Health Care Resolved: Give us the Congressional Plan

BettyJean Kling

Our President and the house and Senate convened in a special meeting this morning all telling us their employers that they have our best interests at heart and what they and we all have in common is this one thing; all Americans deserve and want and need affordable health care. I agree – how about you?

Here they sit fighting over three different plans all written exclusively by democrats and fought over  bitterly by Blue Dog Democrats and Republicans alike while Americans have increasingly done without while paying these fools to fight over the same while the answer is as plain as the nose on their faces.

According to Steny Hoyer, 5Th. Congressional District Maryland, he has a plan that is affordable and does not restrict pre-existing conditions. While reiterating his deep concern for Americans this morning he announced that he wants all Americans to have as good as he has.  I agree – how about you?

The President has said over and over that he has great heath care for he a his family and always will- need I remind you who pays for that health care? Mr. Obama  along with Nancy, Harry and Steny tell us they want us to all have Health Care as good as theirs.  I agree – how about you? As if rubbing salt in our wounds – We The People have been reminding all 535 of them and POTUS and Company of this very point all along.

Why don’t they understand and why can’t we all have what they have? It costs about $1200.00 a year for the Representative and his family for life it’s a Cadillac plan, has no restrictions, and it is not NOT Government Run! 

What a novel idea.

I think he single handedly pointed right to the solution!

I asked my Congressman last August and many Americans asked their Congresspersons as well but none are suggesting the perfect answer. So Mr. Obama, the dilemma is solved. Stop the summit and give us what you and the Congress has.

Demand the Insurance companies currently covering the hundreds of thousands of government employees to also cover the 300 million Employers with the same coverage. How’s that for a large pool?

Eureka! – Health Care coverage and cost s solved!

9 Responses

  1. That is what I have been asking all allong and this is what Hillary addressed during the 2008 campaign. But it is obvious that the democrats have another agenda other than just reforming healthcare, because they are not open for any other ideas but their own. That is why, we the taxpayers, must continue to object the plan the dems want to pushed down our throats.

  2. Obama is one of the greatest actors in history. He is a brilliant spinmaster and should be in Hollywood. But you can’t believe a thing he says. I want health care at the state level controlled by individuals with general themes regulated by federal government– illegal to deny health care for pre-existing conditions, etc. Then they should just set up a series of health clinics to avoid high cost of emergency room care. I am pro-choice but opposed to federal funding for abortion. It’s making women whores essentially to have the government give them free abortions. But Republicans would have better image if they had more women in today’s health care debate. I don’t believe they have one woman on their side of the table while the Democrats continue to CONVEY THE IMAGE that they are the party for women by putting out Kathleen Sibelius and Nancy Pelosi……

  3. Who exactly is Steny Hoyer fooling?

    What a bunch of liars!

    He along with this administration and this corrupt congress have no intentions of giving the American people what “We the People” have afforded them for their service to the people.

    They could care less about what “We the People” want or they would have listened to everyone of our concerns from the very beginning.

    The only offering that this administration and those who control congress would “really” like the American people to be on, is a government health care plan that controls every aspect of our lives.

    Meanwhile, this atrocious health care offering is being subsidized by us, the taxpayers, who have to continue to dig deep within our pockets and pay up front for who knows how long for their health care plan as the reprobate politicians all enjoy their “Cadillac plans” at our expense!

    I say it is time to pull the rug out from under these reprobate politicians, who have taken from their constituents and delivered “Garbage” to the American people!

    “They are likened to a pack of rabbid dogs, who have now turned on their pack!”

  4. I agree on one hand that they should provide the same coverage to all employers but that leaves everyone else who is not employed. We are the ones who really get stuck! Most employers if you have had continuing insurance will cover pe existing conditions. Individual pay over 1,000. per month and very little coverage and no pre existing conditions. We need help as well!

  5. If the Democrats pulled out one more crying towel about all the “people” who were hurt by our current system, I was going to puke!! They all conveniently just “read a letter” or just got a “voice mail” from all of these poor souls. All they offered were “stories” – they offered not one iota of compromise in their great health care debacle. Add to that the statement from Obama about having great healthcare covereage (my doctor is right downstairs), just adds salt to the wounds of the very people they were quoting. Mr. Obama, his family, and every other rotten congressperson out there, owe the “poor” American people a huge THANK YOU, for FOOTING THE BILL of their great healthecare. Get them all out of there, beginning with Pelosi, Hoyer, and Reid and let’s start over with what the “people” really want and need. This “summit” was a sham and proof that Obama really does nothing of value as President.

  6. Sounds to me like an excellent idea. Certainly head & shoulders above anything heretofore proposed.

  7. Jesus, Mary & Joseph, you have a direct link from the brain of Divine Providence to your own! Why didn’t I think of that?

  8. Great replies – I love it- sorry I was not around to keep this going! You guys and gals did great – I especially loved – the crying towels – the puking and Jesus! heheheh

  9. I have to agree with all of you. Yes the first thing that has to happen is to get get rid of the LIARS who are there now beginning with Obama and work right on down the line. I couldn’t watch the summit, I can’t stand to listen to Obama talk. He is the most arrogant person I think I have ever run into in my lifetime. When he gets his come uppance it wil be a big one I think and also hope so! BettyJean, I would rather have no women on tap than the likes of Pelosi and Sibelius, They don’t have the class or knowledge of a Hillary!

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