Hiram Monserrate Expellelled from NYS Senate

By: BettyJean Kling

I am beside myself- I don’t know where to start celebrating this small victory for women. I say small because while a batterer loses his seat, he did not pay for his crime, neither did the judge who merely slapped his wrist. If it wasn’t for the pressure that NOW-NYS along with NOW and TMU members from across the nation kept on this beast, I call MonsterRat we would not be celebrating this expulsion at all.

Monserrate gave the final vote and the final speech before the vote went down, laying the groundwork for a future legal appeal by continually asserting that the senate had no right to expel him, and that he had been denied due process.

And of course it wouldn’t be budsiness as usual if we didn’t have at least one Senator tossing about the race card — screaming his head off that this was a pay back by white  against Puerto Riccans without concern for the actual crime against a woman. I wonder about her health, safety and how long she will be his girlfriend now?

 He attacked the panel report against him as “full of factual distortions” and “self-serving,” and lamented that the panel members never heard from him or his girlfriend. (The panel said they asked them both to testify, but neither of them agreed to do so.)

He reiterated that “the action that I have been involved with does not rise to the level of expulsion,” and that by voting him out the senate was “disenfranchising the voters of my majority-minority district.” He quoted Jesse Jackson — “God isn’t through with me yet” — and then sat down.

Ravitch then read the result and quickly adjourned the session. http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/archives/2010/02/monserrate_expe.php

The very idea that this man was seated as a State Senator just days after cutting up his girlfriends face causing her 40 stitches and a judge gave him a minor sentence to save his seat is repulsive to say the least but that he is now screaming that this is illegal and unconstitutional galls me to no end.

First I want to point out Marcia Pappas, President NOW-NYS who has fought tirelessly since day 1 to bring this issue to the forefront of what NOW is doing for women. Fighting for women rights and to end violence against women, NOW rarely makes the news on these important issues. I am appalled that the media covers only that which can and does draw the ire of the Right negatively on the NOW organization but never gives them credit for the tireless efforts they put into issues all wpmen can or should  agree on. I will be putting out a newsletter where Marcia generously shares kudos with others including myself on behalf of The Majority United  and Amy Siskind from The New Agenda for our efforts and assistance in her fight in  Albany.

One of the Upstate papers had the nerve a few weeks ago to call NOW and other women’s groups out over this case asking “Where are they now? By the end of the day – they pulled the article and made a lame apology. I personally submitted no less than 10 blog pieces and referred them to no less of Marcia’s NOW press releases and Calls to Action at the Albany courthouse.

Monserrate, a Democrat, pulled every trick in the book including waiving his rights to a jury and instead accepting the judge’s opinion which resulted in a conviction on a misdemeanor assault charge. Because of surveillance video that shows the Queens senator dragging his girlfriend in his apartment lobby in December 2008, we thought the judge would be compelled to convict Monserrate of a felony, and he would have automatically lost his Senate seat.

Led by Marcia Pappas, the women of NOW across the nation and The Majority United; their readers. bloggers and radio listeners never let up and now Hiram Monserrate is now out.


Expulsion of Monserrate.  How they voted.

The eight “no” votes on the expulsion resolution, which was sponsored by Sen. Brian Foley, were: Monserrate, Ruben Diaz Sr., Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr., Carl Kruger, Eric Adams, Kevin Parker, Martin Malave Dilan and Conference Leader John Sampson. Sen. Tom Morahan was excused.  All other Senators voted “yes.” List of yes voters is below.  Thank the “YES” voters and reprimand the”NO” voters.  They need to hear from you.  Click here to Take Action  or use this link  http://capwiz.com/nownys/state/main/?state=NY Type in your zip code and see who represents you. 

Addabbo, Joseph P., Jr   Golden, Martin J. LaValle, Kenneth P.  Padavan, Frank  Squadron, Daniel L
Alesi, James S. Griffo, Joseph A. Leibell, Vincent L.  Perkins, Bill  Stachowski, William T
Aubertine, Darrel J. Hannon, Kemp Libous, Tom  Ranzenhofer, Michael H Stavisky, Toby Ann 
Bonacic, John J. Hassell-Thompson Little, Elizabeth Robach, Joseph E.  Stewart-Cousins, Andrea
Breslin, Neil D. Huntley, Shirley L Marcellino, Carl L  Saland, Stephen M.  Thompson, Antoine M
DeFrancisco, John A. Johnson, Craig M Maziarz, George D Savino, Diane J Valesky, David J.
Duane, Thomas Johnson, Owen H McDonald, Roy J Schneiderman, Eric T Volker, Dale M
Farley, Hugh T. Klein, Jeffrey D Montgomery, Velmanette  Serrano, Jose M Winner, George H., Jr
Flanagan, John J. Krueger, Liz  Nozzolio, Michael F Seward, James L Young, Catharine 
Foley, Brian X   Lanza, Andrew J Onorato, George  Skelos, Dean G  
Fuschillo, Charles J., Jr. Larkin, William J., Jr.  Oppenheimer, Suzi  Smith, Malcolm A  

   NOW-NYS is working to end violence against all women. Donate to  or join NOW at www.nownys.org


7 Responses

  1. Great show tonight on FreeMeNow BlogTalk Radio, Betty Jean !

    Thank you Renee Beeker !

    “The National Family Court Watch Project”

    “The National Family Court Watch Project is working to bring a public eye into the family court system.

    The National Family Court Watch Project is dedicated to providing an impartial assessment of the effectiveness of family courts in dealing with custody, visitation, support and property issues.

    This project focuses on how well child protection and family violence concerns are resolved.”


    What a great advocacy for women !

  2. Hey where is all the hoopla over this? I expected a lot more to do about this – we need to make a lot of noise and make sure we are heard loud and clear ! We cna not only make noise when we loose we must make a lot of noise when we win- have you not heard of POSITIVE REINFORCMENT?

    this should be front page news everywhere bad enough it is not – we should be shouting it from the rooktops – we did this – it woulod never have happened without us and we damned well better never let them or anyone else let the EVER forget it!

  3. Don’t get me wrong BJ, I realize that this is an occasion for celebration but the need for Marcia and company to fight so hard to deny Monster Rat his seat is sobering.
    I will break out the champaign when the survivor of this attack and all women are unafraid to be their own advocates. Better yet, I will share that champaign with you when we can live without fear of such attacks.

    • Even more amazing is the lack of responce on his piece- I would have thought this would have 50 hooray’s.
      Why are we so apathetic – or is the word pathetic?

  4. IIs it any wonder that I made a hybrid word out of champagne and campaign.now to come up with a meaning..

  5. I guess we can celebrate whne we all care about this more- we campaign about it – no body seems to care so why would they break out champagne when we win one? You are so right!

    I am devastated- we are friggen numb! this should be a cause gor celebraion! We should have marched instead of leaving marcia and her few with just our calls and letters – but now that we won – we should be callong and thanksing these senators so they are sure we are watching.
    Damned it – what will make them remember? what – I ask you what?
    If I were them I know what I would remember – I would remember that no one gave much of a shit – that’s what i would remember!

    This mAKES ME SICK!!!!!!

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