Sarah: Retard is ok if used in satire. Ooops!

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

If we ever hope to take our country back and have honest Government – we are going to have to be honest ourselves with ourselves and each other. We can’t be giving free passes to those we like and turning the other cheek to candidates or hopefuls- that is how we got OBAMA!

Sarah blew this one and the best thing she could have done but did not do was admit it before it got out of hand. She had a perfect opportunity on O’Reily last night but she chose to lie and then given a second shot she danced around it. I heard her give Rush a pass and I heard her lie about giving him that pass and then dance around that lie. I stayed up to hear it the second time.

It is never ok to use the R word is what she said last night — she is right –but that is not what she said the first time she was asked about Rush using it. Instead she let him get away with it saying he was using it in satire and now many satirists are making fun of special needs folks and it is Sarah Palin’s fault. She owes that community one hell of an apology for opening up the flood gates. Instead everyone wants to blame the comics- yeah they are low for doing it but their point is not lost on me and it ought not be lost on you.

Instead everyone is jumping on the bandwagon coming out on her side saying Trig is off limits! He is- but it’s about time we stop using that little boy and all the other special needs people to promote Sarah! Enough is enough. It is time that all this foolishness stops and satirists stop using it to get to her too. What in the hell is going on when both sides have to use innocent people to promote the foolishness of politicians. Enough already but satirists we already know have no lines – Sarah knows that too, that was her point and she should have known better – oh wait – that’s right – she did. Oooops!

Step up to the plate Sarah and say you are sorry for giving an ok to satirists to use the R word! If it’s ok for Rush it’s ok for all and you gave that OK!


4 Responses

  1. I respectfully disagree. It was ok for Rush to use the word retard, just like it was ok for Rahm. Palin’s outrage was the only thing wrong in this case.

  2. I have to agree- Either it is wrong for both or ok for both. We have a first amendment for a reason, good grief look what they call women ! I am not saying that it is ever right to insult anyone but since we do this false outrage that is used to assault the opposite party is wearing thin now!
    I saw through this one immediately and it is insulting to say the least! Since our first amnedment allows us to insult one another – I suppose we can – we certainly do. If we are going to pull the plug on insulting everyone but women I for one want in on the action- stop calling females bitches, ho’s and cunts!
    I’m just saying!!!!! I don’t see anyone jumping on the asses of the singers who flood the market with this rap crap which demeans women!

  3. Sarah Palin blew this one. I like her, but she can’t have it both ways. I am so sick of politicians trying to be all things to all people. Is there such a thing as an honest politician anymore? Or, maybe there never was, and the joke has been on us all the time. Just a thought.

  4. Thanks – so far – not many are following along here. We can not have on this side what they had on the other side – rememvber two wings of the same vulture.
    We must be true to ourselves always . Never stoop to the same levels else we are just as low as low is.
    Thanks Sandy!

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