Obama’s bi-partisan solution to Health Care Plan

By BettyJean Kling

Let me start off saying that I completely agree with something Obama said. While I wait for you to get up off the floor or catch your breath consider that I do not mean that I agree with what he meant – I simply agree with the words. You see I have figured out the method to his madness.

Obama Stated “But when asked about the individual components of the various reform packages, Americans polled by CNN favor requiring companies to provide insurance to their employees, end preexisting condition screening by insurance companies and ban cancelling health coverage for beneficiaries who become seriously ill. ”

What Obama, Reid, Peolsi and others did not say and what no one seems to ask as a follow up to that question is, At what cost? I have to wonder if those polled ever ask, What’s the catch? We have all heard there is no free lunch.

Most everyone I spoke to today, hated what they called the wasted 6 hours of the televised Health care Summit. This is watching the two wings of the vulture in action. After all isn’t it interesting to see and hear what we pay these guys (mostly all men) over 150K a year to do? What we will be paying them hefty pensions and heath care benefits for life to have done?

I found it enlightening and what I learned or re-learned is that these clowns will never speak about anything but the extreme partisan points of any issue. It sealed for me that neither side will ever do what is best for the people so let’s just vote em all out ! 435 are up for election on November 3rd. and about 33 Senators are also up for re-election.

When Obama started his closing remarks he challenged the Republicans to add 2 items to their plan. And mentioned he would have Sebelious look into two other items and have her report the possibilities of testing them.

1-add d affordable health care for all

2-there must be an exchange

3- Dems will consider looking into interstate Insurance Protections

4- Dems will look into some form of frivolous law suit discussions


After spending hour after hour trying to appear conciliatory with a few exceptions when he couldn’t hide his rancor, his grand ending caught me like bolt from the blue. Obama then astoundingly ended by saying, no point in doing this again after uttering quips all day long such as “that’s an idea to consider” and “we are getting somewhere” , “I see we can agree on more than I thought we would” and “I’m glad we can agree on that” etc.etc. etc. Only to end by saying something like since we didn’t get mush accomplished– we will just go ahead and do what we gotta do. Astonishingly, he added something along the lines of it looks like we will go ahead and see how the country votes in November!

So – in effect the end result was that in the last 60 seconds – we found out this was all for naught! As usual Obama put on the great show! The Republicans and the Democrats wasted yet another day and got nothing done except tell us they do not deserve another term in office.

But then that’s just my opinion and I watched all 6.5 hours and I still don’t get why it is not as simple as signing up 300 million of us up for what hundreds of f government workers across 50 states now have. A non-government run health care . Cheap, no pre existing, – it’s what our representatives have. If it’s good enough for them and they can take it with them when they get fired.

One Response

  1. Not a doubt in my mind that in the last 60 seconds of this sham of a Health Care Summit that lasted for 6+ hours, that our so-called “illustrious” leader had already made up his mind of what he planned to do before he headed into this “Faux Summit”.

    They will all pay dearly in the upcoming November’s election!

    In his smart aleck quip, about the elections will be the telling story, there is an uncanny “ring of truth” spoken by someone who is most definitely on the way to losing his political base.

    Update to all dems, start updating your resumes.

    He’s going to throw all of you “right under the bus” to somehow save his faltering presidency!

    He has nothing to lose for the next 3 years until his election. On the other hand, there are no guarantees for all who are up for election in November of 2010.

    Every politician in congress will be fighting for their political life!

    In an economy where there is high unemployment and the market is already bloated with the jobless, happy hunting!

    The American people are “sticking a fork” in all of you and you are all done doing the people’s business!

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