Purple States

President Obama’s trip to Georgia tomorrow will be his first as president. According to data shared by the indispensable Mark Knoller of CBS News, it will mark the 31st state the president has traveled to since taking office last January.

Looking more closely at those numbers, a pattern emerges that is hard to ignore. Obama has visited 23 of the 28 states he carried in November 2008, but only six of the 22 states carried by Republican John McCain. Broken into three broad categories:

Obama has made 47 stops in the 19 states he carried by more than 10 points (including 16 in neighboring Maryland).
Obama has made 44 stops in the 16 states where the final result was within 10 points (including 19 in neighboring Virginia).
Obama has made 4 stops in the 15 states that McCain carried by more than 10 points.

Obama’s Hypocritical ‘We’re not Campaigning Anymore’ Statement


4 Responses

  1. Debate, criticism, transparency, hope and change are all just a little too rich for a President’s stomach that’s already completely bloated… with himself.

    Playing Savior, President, World Leader, Doctor is fun!

  2. Obama the proverbial campaigner!

    Instead of criticizing Senator McCain with that smart aleck remark of the “election being over…..” and the notion that ” the man” won the election “fair and square” is nonesense and blah, blah, blah rehtoric!

    Let’s be perfectly honest here, the nomination and the presidency was “stolen through fraud and corruption” from then Senator Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State).

  3. For those who disagree with “stolen through fraud and corruption” statement should view Gigi Gaston’s documentary “We Will Not Be Silenced” caucus fraud movie about the Democratic Presidential primaries and caucuses during the 2008 primary election.

    Part 1, Part 2 & Part 4 is up at You Tube.

  4. The ‘election being over remark’ sounded a lot like the ‘get over it’ remark from the primaries.

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