Free the Tea Party of partisans, religion, and pundits

Another Rant By BettyJean Kling

Warning! Warning! Warning! Let’s not jump back into the frying pan! We are a free people we seem to be running back and forth between two radical organizations- Free US Now!

Last summer We the People took to the streets in droves, we took to the town halls in droves, we marched on Washington DC in droves and the Tea Party Express rolled across the country. The democrats immediately named us the MOB, Astroturf, NAZI’s and then insisted we were paid Republicans.

The Republicans declining like they were in cement boots were quick on the uptake and already busted and broken and in the ditch after 8 years of Bush jumped on the Bus and joined the Tea party. Why not – it’s a winner?

So we Independents, have the fastest growing segment of the population, and we who want real change from Bush and his Republican waste fraud and abuse but who do not Obama’s Communism, Socialism, Marxism and bankruptcy are ready for real change and are looking for a new party, not to invigorate the broken Republican Party. They simply cannot be fixed!

The reason Liberals exist is to free us from the encumbrances of the far right. The reason conservatives exist is “SAVE US” from the wickedness of total chaos and lawlessness of the far left. Hell- there has got to be more to it than just those two. I think the reason we exist and have free will is to LIVE our own lives but that is also how we got into this mess. We left the wolves and the foxes to guard our HOUSE! We do not have to live by the rule of either of these two radical organizations. There is something called moderation! Find it! We own that dome!

When a people believe they are forced to choose between only two choices they will pick a side and fight to the death for their team. We do not have to choose right or left so why are we? Who the hell said there are only two choices? From the minute we are born we are given two choices – Right or Wrong! This or That. My way or the Highway. With us or Against us. And it goes on and on. Religion is based on God or the Devil. We are indoctrinated from birth – conservatives play the game one way – liberals the opposite. The two choices are always direct opposites – I say there are other options, and true choice requires more options. Imagine going to a diner and the menu only has two choices?

The R’s and the D’s have rigged it so we only have 2 but those of us in the TP have outsmarted them – The R’s have figured out a way to outsmart us- don’t let them take it away from us. Don’t fall for Sarah as millions fell for Obama! There are folks out there that worship her as Obama mania fell for him and the media is helping her as they helped him or at least FOX is!

I am not equating the Sarah to Obama, however, I am equating the followers and the way the media is using them to misreport the TP people which will drive away the real TP people. THINK about it– If TP folks think the TP has been Republican infiltrated – they will leave and leave it to the R party – don’t fall for it!

Well there are more of us then there are of them. We can do this our way. The TP= Tea Party has no leader and it does not need a leader. It also does not need religion which will keep people out and it does not need Sarah Palin whose followers are trying to co-opt it for the Republicans and who has brought her personal belief system into it! There is no place for personal beliefs in the TEA Party. The founders never brought their personal beliefs into The Constitution! READ IT! They purposefully left religion out of it- so should we!

The TP is a movement of, for and by the people to boot incumbents out of office. This convention in Tenn. Paid $100,000.00 check which was signed by Sarah Palin and which was then contributed right back. WHY? Why write the check – ? Why sign it and give it back? Was it done in order to drive up the cost of the entrance fee to over 500.00 a ticket or in order to control the crowd and the message? The message was clearly REPUBLICAN!

Let me repeat- TP is not a religious or republican movement and it should not be! There were about 675 paid Republican registrants there; other tea party members who came were not allowed entrance to anything there. Why? When we went to DC there were nearly 2 million of us – we brought homemade signs,– we paid our own way, we brought others we were RIDs not republicans paying to see and hear a Republican speech and a religious slant.

Everyone is entitled to their own religion and their own moral and values and should control their own lives and their children’s lives. I am very conservative about that but I do not force my beliefs on others- that is God’s job. I want to control what my children are taught in our schools and what my teenager can get and do with her body by that is my personal belief not my belief to preach. I am conservative in very many ways but that is my private business what I am not — is judgmental and I learned that from the Bible- God is the judge! I dislike hypocrites but I digress.

I like Sarah Palin and I voted for her and I celebrate her choices but they are her choices and she has no right to tell anyone how we must worship God in our lives. That is between a people and their God. TP is non partisan and non religious and she has no right to send a double message directly or indirectly about where it is or should be heading. It belongs to the people. If we dare to allow Sarah or anyone to drag religion in, if we set this precedent, where will it stop? Which religion will it represent and why? What about the other religions?

Our founders did not want religion set in our government for this very reason – and it should remain so. Let each worship as she/he wishes and in their own family, home and church and control the affairs of their own children but we have not right to dictate these things to others. This is why we are in America. See next piece Homosexuality is an abomination. This includes the second bigoted email I got today and which prompted this piece!

YES- WE are free to be bigoted but I am also free to refute it and rail against those who would spread such hate and cause harm to God’s other children. Before you claim to know God and spread God’s word read: Matthew 7:1-5 Judge not lest ye be judged and meanwhile leave your bigoted religion out of the people’s movement!

RIDs belong to the TP. Republicans, Independents and Democrats who want to take their country back! This is a political movement not a religious movement let’s not inject divisive issues into it and ruin it as we have the other two parties. The minute you bring in religion you will have The Republican Party which you already have and do not want. The Republicans really want the TP – they are trying to take it over. Don’t let them. The very reason TP exists is to break away from Republicans. The Dems are forming Brown bag and telling you TP is Republican – don’t let them be right.

Stand your ground- The religious bigots have a place to call home – they have been residing within
The Republican Party – let them stay there and drown. Moderate Republicans come on out and join the RIDS in the TP you are welcome this party is for you.

The liberal laissez-faire have a place to run wild they have been residing within The Democratic Party let them stay there and drown with that sinking ship too. Moderate Democrats come on out and join the RIDS in the TP you are welcome this party is for you.

The TP is for those of us who are Independent of the constraints of those two parties, who have common sense and who want our country back. We want to throw the bums out. WE are politically and fiscally conservative, we have to be to get back on track but we need to be socially concerned too within the scope of our principles found in THE Constitution. We can do this- we let it go too far – but we are Americans and we can fix this. We just can’t trust either party AGAIN!

Just as I was hitting the publish button – I heard Glenn Beck say something very similar to this- I am going to stay up till 2 AM and see what he said- if you heard it and he agrees with me – please write and tell me – or write him and tell him about me!

Comments encouraged! Please if the originators of the TP meant to make this a religious reawakening – let us know we will go elsewhere!

For some of us in the Tea Party — this is simply not the case. I for one have only encountered people in this movement who are independent thinkers, who are very much aware of the corruption and graft of BOTH political parties and are actively seeking ways to stop them and remove these people from office. A lot of these people are NOT willing to allow anyone tell them WHO they ARE. They are thinking for themselves. And, a “thinking” voter is NOT what any in the establishment desires.~Shentale  a member of the Tea Party Movement



2 Responses

  1. What a great piece, Betty Jean!

    As Admiral David Glasgow Farragut (1801- 1870) First senior officer of the U.S. Navy phrased during the American Civil War aboard the USS Hartford in Mobile Bay, Alabama in August 5, 1864.

    Against all odds gave the command ‘Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead’!

    So shall we RIDS, Republicans, Independents and Democrats, forge ahead to take back our country out of the hands of the reprobates and place it back into the hands of the American people, who were given the task by our founding fathers to preserve and protect it’s people and this country for all posterity!

  2. Well it’s about time you got back and put in your two cents! heheheh cause it’s always worth its weight in gold.
    You are so right! thanks for the insightful comment!

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