Alert to Tea Party & 912 Groups

Contributed by Liberty Chick

All –

There is some funny business going on I need to inform you about.  We are getting reports from 912 Project State representatives that many of their local groups are simultaneously being contacted by their local government agencies asking about their permits for protests, paperwork for various activities (selling items, making donations, distributing pamphlets, etc.).  Most importantly, many have received letters indicating that their activities have been identified as those that would require them to register as lobbyists (if they spend more than 20 hours/month on them, which we all do….).  It is very obvious that this is an orchestrated attack.   Some sympathetic workers in agencies in several locations actually even confided in the group leaders that another community organization or a politically active organization had submitted a complaint about them, alleging their activities were suspected to be those that would require them to register as a 527 or lobbying type of group.  Unfortunately, not all of them are as nice as those fine folks were about it.

I have a few of the sample emails from those who were targeted so far, but am waiting to get examples of the lobbyist inquiry letters (Delaware 912 Patriots, a very active organization nearby is one of them; another in Colorado, and several confirmed in Florida, for example) to provide to folks so that you’ll be able to see what’s occurring nationwide.  There is a targeted attack against the Tea Party and 912 Project groups underway across the country.  If you haven’t already read the article from, Clinton Plotting Tea Party Counterattack <>  , please do so.  James Carville will be heading up the effort.  We’re mounting a counter-insurgency online as we speak, so please get this word out to all your groups and tell them to be on the lookout.

Their first wave has been to try and shut down patriot groups by finding those that are active and trying to trip them up with local election, IRS and FEC rules.  If you are politically active, please be sure to familiarize yourselves with the lobbying requirements.  You may need to be registered as as a 527 or 501c4 type of organization.  If you are scheduling events, be sure your permits and insurance are in order. Do not undertake selling anything unless you have all of the registrations in order to be doing so.  Essentially, make sure you have access to someone who knows all the rules on these types of things and can help make sure your groups are functioning legally and appropriately.  Groups are either being inundated with paperwork demands to distract them, or some have even been shut down.  It’s nothing to be concerned about if you are already functioning legally according to your group’s organizational/entity structure.  Sadly though, many groups have no idea that there are rules that limit them from engaging in certain types of activities without being registered as a particular organization type.  But of course,  the “community organizers” of the nation are very well-versed in such rules and are seeing to it that the rules get enforced.

I have some resources for these things on my website (IRS rules, FEC, etc.) in the 912 Project Member Resources area and Be Informed section, but I will be putting together a handbook to help groups wade through these waters.  Please keep these things in mind as go about your activities, and let me know if anything suspicious requests from agencies come your way.  We are sharing them with other groups to help each other be informed and proactive.

And of course, also be reminded that the same Tea Party and 912 groups are also not immune from the hijacking attempts of some of our Republican leaders, who are trying to turn many of the patriot groups into their own “ACORN and SEIU outfits” (someone else’s words, not mine).  Please make sure your “houses” are in order and practice healthy suspicion, that’s the best advice any of us can give each other.  And stick together.

I will push out more info to you as I get it.


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13 Responses

  1. are you kidding me the Dem’s will go after you from the inside id put money that they have already inflated your tea party ranks from within .

  2. you see BO already kowns hes not going to get any of your votes so hes going to make sure that the Repubs dont either

  3. hes going to send his people and have them pose as Conservatives on the net
    1 will tell you that hes a constitutional Conservatives scholar then he will get some of his people to pose a miltary most probably officers then the 3rd type will pose as somebody inside the rep campaign but that guy wont show up till after the elections start you see alot of him in 2012 on Conservative blogs

  4. the officer lead you to belive that the mitary is aginst BO and who ever the REPS pick and most people will not even qustion him .

  5. the person that poses as sombody in the REP campaign
    will say something the REP thats running is really sideing the liberal way of thinking there justy not telling you . but scince hes sombody in the REPs inner circle thats how he knows . and most people will belive him or her .

  6. constitutional Conservatives scholar will tell you that what they are doing is unconstituonal and that if you vote you should vote for someone thats already out of the race . someone that poses not threat to the DEM party

  7. all they have to do is get a handfull of to belive it
    then you will tell your freinds and so on and so on they you will be doing his work for you

  8. the more that he can get to stay home the better.
    you see do not have to be true he just has to convice Conservatives thats it is

  9. then if BO dose run and win your going to have 8 years of hillary
    if hillary runs and wins the DEM nom im sure she will do the same thing

  10. Boogieman – calm down – You poor thing – this has really gotten to you – I go out for one dy and you loose it here all by your self. a one man blogoshpere! Oh my goodness!

  11. Never alone, here. (smile) I’ve been away for a while and I appreciate being able to come here to get caught up on things. Hope all is well with you Betty Jean. How are our other RV buddies doing?

    Love and respect for you.

    Dani * *

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