Sexualizing America 8 -12: Paying the price of men’s weaknesses

By: Bettyjean Kling

This one is going to get me a lot of flack but maybe it is what I need to do to shake some of the hard liners loose. The conservatives mostly women, I’m complaining about. I am not complaining about conservative men because for all their complaining – the liar bastards – behind closed doors – they love it and I know it and so do you deep down.

Anyway conservative women just love to blame liberal females for dressing the way they do, deep down they just love to blame these gals for luring their prizes astray. Let me remind you – it takes two. I agree we don’t need temptresses running around and you don’t need to bend over backwards to keep your man happy or else, but to blame other women for your man’s infidelity is the easy answer. And you haven’t thought out the consequences. If he can’t keep his vows – it’s because he has no character not because a temptress got to him, not because you failed him – it’s because of his failure to keep his vows.

On the other hand, just as I would not leave bread out on the porch and not expect birds to flock – or meat there and not expect dogs to come sniffing– nor would I leave a stack of money and not expect thieves to rob it. Common sense right? Just as smart not to traipse a partially clothed sexy body before swine and expect them not to lust full well knowing that is what they do best. You want our freedoms yes but again you haven’t thought out the consequences.

As women we took these freedom too far when we decided to just say no and think an animal will stay away from the food just out there seemingly free for the taking. And men and or the religion run by then went too far when they decided to cover women from head to toe to avoid the inevitable.

Religion has it partially right – studies show men are led by what they see. The answer then is not to punish the victim – it is to make the price for what they see too high to pay! We women have been paying the price of men’s weaknesses.

In religious cultures we force women to dress so modestly it is a hindrance to them and in the end – it does not prevent women from being raped, maimed, killed and still promotes the idea women are subservient to men.

In liberal cultures women dress as eye candy to men under the mistaken belief they are dressing to please themselves however, they wind up just as used and abused and are rarely less subservient in the long run.

In the end conservative and liberal women, who together make up a whopping 53% majority of the world’s population, hate each other, are polarized into two opposite camps based on conservative vs. liberal and are both no better off than the other in terms of empowerment. Both are victims of murder at the hands of their boyfriends, fathers, and husbands. Both are paid less than men for the same work, both are sexualized by their governments, the media and the court systems. Both are rendered second class citizens without equal rights and both are sexualized and degraded and humiliated on a daily basis.

Both are still slaves – the problem is – most don’t know it! The Right thing the left is wrong – the left thinks – it’s those nuts on the right. Truth is – the majority is not united and the men know it. Time is running out- we must unite and stop this finger pointing. We are both wrong let’s come to the center and be who we are for our own good not theirs. So far everything we have done is and has been for everyone else’s good. Why do we continue to pay the price for men’s weaknesses?

Well, the ladies under Sharia are one thing, and the women nearly undressed and looking like temptresses are another – but what about the women who are not even pictured? Or those whose heads are just nothing more than speakers just because they are female- and all the men are wearing headphones so they don’t ever have to hear a women’s voice anywhere ever again? Are these earphones going to keep your hubby’s away from tramps dressed in suggestive clothing?

Where are the women speaker heads on the spectrum ladies – do you see yourself anywhere here? You – IF you are a woman – you are here and you are being sexualized- your daughter – your sister – your mother – your grandmother – all women are paying the price for falling 10 steps behind and refusing to step up and say STOP IT! Stop the blatant disrespect of women NOW!

Enough is enough we do not deserve this crap- stop blaming this on our liberal sisters who we insist are asking and dress for this and quit blaming it on our conservative sisters who try to follow the rules of their faith – put the blame where it belongs – sexism and misogyny. Put it on politicians who benefit by keeping us divided. Put it on all of those who benefit by preventing us from parity.

It is rampant and if we don’t stop it – we will all be either on a pole or in a burqua soon and that means fair game like during hunting season. We are being killed at nearly 5 a day here- god only knows how many overseas. Countries that were not under Sharia are now under Sharia – – If we are not careful- we may be next to either be under Sharia or at this rate we are selling our women and girls either to marketing or to sex slavery.

Yes – right here in the US. Wake up. United we Stand! On November 2- we need to fill 435 house seat and 36 senate seats – lets fill half of them with women ! Incumbents need not apply this year. Let’s go girls!

BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed
Founder: The Majority United

BTR The Majority United Radio

Mon. 10 pm & Wed. 9:30 pm Eastern
Call-In Number: ( 347 ) 838-8011

Founder: Free US Now“A victim’s first scream is for help;
a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill


6 Responses

  1. Now Bj..I’m a liberal woman and I have pretty well always dressed “elegantly frumpy” or as I might say comfortable.
    I’m not sure we are paying for men’s weaknesses as much as their confusion. The same media that is exploiting women is also telling men that this is what they should find arousing if they are ‘real’ men and telling us all that sex sells. I wonder if we aren’t all being sold a bill of goods.
    The Kinsey Institute does research on sexuality. Some of their recent research called When it Comes to Sex: Some Men are from Mars and Some from Venus came to these conclusions:

    Some factors, such as being depressed or being at risk of being discovered during sex, inhibited sex for some, while other men found that it could enhance their desire and arousal.

    Most of the men responded that they can experience erections without feeling aroused or interested, leading researchers to suggest that erections are not good criteria for determining sexual arousal in men.

    Many men found it difficult to distinguish between sexual desire and sexual arousal, a distinction prominent in most sexual response models used by researchers and clinicians.

    Changes in the quality of older men’s erections had a direct effect on their sexual encounters, including, for some, a shifting focus to the partner and her sexual enjoyment. Older men also consistently mentioned that as they aged, they became more careful and particular in choosing sexual partners.

    The sexual history of women also mattered to the men – but differently for different age groups. Sexually experienced women were considered more threatening by younger men, who had concerns about “measuring up,” but such women were considered more arousing for older men.

    Here is a link to their findings on sexy pictures

    If the above research on sexy pictures is accurate, I have to ask if it is possible that Sexualization of Americia is the playing out of someone’s fantasy life. Could this be like the safe schools czar who would have us believe his garbage is part of healthy human sexuality?

    • I think you missed the entire point of this one Ms. B.

      This piece has not one cintilla to do with sexuality. Absolutely nothing -none- zilch- zip- zero- none- nadda!

      This piece was simply about being of the female sex!

      Be it sexy,be it in a burqa, be it in a conservative business suit, be it in a house dress– it simply doesn’t matter.

      The idea stemmed from the fact that since the first women Eve termpted the first man Adam – she is the problem and therefore she is the one who is to be punished instead of Adam for falling into temptation.

      It is what every religion is taught about women and why every women is lower than man.It is also why we are always treated and mistreated!

      I don’t buy that shit anymore – Even if it were true- then let Adam and every other weak bastard pay for his own sins and let Eve and every other weak women pay attention to what she is doing.

      Should every man go along doing as he pleases while we say boys will be boys and blame it on Eve’?

      And should womankind be blammed by man and woman alike for all the ills of humankind and be told the natural flow is the curse for tempting man?

      In the most severe case the burqua and genital mutilation..

      In our churches – our wives are subservient and careful to be ladies everywhere but whores only in the bedroom.

      Our liberal women – will do with their bodies whatever they want to and wind up feeling free but many time men and other women view them as no better than whores. Look at the lack of respect all this open sexuality hasa gotten liberal women/. Can you deny there has been a sexploitation of women and girls?

      I maintain it is of our own making or lack of stopping because of our desire for freedom which has gone too damned far — this sexualization of Females has led to the degradation of all females to our detriment- how can anyone deny this- look around?

      Going from doormat to Bitch and Cunt is taking liberation just too damned FAR!!! We are not respected we are objectafied as sex objects. – is taht what we left home and hearth for? My piece showed that we jumped out of the frying pan into the fired and are no better off but I guess that depends on how you preferred to be used- I guess!

      Meanwhile- all of this bullshit stems from the problem with men- religion and politics and how women respond to it.

      We are always responding to MEN – religion or politics. That politicxs includes the results of your studies! The responce is always the result one way or the other my dear of men who are in charge of religion and politics and of their own behavior.

      So long as they are in power of everything and women are struggling for power – they are struggling to gain the favor of men who have that power either by giving in from one extreme or the other but in the end those in power always win and get the best of those they have power over.

      You may think you are winning but you are not!

      Have another look at those pictures from the burqua- to the liberal. Your sex is an object; from sex object to the young gal subjected to a lout, one who is powerless, two the women on the planewho are nothing more than speakers to be drowned out, four tea totlers viewed as old bags.

      Please show me in the media – where is the women not objectified?

      These are the images our children are seeing of ALL women and girls ! Not just liberal women- not just islamic women, not just old women.

      ALL women – mothers, sisters, business women – well dressed women, sexy women, plain women, young women, middle aged women, business women, travling women,

      Liberal and conservatives alike stop defending your line in the sand – there is no line left in the sand!

      • BJ: We really aren’t disagreeing here at all. It has never made any sense to me that how women are dressed drives men’s behavior. There are cultures where because of climate, women wear very little..yet as far as I know,women are treated no worse than those who are completely covered.

        My suggestion here is that men (in this here patriarchy) tell us and each other that this is the case…

        As far as I know sexual desire is driven by pheromones and pheromones are natures way of trying to insure variety in the gene pool. The idea that men look at a woman’s face first makes sense because it is how we read social cues….Think about it, when we talk about the object of our desires we talk of the sparkle in the eyes or the smile or sense of humor…

        Even looking at these pictures, the way we interpret them requires that we look at the facial expressions of both the men and the women.

        My hypothesis here is that secondary sex characteristics are just that..secondary. It is the advertising industry that is trying to sell us beauty products and sexy clothes that is invested in telling us otherwise. All of us, men, women, liberal and conservative need to refuse to be so manipulated.

        • What the hell are pheromones ? Nevermind- Dont go getting all technicle on me- For pete’s sake- all you had to say is I agree.
          But no- instead you spoke up like an adult and set me off and up on the soapbox I went! i hope you are satisfied! heheheheheheh

          These damned pain med = don’t stop the pain just make me one right in the arrrrrs!

          I thoight I did a great job on 8 huh? And by the way what faces – the ones in the burqa or the speaker heads – heheheheheheheh

          This is me on drugs!

          The pain in my knee is bad – all joking aside- I better lose weight!

  2. Here is an interesting (and very long and technical) article on the effects of these and other images on the brain. I happen to really like biological psychology and the “proof” its neuro-images can provide about the effects of our environment but suspect that many find it boring. That being said, if you don’t want to read the whole article you might find the last 13 pages worth the time.

  3. Ms. B
    I forgot to say – yes I agree the media is selling this crap to both men and women – the frightening part is that it is now selling it 24/7 to everyone including our children – so it is going to be normal.
    I am trying to awaken everyone to the idea that it is up to us to stop it.

    Dr. Ruth – sells sex- and I know sex is pleasurable – it is also addictive. The sexual revolution has destroyed many lives- it has also made many people happy . I guess I am trying to say – anything in moderation.

    To those who are addicted- it has destroyed the lives of their families – look at TIGER for one! Do you know the Stats? 70% of divorces end because of porn/ sex addiction and today’s porn is heavily abusive to women.

    Along with the sexual revolution came more and more porn and more and more abuse of women in ways that we had not seen before- ways unlike what we had before this.
    That is something we liberal women rarely read about- it doesn’t digest with our beliefs.

    Funny how we don’t read and study that which does not fit comfortably? True science begs for truth it doesn’t just seeks that which fits what neatly makes out point but it enlightens and forces change for good! Its where women need to go !
    Not backwards by any means Ms. B but not so far to the opposite extreme that we miss the mark altogether.

    As women we tend to be forced to choose either/or – it doen’t have to be either/or!- That is what we are missing here polorized onstead of parity!


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