Sexualization of America 7-12 : but First Lady launches national anti-obesity campaign

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

With a soapbox like hers- I would have hoped the first lady might have launched an anti- sexploitation campaign against children instead. But I guess the obesity issue goes more hand in hand with her hubby’s obsession with passing A Health Care Bill. Too bad they take up the angle of bulemia and anorexia instead. Meanwhile Ms. Obama, Ms O’Neil and Ms Greene- where are you on this woman’s right – human right?

Just like all the lefties who seem to forget women and children are falling victim to the greatest epidemic facing our nation and the world today- sexploitation and the resulting humiliation and degradation of human rights. Women and girls are victimized at alarming higher and higher numbers and all of this has taken the back seat to the courts, the first lady and the so-called women’s groups. 

Instead of focusing on real violence against women and children and how to end it they are dancing around stupidity and collecting big bucks from those who are trading on the suffering of others while masquerading their false concern for health care which is nothing more than a bill cloaked in special interests. I have come to realized politicians from both sides do nothing without benefitting themselves and others more than the people they serve.

Thanks to the far right whose; keep em barefoot, pregnant and second class citizens has always handed them a fertile front the far left are especially fond of using and abusing women sexploitively to do so. This polarization has now become engrained in us so much so that we don’t remember being united – we have become accustomed to being 2 nations and this must stop.

Ask yourselves – if you really are that far to either side – if not come to the center and let’s stop them from dividing this country and destroying it.

 The greatest problemour country is facing is not obesity , the greatest problem is facing the fall of our Republic, the destruction of our Constitution and the abrogation of our democracy as the politicians take away all our rights and turn us one against the other.

Meanwhile Ms. Obama, Ms O’Neil and Ms Greene- where are you on this woman’s right – human right?


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  1. Betty Jean – this is one of the best pieces in the series. It asks us all to examine our motives, positions and ideologies. More importantly, it begs us to confront the “Blind Spots” that are continuously causing us to run into political, organizational and ideological walls designed to maintain women in roles of lesser value.

    As I wrote to you recently:

    When it comes to any issue that reflects the exploitation of women – women have been forced to bare the lion’s share of responsibility on the “procreation” issue – and yet have so little control over how our roles are dictated and portrayed by a systemic, male “culture”.

    (The same is true on any bodily identification of women – in all of its many forms – sexualization, beautification, the weaker sex, etc.)

    A problem for me is commenting on these issues without sounding as if I am anti-male – anti-sex or anti-relationship between a man and woman. What I am is, anti power-over women’ lives and bodies and the sexist projections of who we are and what our purpose is in relation to males and the world at large.

    It is impossible to communicate that without the “sexual” issue being at the forefront, when our fundamental purposes, as women, according to all male cultures, is completely sexualized?!

    It appears to me that any attempt to educate women on how that is the single most detrimental cultural issue, not only undermining real progress, but driving abuse and oppression, makes us appear as “radical heretics”, despite the blatant evidence in sheer numbers (statistics).

    I have realized recently how deeply strained I am when it comes to calmly communicating my views on how divided we are, as women (and men), over a “system” that still so easily brushes aside those “statistics” of casualties of women and girls – all because of a male dominated system that still views women as the lesser in value – except in “supportive roles” to male dominance.

    I dare to say, that if our roles as women were incapable of being “sexulaized” we would either be truly equal, co-leaders or our cause would be “emancipation from female slavery” instead of ‘mere details’ involving women’ rights issues.

    It is an inarguable fact that women bare the majority burden of consequences for the systemic domination of males – whether in marriage, procreation, family, education of children and even community, municipal and governmental development at large. It is also an inarguable fact that women have so little real influence over actual planning, funding, execution, management and real problem solving measures – even of those primarily affecting women.

    As long as we remain sexualized, our roles will continue to be relegated to those of servitude – supportive of those holding the real power over women’ lives.

    As long as we remain sexualized, we are nothing more than the “clerical” support of an oppressive system rather than re-designers re-organizers and re-constructionists of the existing failed systems.

    As long as we allow ourselves to remain sexualized, we will never being taken seriously or considered as essential in the development and implementation of systems that actually serve the whole of society – the whole village – rather than the predominantly white, male power-brokers of the wealthy, elite and politically powerful.

    The male mastery of macro-micro management and division of women – emotionally, psychologically, intellectually and ideologically – as well as how we are conditioned to degrading roles regarding our sexual beingness is not our friend nor our liberator.

    The failure of such a dominate, abusive system of “male mastery of macro-micro management and division of women” is the single greatest and on-going threat to our most common and important interests and issues (affecting us all). That threat is carried out daily in the defamation of women, as reflected in the statistics in domestic abuse, rape, teen pregnancy, inequality in pay and top-tier political, corporate and religious institutional leadership.

    As long as we allow ourselves to be sexualized, in any form, how will the statistics involving the global oppression of women and girls ever change?

    Being divided into the “religiously, conservatively more pure” and/or “professionally, educationally and financially successful” hasn’t changed the “system” one damned bit – according to the numbers of abuse, teen pregnancy, inequality and global oppression.

    We are so indoctrinated to the “system” that we can not only be swayed by the slightest propaganda in one direction or another, but seem to have now adopted the tactics of using misinformation, vehement accusations of ‘extremism’ on both sides, as well as, our own style of bigotry in the form of classism to “win” a “majority” over to our positions on the issues.

    The real issue(s) that get buried in the propagandizing that goes on – whether about conservative, liberal, radical left, right, democrat or republican is the truth about “women and progress”.

    We can form organizations, start businesses, get our BA’s, MAs or PhDs, elect a few women to political offices here and there or scale the corporate ladder and become one of the hand full of CEOs… and proudly sing the mantra of “Look at all of the ‘successful women who have overcome’!” While we should be proud and say “Bravo!”, we should also being saying: “In the 21st century, why not more?”

    The answer is: “Abuse of women at the hands of men is the worst, on-going human atrocity in the history of the world. The sexualization of women – and indoctrination of our children to the same – along with the cultural devaluation of women’ roles in societal development – is the cause.

    We, as women, refuse to come together, as a majority voice, to hold men accountable for the fact that over 1/2 of the women in the world cannot avoid becoming victims of abuse and/or permanent, life-altering damages and/or death – all at the hands of men!”

    That’s what truth is – whether conservative, liberal, progressive, democrat, republican, independent, pro-life or pro-choice, christian, muslim, jew, agnostic or atheist – male or female – that’s the truth of the single greatest plight of women all over the world – the risk of being physically and sexually abused and/or culturally and politically devalued, thus, oppressed by men.

    It has been proven that when women suffer, children and entire societies suffer. Until women stand up, as a collective voice, and hold men accountable to taking the lion’s share of the responsibility for the suffering of women and children all over the world, we, as women, are just as culpable for the plight of all women.

    I would bet my life that the day that a paradigm shift occurs toward that reality, is the day that we will begin to have hope in a drastic reduction in abortions, teen pregnancy, rape, domestic violence and a multitude of other social ills we now endure.

    There is no substitute for basic human respect and decency and for all women not to stand up in a collective voice and demand it as a fundamental right for all women and societies, is just as consequential as the abuses being committed.

    Until we take the “sexualization of women” and its role in undermining the fundamental rights of protection of women against violence, its direct implication in the the abortion issue, teen pregnancy and other related issues directly to the door of all men – women will continue to bare the burden, blame and consequences of all of these issues.

    We are not winning this war because we have turned the “issues” into our weapons against one another, rather seeing that our enemy is continuing to allow the dictates of “male culture” to use “the sexualization of women” as a weapon of dominance over all women.

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